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  1. Alicenwonderment

    Where has Charles been ?

    You can be lactose intolerant and eat some dairy if you take lactaid. For some people they may be able to handle a bit. It just depends.
  2. Alicenwonderment

    Tyler and Katrina

    Totally agree with this. It seems like the generic statement so so is no longer with the Dis would keep all the speculating from happening on the boards.
  3. Alicenwonderment

    Make a Wish (and other organizations) - Wish Trippers UNITE! Volume SIX!

    Maybe not a genie pass but I'd go to Guest Relations and request a GAC card. Explain your situation. Also take advantage of the Baby Care centers if you just need to get out of the sun and rest a while. What type...
  4. Alicenwonderment

    Where has Charles been ?

    Who will read us Twas the Night Before Christmas next year? Sad to see a member of the team leave. Best of luck Charles.
  5. Alicenwonderment

    Where has Charles been ?

    Welcome to the Disboards Michael!!
  6. Alicenwonderment

    Bed Bugs Lawsuit - A Procedural Note

    I wonder if bringing animals into the hotels could cause more bug issues because they can be brought in by dogs.
  7. Alicenwonderment

    My APARTMENTS Electric Bill was $400!! Advice??

    I know this is a zombie thread but the whole time I was like they are lucky their electric was done by apartment units. I lived in VA a while back in a 4th floor apt. I was very careful with heat and air in my studio apt. I would turn off heat until I got home etc. I got my first bill and...
  8. Alicenwonderment

    AP advantage with school trip?

    I hope they enjoy the YES program. I did these as part of my professional advanced internship in spring 2000. I know they have changed and took out the 6 hour tours. The tickets with the programs used to be cheaper than park tickets but groups figured that out and would buy the Yes tickets and...
  9. Alicenwonderment

    Best and Worst

  10. Alicenwonderment

    Where has Charles been ?

    I've never had a churros. Please don't ban me.
  11. Alicenwonderment

    Where has Charles been ?

    Yes, but notice his title isn't on there anymore. It used to say head guy now that same title is on Jackie's articles. I think the article you mentioned is the last one he wrote that I could find.
  12. Alicenwonderment

    "Deceptive site ahead" screen.

    I just went to the link and it worked fine for me.
  13. Alicenwonderment

    Where has Charles been ?

    I noticed that too. Charles isn't listed anymore even on the articles he wrote. Sometimes it is better to just make a statement saying that someone isn't working at the Dis anymore because it leads to less speculation.
  14. Alicenwonderment

    Experience with GPS trackers on children in the parks?

    I was recently told that there are tracking devices (tiles etc) that you can place in a child's pocket that will help you keep track of where your child is at. My nephew is at the age where he is gaining a bit more independence and tends to wander off sometimes. They are headed to the park on...
  15. Alicenwonderment

    Tim Tracker advised not to take selfies with guests at Magic Kingdom

    Where are the mods on this post? I feel like this has gotten way off topic. I understand that some comments deserve a response (that I happen to agree with) but I think it is time to just walk away from the discussion like some other Disers have already.
  16. Alicenwonderment

    Pete's Solo Shows and the $10 tier

    Isn't that what they said would happen when they started using Patreon? They mentioned that everyone would still see all the content but those that did Patreon would see it quicker. I can't remember how long they have been using it now but the purpose has changed.
  17. Alicenwonderment

    Postcard stamps

    Just don't put anything time sensitive in that mailbox. Years ago as a cast member I mailed my payment for a ticket I had received while picking up my first car from Fort Myers. Long story short it got there late thus I got a letter after my cp was over that my FL happened to have a reciprocal...
  18. Alicenwonderment

    Happy Birthday, Kevin Klose!!

    Happy belated birthday Kevin!!!:bday: I hope you had a magical day!!!
  19. Alicenwonderment

    New Credit Card Authorization Holds

    P.S. I always give cash tip.


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