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    Hey there!!! Where's Pete's Grand Floridian Grand Gripe??!!!

    The jaded side of me thinks the lead only reacted after @WDWtoday alerted them about Pete’s tweets and who he is - an owner of a travel agency, a YouTube channel and a massive forum. I don’t think a regular Joe would have gotten that recovery.
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    Hey there!!! Where's Pete's Grand Floridian Grand Gripe??!!!

    Basically, I think we need a whole thread to talk about how much we love Pete's mom. The way he treats his mom is freaking adorable. I do think she needs a special mic though, it was hard to hear her and we WANT to hear her. I am not tech savvy enough to know what options are available...
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    More proof to fly in early!

    Others have said it but fly the rest of your party early. If there is an emergency, getting ONE standby flight would be easier/cheaper.
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    Tyler and Katrina

    I agree at least partially with several ideas. The new DVC show is clearly Pete’s favorite project right now. By a mile. I listened to a bit of Tuesday’s show and the topic was something about “are people going to go to SWL instead of do other things?” Uh, probably? It’s new? The topic felt...
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    Anyone ride the “new” old Soarin’ yet?

    This is a really well thought out explanation. I can’t like this post enough. I agree with everything you’ve said.
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    SWGE YouTube Content Comments

    Yeah. YouTube comments are bad. I wanted to ask if Pete was okay, he has been pretty quiet about SWL which surprises me and I didn’t even want to wade into the comments to do so. I am guessing he is under the weather, I haven’t seen any sign of him even being in Anaheim.
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    Tyler and Katrina

    I have noticed this thing with the newer cast where there is a blend of self-promotion. Morgan is an Instagrammer and tags herself to drive traffic to her, new Cory has his own YouTube channel, Katrina and Tyler did some of this as well, looking to do collabs. Craig, Ryno, Steve, etc post...
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    Dreams Unlimited Travel Podcast: Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Ultimate Dining Package

    Just wanted to wish John and Kevin a magical time in Aulani this week, I am sure with the unexpected incident last year it was a real bummer. It's nice to see it come full circle for them and I look forward to new Aulani content when they return.
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    Where has Charles been ?

    One thing I will remember him fondly for, was his professional style of dress. I know he got some confused reactions for it but I think over time people really took him seriously because of it.
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    Backup Host

    I think it’s great people leapt to Craig’s defense. When I read the OP, I just thought she was suggesting it be nice to have someone else help so a few people aren’t trying to wear so many hats. And my reaction was, well yes nice but probably not fiscally likely to have someone on the...
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    Back from 1st trip a few weeks back...

    Great to hear! Thanks for letting us know.
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    Why am I getting really really really annoying gift card pop up surveys

    I started to get them just today and now I can't stop. I actually came to the site a few times, just to post this and finally gave up and waited till I was home on my laptop.
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    Pete's Solo Shows and the $10 tier

    The ads on this site are driving me crazy, they are embedding inside of a user’s posts rather then just in BETWEEN posts. I think people might not continue reading below the ad so I may try to thoughtfully share an idea but without seeing the rest of it, the idea might seem abrupt, confusing...
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    Tyler and Katrina

    Thank you for letting us know.
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    Tyler and Katrina

    I don’t think it’s anyone business what the reasons or motivations were. But there is still a space to say “so and so is no longer with us, we wish them the best.” Fans can offer kudos and thanks. I am still disappointed the DL show didn’t get a “goodbye” show and a chance to relish their...
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    Tim Tracker advised not to take selfies with guests at Magic Kingdom

    Tim and Jenn just announced something wonderful!!! For everyone who has followed them closely, it's really wonderful and I am so very happy for them. I don't want to spoil it, but go check their youtube channel.
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    Disneyland show?

    I think the show works better with two people on Skype. If there is only one, I think they get left out of the conversation, kinda forgotten and it’s hard for them to jump in. The show yesterday had two and it felt like they were actively participating throughout. I know it’s not always...
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    No "Stay out of the damn lakes today"...?

    I think it's an important tagline. I can easily see how those coming from other areas might not understand the seriousness of both the water safety and gators. Where I live much of the water in the wild is (relatively) safe to enter, it's a very natural part of outdoor exploring here to...
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    Disneyland show?

    Right, I think we agree they can build a luxury hotel if they want. Pete kept referring to part of their motivation for doing it at PPH to use PPH’s existing tax deal. There was two things I am questioning, I haven’t heard of any tax deal on PPH, I really don’t think they have one. Two...
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    Disneyland show?

    I wasn't following Pete’s theory on the DL show. My understanding is the tax deals are all gone and done away with since August. I don't know of any kickbacks on the other three hotels. Also, the Anaheim ballot "Measure L" for the wage requirements for those receiving tax incentives from the...


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