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  1. PamNC

    20 Years of Dreams Event - Official Thread

    I'm getting butterflies in my tummy I'm so excited.
  2. PamNC

    20 Years of Dreams Event - Official Thread

    Thank goodness! don't want to call an uber at 1 a.m. LOL - thank you.
  3. PamNC

    Which nighttime show to miss?

    Like everyone says, hard to say what the new Epcot show will be... but I did hear it will feature some of the original music from back in the 80's. So that is intriguing, to me anyway. I like Rivers of Light (old one - haven't seen new one) but I don't like it enough to make it a must see. Think...
  4. PamNC

    Nutty question - Epcot vist and not Magic Kingdom?

    Not weird - do you.. do what you love. My favorite park is AK, then MK and Epcot and pretty much tied for second. Right now, I totally skip HS.... have for 2 years now. I'm guessing Star Wars will change that eventually but I have no desire to go until things calm down. If they ever do. Although...
  5. PamNC

    20 Years of Dreams Event - Official Thread

    Hi John, A couple questions. If I go to Animal Kingdom the day of the Pandora Party, will I have to leave when the park closes or can we hang around until the party starts? Some of us were planning on having pre-pandora drinks at Nomad Lounge. And last question - I totally didn't realize the...
  6. PamNC

    Rumor? Seas and The Land closing?

    My first visit to Disneyworld was opening year - I was very young... we won't say how young. (notice I didn't say "old"). Disney is in my DNA or at least it feels that way to me. I am the epitome of the purist and lover or the old school Disney. But, that said, I agree futureworld needs help. I...
  7. PamNC

    Which animal trail is your favorite in AK?

    I can't decide between Gorilla Falls an Maharajah - it's a tie. Do them both!
  8. PamNC

    Soarin'...time to fix it?

    I've only done it twice and both times in the middle - so I can't really give a true opinion. But, based on what I'm hearing, I think it needs to be fixed. it's not up to Disney standards by any stretch... pun intended. Bring back Soarin' Over California. that'll be fine with me. And the rumor...
  9. PamNC

    can't view 5/7 podcast

    Hey there, Anyone else having trouble with the 5/7 show? I can't get it to load on you tube or the disunplugged site.
  10. PamNC

    DVC Podcast - Not Great Advice

    I took that as it's an investment on future vacations - not for making money.
  11. PamNC

    20 Years of Dreams Event - Official Thread

    I love that idea .... I'll be there.
  12. PamNC

    ** Picture of the Day 3 **

  13. PamNC

    ** Picture of the Day 3 **

    that is truly amazing.
  14. PamNC

    ** Picture of the Day 3 **

  15. PamNC

    Where In The World 21. We are now completely legal!!!

    Teaching him early, huh? So cute.
  16. PamNC

    Where has Charles been ?

    LOL !!! Well, he is. He's also young enough to be my son.
  17. PamNC

    Where has Charles been ?

    and handsome.
  18. PamNC

    Where has Charles been ?

    I like Charles - he is super smart !!
  19. PamNC

    *UN*Official 20 Years of Dreams Event Thread

    thank you. I will be there for Soarin' as well
  20. PamNC

    *UN*Official 20 Years of Dreams Event Thread

    Hello - what time is the Garden Grill Solo Breakfast? I'm on the list.... can't find the dang thread


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