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  1. ludari

    I can't decide: East Coast or West Coast

    I've completed several Mexican Rivera cruises on the Wonder and I've also done the Bahamian cruise on the Dream. Although I enjoy visiting Castaway Cay I would definitely prefer the Wonder cruise over the Dream cruise you described.
  2. ludari

    Best time to buy DCL merch on the ship?

    I agree with a lot of the comments above and personally I like to make my purchases early on of my cruise. I did notice on a few of the reposition and transatlantic cruises all the merchandise from the previous cruise was on sale so I snapped a lot of it up.
  3. ludari

    Barcelona - where to stay before cruise

    I've completed two WBTA Disney cruises (2010 & 2014) and each time I spent a week in Barcelona prior to the cruise. The first place I stayed in (2010) was Hotel Continental Barcelona right on La Ramblas Street. The location was convenient and within walking distance to numerous attractions...
  4. ludari

    Repeat Cruisers - I’m curious what you think

    My first eight cruises where exclusively with DCL but a few years ago a friend invited me on a birthday cruise on RCCL and soon after I decided to try some other cruise lines. I've sailed on NCL and HAL as well and I have to admit DCL is my preferred cruise line because of the service and...
  5. ludari

    New Disney Ships: News, Rumors, Speculation.....and Names!

    I have no doubt Disney will do a great job on whatever they decide to do. All I want is solo staterooms with solo rates.
  6. ludari

    Any luck requesting a private table for dining?

    I've cruised solo for 10+ cruises and each time I've requested my own table I have received it. My requests for a table by myself included a maiden voyage cruise, transatlantic cruise and a specialty cruise.
  7. ludari

    Tell me the wonderful things about cruising alone. Tell me the horrible things about cruising alone.

    I've done 10+ solo cruises which included a maiden voyage, back to back and two 14-day transatlantic cruises and aside from the cost of Disney Cruises I can't think of anything horrible about cruising solo. I guess the important thing to asks yourself is how comfortable are you being alone...
  8. ludari

    Do you carry a park bag as a solo traveler?

    I carry a small backpack primarily just in case I decide to purchase something. In my backpack I carry small battery pack with charging cables for my phone, packable rain poncho, sunglasses and hand wipes.
  9. ludari

    CC 5K and your gear/belongings

    As a solo cruiser I think I've tried all of them (leaving stuff on beach chair, went back to the ship and carried my stuff with me in a backpack) but it was a result of what I had planned after the 5K. I've gone snorkeling after the 5K and I just left my snorkeling gear wrapped in a towel on a...
  10. ludari

    Costa Maya

    They are up and down the beach boardwalk you cannot miss them.
  11. ludari

    What is a 2-night cruise like?

    I did a two night cruise on the Wonder which was called "The Cruise to Nowhere" and we just stayed at sea for those two days. In my opinion it seemed more crowded than any other cruise especially the pool area and the lines for character meets we extremely long. I got the feeling that everyone...
  12. ludari

    Anyone else only sailed Disney, considered another cruise line

    After 8 or 9 consecutive Disney Cruises a few years ago I sailed on RCL - Anthem of the Seas with some friends on a 12 day cruise and had a really good time. I did like a lot of the features of this ship such as the virtual balcony and other technology features around the ship, family...
  13. ludari

    Being an adult and liking Disney...

    Some of my coworkers used to tease me but not for the several years since I don't share my personal life with coworkers anymore. Yeah, on the occasion they may seek my advice on park tickets or visiting the parks but not that often. My family will occasionally bring it up with they want to...
  14. ludari

    Splitting costs with family

    I would definitely insist that your sister and her boyfriend pay 2/3 because that's fair unless you can eliminate the boyfriend from the trip. If you don't want to mention the 2/3 cost or eliminating the boyfriend maybe you can asks for them to pay for groceries, rental car, airport shuttle...
  15. ludari

    What's on your DCL Bucket list?

    Aside from a few desired destinations I've accomplished my DCL bucket list. However, once the new ships are available to book I will definitely need to update my DCL bucket list.
  16. ludari

    Why do you DIS solo?

    I do solo trips because I'm single and love visiting the Disney parks.
  17. ludari

    Would you cruise solo?

    I've done 10+ cruises solo with various cruise lines but the majority of them have been with Disney. I've even done two WBTA cruises with Disney and those where 14-nights not to mentioned the time I took off before and after the cruise (I was traveling in solo for a month). If you are okay...
  18. ludari

    Would you do a Disney Cruise with no Kids?

    I'm a single adult with no kids and I've done 10+ cruises. I personally like using a TA to book my cruises and as far as the best time to go well that depends on your schedule, destination and other preferences.
  19. ludari

    Elephant In the Room... But...

    I really don't let those posts from naysayers who bad mouth or complain about DCL bother me. I've sailed on DCL more than any other cruise line and although I've taken advantage of better deals on other cruise lines I always come back to DCL because for me they provide the best cruise experience.
  20. ludari

    How long is your usual solo trip to WDW? (out of state)

    If I had to guess I would say I stay on average 7 nights. I've done a few 12 night stay and it was wonderful because I didn't feel rushed and even spent a few days just relaxing at the resort. I need another long visit.


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