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  1. AggieDizzer

    Main Street Cinema Now A Store

    A lot of people forget to check this out, which is probably one reason why they changed it...
  2. AggieDizzer

    Main Street Cinema Now A Store

    Going to take the minority position here...but in all the times I visited that cinema, I found it nearly empty (even on busy days) and wondered often to myself why Disneyland was not maximizing that piece of prime real estate. I also really enjoy the shops on Main Street, not just to buy things...
  3. AggieDizzer

    WDW Litigation Update for June 15, 2019

    As I read through your updates I cannot help but think nearly every one of them are nonsense. So we are holding Disney responsible because someone bumped into you with a scooter? (Which happened to me about a dozen times when I was in the parks last week BTW - many scooter users seem to have...
  4. AggieDizzer

    Three Cheers for Old Key West!

    My kids are also teenagers, and sprawling is definitely a good description of what it's like to travel with them. Having the 2 pullout beds and the extra space was a great perk to staying here.
  5. AggieDizzer

    Three Cheers for Old Key West!

    I actually have never run a RunDisney race but I am signed up for the Dopey Challenge next year. I am really looking forward to it! Just so you know, the resort run is VERY low-key. Don't expect much fanfare. It truly is a "fun run".
  6. AggieDizzer

    Three Cheers for Old Key West!

    We were in building 22, which seemed to be about as far away as you can be from the Hospitality House. We were actually on the second floor, which I preferred - I don't like listening to people stomp around in the room over us - so I was glad for that. We didn't make any special requests...
  7. AggieDizzer

    Three Cheers for Old Key West!

    I hope to someday as well. I loved it so much. Great resort. (I am a little jealous of you... ;)
  8. AggieDizzer

    Hey there!!! Where's Pete's Grand Floridian Grand Gripe??!!!

    I've always found Pete to be tough but fair. There are a ton of Disney bloggers and vloggers out there but many of them are fluff pieces IMO. I appreciate the candor and objectivity that the team at the Dis provides. Even when they have to show some tough love. Disney commands a higher bar than...
  9. AggieDizzer

    Three Cheers for Old Key West!

    (I hope I am posting this in the correct's not a full trip report, just a few thoughts on our resort after our visit last week!) After our first stay at OKW (we are regulars at Port Orleans Riverside but had the chance to upgrade our accommodations for this trip) I have to say we...
  10. AggieDizzer

    Has anyone felt motion sickness from Flight of Passage

    After reading all this I just decided to walk through while my family rode it. I was a little leery to begin with. I’m fine with Soarin but I do have problems with Mission Space & Star Tours. I wanted to try it but that motion sick feeling is the WORST. I’m pretty bummed but I don’t want to ruin...
  11. AggieDizzer

    A Mess at Via Napoli

    Had dinner at Via Napoli last night, our third time at this restaurant. Our experiences had always been outstanding - that's why we kept coming back - but not so much last night. The lobby was chaos. We were seated almost 30 minutes AFTER our ADR. Service was very slow. We hardly saw our server...
  12. AggieDizzer

    Best places to eat at Old Key West resort

    I am staying at OKW right now! Of course there is Olivia's, but you can also get very tasty bar food at Gurgling Suitcase (I had the fish tacos, they were fantastic). There's also a quick service place by the pool area that's open during the day. That's really about it, but Disney Springs is...
  13. AggieDizzer

    The Wave

    Nope. Had breakfast there on Monday, and it's practically in the basement of the Comtempo. Don't get me wrong it's a lovely little restaurant but there are no windows at all.
  14. AggieDizzer

    Looking for Disney running hats

    While it's not running specific, I often wear my black Mickey Nike hat when I am out running, and it does pretty well. I've washed it several times and it still looks great.
  15. AggieDizzer

    Tutto Italia or Via Napoli

    Both are great but Tutto is much more intimate. If you & hubs are on a date night, Tutto for sure. But you can't go wrong either way IMO.
  16. AggieDizzer

    Pete's Solo Shows and the $10 tier

    I was on the fence about being a Patreon supporter of the show, but no more. You've sold me. :) Thanks for all the hard work. I thought it was expensive, but I had no idea that the costs involved were on that level. :thanks:
  17. AggieDizzer

    Rumor? Seas and The Land closing?

    I used to love The Land, it was my favorite pavilion back in the day - but now it's pretty sad IMO. The balloons don't work (anyone else remember when they would go up & down?), the carpet is threadbare, and the place just reeks of 1988. It always seems dirty to me. Even Living With The Land...
  18. AggieDizzer

    Why Disney is BETTER as an adult!!

    I travel to LA a couple times per year for work and when I am out there I hit DLR solo. The first time I went alone I wondered if it would be weird, but I hadn't even crossed under the railroad tracks and onto Main Street USA before that feeling quickly subsided. I would of course prefer...
  19. AggieDizzer

    June 2019!

    ME!! June 1-8 at Old Key West. Just posted a pre-trip report & itinerary over on the "Pre-Trip Report" sub forum.
  20. AggieDizzer

    Only a few days until we are back at World! 2019 Trip Itinerary & PTR!!

    The day has almost arrived!! As I write this, I am surrounded by suitcases, magic bands, Mickey t-shirts, and a couple of those toilet-seat looking pillows for sleeping on the airplane. It's Disney week and we're about to jump out of our skins to get back to Florida. As Disney music plays in the...


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