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    Packable rainjacket recommendation

    Agreed. That is what I got.
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    Fun Treat similar to Kitchen Sink

    Oliver Oliver Greene had a vlog about the nachos a few months ago.
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    Favorite cooling towel and other tricks to beat the heat

    Haven’t used the at the parks yet, but I bought O2Cool necklace fans for the family.
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    Fun Treat similar to Kitchen Sink

    If it is not about the ice cream but about the shared experience, Pecos Bills has the secret menu nachos from 3:00 to 5:00.
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    Is my math right?

    Right now at DLR, they are not offering any discounts on the droids or lightsabers.
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    Tyler and Katrina

    I have noticed that most of Corey Fiasco’s content on YouTube is focused on pin collecting and other merch, so it is not really competing against the Dis content.
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    Mickey Waffle Maker

    I just called them to follow up on my order and also learned about the back order. It is bad business practice, plus they didn’t even notify me. So, I was able to order it through ShopDisney instead, though it cost $15 more. Not willing to wait until September to save the $15.
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    Jaleo or Bull and Bear?

    Did you see Tim and Jenn Tracker’s video of their recent baby moon at the Waldorf? They loved Bull and Bear and said, for them, it was the best restaurant in Orlando.
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    Recent FOP FP availability?

    I got it at 60 +3 for a party of 8. I didn’t try for any sooner because I had taken this into consideration when I planned our days out.
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    Palo or Pirate Night?

    Unfortunately, Palo brunch is on one of the CC days, since we don't have a sea day.
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    Palo or Pirate Night?

    Trying to decide between dinner at Palo or Pirate Night in MDR. First time on DCL and going with my niece and nephews, ages 3-7. Could possibly be only cruise together. Thoughts?
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    Shopping bag size?

    Thank you!
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    Shopping bag size?

    If anyone has gotten one of the new reusable shopping bags from the parks, what are the measurements of the medium bag? (Might make some sit-upons from an idea in another thread).
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    upgrade magic bands

    When I checked, they only offered 6 designs.
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    Some best kept secret restaurants?

    Lounges aren’t included in the dining plan.
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    Sun hat? Visor? Just sunglasses and sunscreen?

    I have bangs and my head gets too hot in a hat, so sunglasses for me, except in the rain.
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    Out the door early tips!

    I plan on doing that for myself.
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    Backup Host

    maybe it is just me, but I think Dis Unplugged could use a backup host for the times when Pete and John are not available. Many of the staff have different primary roles, such as the photography, editing, writing, or moderating the boards. I think they could use a member whose primary role is...
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    Have heard good things about brunch at The Wave and at Grand Floridian Cafe. GFC has the same menu for breakfast and lunch, so you are not limited to certain days, but it is not a buffet.


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