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  1. mcd2745

    Category 8A

    The ones on deck 6 sleep 4, while the ones on deck 5 only sleep 3. We (a family of 4) have booked an 8A room for all 3 of our cruises on the Fantasy. We love these rooms. So spacious compared to most other rooms.
  2. mcd2745

    CARNIVAL VS DCL: The discussion and comparison thread!

    The way things are going down there, one port we'll be staying on the ship is La Romana. However, based on our cruise's FB will most guests. So it will not look anything like your picture. They better clean things up in the DR, otherwise they are going to lose a lot of their tourist...
  3. mcd2745

    Preferring DCL to WDW for the Disney Fix - Anyone else?

    My wife & kids agree with you, while I still prefer a WDW vacation myself.
  4. mcd2745

    At CBR now

    We love CBR and have stayed at CBR more than any other resort at WDW. Issues with the buses are greatly exaggerated. Only legitimate issue is getting a bus back to CBR from MK right after it closes - but that's the case for a lot of resorts.
  5. mcd2745

    So with "Frozen" show coming to the Fantasy...

    I hope it means the end of the awful "Believe". We all know what makes the garden grow by now. Let's move on.
  6. mcd2745

    bridge GF to MK

    Maybe the simplest idea would be to construct a small landing by where each path ends and have some type of boat/raft along the lines of the Tom Sawyer Island rafts to make the connection.
  7. mcd2745

    Transitions from Spiral Travel Booklet to New Luggage Tag Mailer

    Agreed, although I don't know how they would consider this an "enhancement".
  8. mcd2745

    Palo or Pirate Night?

    We always make our Palo reservation for Pirate night. We're not fond of the pirate night menu. That being said, being this is your first DCL cruise, I would definitely go to the MDR. On your next cruise (I'm going to make the assumption that there will be a next one), if you didn't care for it...
  9. mcd2745

    DCL vs. Everyone Else . . . who would you pick?

    Yeah, while all the shows have great production value and the performers are very talented...Golden Mickeys, Believe, Wishes, and Dreams (which are all basically the same exact show) are all way too formulaic/contrived/sappy etc for my preferences.
  10. mcd2745

    DCL vs. Everyone Else . . . who would you pick?

    If price wasn't a factor, yes, we'd choose DCL. We feel, on the whole, that it's better...just not 2x (or greater) the price better than the other lines (we've also sailed RCCL 3x, NCL 2x, are trying Carnival in August, and are GOLD CC members on DCL). We'll continue to do DCL cruises, but not...
  11. mcd2745

    CARNIVAL VS DCL: The discussion and comparison thread!

    There is a current thread discussing this exact topic (I posted the exact thing as the last sentence i underlined just the other day)
  12. mcd2745

    Alaska . . . is it really that great?

    We were on NCL's Bliss back in February. It was built for Alaska. The huge Observation Lounge they have is an incredible space and has to be great while in Alaska. I'm sure people are going up there early in the morning and claiming spaces like they do pool chairs in the Caribbean. I would not...
  13. mcd2745

    Alaska . . . is it really that great?

    I thought it was "that great" (we did it on DCL in Aug 2017). I had wanted to do Alaska for a while, and then after we booked it and as it was approaching, I started getting apprehensive about it and thinking maybe it was a mistake and that I was going to miss the Islands and the beaches, etc...
  14. mcd2745

    Pete's Solo Shows and the $10 tier

    Don't let Craig see this comment. He may have trouble getting his head to fit in the studio. :laughing:
  15. mcd2745

    Is Cabanas really closed?

    My unsolicited opinion? Cabanas should be open *as a buffet* for dinner every night. I can't think of one good reason for making it a waiter service dinner. At the least, they could make one side waiter service, and the other a buffet.
  16. mcd2745

    News Round Up 2019

    I think it's a toss-up between Bambi and 101 Dalmatians.
  17. mcd2745

    Thoughts on how to kill time after cruise, before flight?

    You really don't have that much time to kill. I'd take my time in the morning and try to be the LOTS (last off the ship) and take DCL transfers back to the airport. You'll probably be at MCO close to 11am. Considering you'll want to get in the security line around 1pm, that would only give you...
  18. mcd2745

    Which beach? Jost Van Dyke or Cane Garden

    I'll suggest Long Bay on Beef Island as another option. We were there in February. It's a real nice beach and while most will just opt for Cane Garden, it should be less crowded.
  19. mcd2745

    NBA Experience opens at Disney Springs August 12th

    Probably will just broadcast the NBA Network on that screen.
  20. mcd2745

    Post all SW questions concerns, etc. here...

    I don't like that. My fear now is for the following release after that, which will probably cover Feb 2020 (we need President's week flights), it could end up being at the end of August while we are on a cruise and we can't book the flights. If that happens, may have to splurge for WiFi for the...


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