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  1. YesterDark

    How do you combat your Disney blues?

    This community is great, I just get involved with either blogs/youtube channels etc. Helps stem the blues. I have a new job so I haven't been writing much, but this next trip will give me plenty of ammo.
  2. YesterDark

    Hard to believe it is June and the crowds at WDW are this light!

    I can't wait for my trip in 50 days. If I have to endure the heat, it'll have a silver lining if it's not crowded.
  3. YesterDark

    Where has Charles been ?

    I just hope they get back to updating the Podcast feeds on a regular schedule.
  4. YesterDark

    News Round Up 2019

    Nothing wrong with the Riverboat, but all that room back there? Just think of what you can do with that real estate and how you can connect the two areas around Tom Sawyer's island. That would excite me.
  5. YesterDark

    News Round Up 2019

    Oh for sure. I'm a big fan of the idea of replacing the Treehouse, Stitch and the speedway and even the riverboat and putting something back there.
  6. YesterDark

    News Round Up 2019

    I don't have a strong opinion either way, but I think that show would be cool wherever it would be placed.
  7. YesterDark

    News Round Up 2019

    You can't tell me you can't see a whole show based on Woody and a cowboy theme? C'mon. It would probably be pretty cool too with some state of the art tech.
  8. YesterDark

    Custom Family T-Shirts Vendors

    Thanks I'll check it out. Also I assume it's bluecotton. Bulecotton seems like a not so safe for your computer website.
  9. YesterDark

    The Country Bears to close?

    Well Woody is a cowboy/sheriff, I can see it fitting really well to be honest.
  10. YesterDark

    The Country Bears to close?

    From a park design point of view, if they can get more people into that theater than they do now with a different show, then it makes sense for them to do that, especially with a quarter century old IP.
  11. YesterDark

    Memory maker or massages at GF?

    I always get the memory maker when I go, but we have more pictures that we took with our phones hanging up rather than the memory maker ones.
  12. YesterDark

    A Disneyland future themed resort in Texas?

    Texas gets hail. No thank you.
  13. YesterDark

    The Country Bears to close?

    I totally understand your passion for that, and I'm on your side emotionally. But Toy Story is old now too. Someone who watched the first movie as a kid is in their 30s now. Think of the kid who goes to WDW now and sees whatever new show is there and then goes back in 20 years. They may have the...
  14. YesterDark

    Memory maker or massages at GF?

    Yeah but it's a honeymoon massage. Honeymoon massages are.. ahem. special.
  15. YesterDark

    News Round Up 2019

    One day Toy Story will be a classic, old and quaint. And the world turns. The first Toy Story is 24? years old now. It's not even current IP, its generational IP now.
  16. YesterDark

    Custom Family T-Shirts Vendors

    We love doing custom family t-shirts for our vacation. Typically they are simple with the family name and a picture on the front. There are a ton of options out there and I've priced out a few sites. Curious to know if anyone has done one recently and which sites are offering the best deals?
  17. YesterDark

    Memory maker or massages at GF?

    That's a tough one. I'd do the massage and follow it up with a nice evening out.
  18. YesterDark

    Best time for teachers to visit?

    My wife is a teacher, and we've gone twice in August. Crowds are low, costs are low but you're on the surface of the sun. Late summer, the crowds are lower than they used to be.
  19. YesterDark

    Stroller recommendations

    I used this one two years ago and I still use it now: Pros: Light weight, cheap, durable. You can fold it up quickly for getting on and off buses. Cons: The handles are low, so if you're tall you'll be stooping over...
  20. YesterDark

    8 Park Days

    This august we have 7 park days. Click the link in my signature for my plan and my reasoning. Here's my plan. I don't do more than 2 full park days in a row. Trip is with a 6/4.5/1.5 yo.


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