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  1. TiggerTrigger

    Raglan Road - Settle a dispute for us

    I'm wondering if he was looking at one of those early releases of included restaurants that come out before everything is finalized. Technically official at the time at the time it's released, not usually accurate by the start of the year. I recall that a number of Disney Springs restaurants...
  2. TiggerTrigger


    We've eaten at Sanaa a number of times and even the hotter accompaniments with the bread service aren't overly spicy IMO. The Durban shrimp is the only thing with the entrees that I remember having some heat. The butter chicken is usually a safe bet if you're concerned. We all really like it and...
  3. TiggerTrigger

    Disney's CARIBBEAN BEACH RESORT Information & Questions Thread-With Refurb Updates! NEW PICS!

    I saw this before bed last night...which prompted me to look at my home pillow situation. It's extreme! :rotfl2:Seriously though, maybe I might be best packing a couple of my own. My home ones are pretty puffy and while I'll have a bed to myself, that may not be enough pillows if they are so...
  4. TiggerTrigger

    Official Disney Cake Chatter - Part V!

    Thanks @lurkyloo ! I remember seeing those and they really did such a beautiful job. I'm thinking about Cape May for a meal, so that would work with tentative plans too. Thanks again!
  5. TiggerTrigger

    shoe recommendations for 3 year old?

    Keens, Lelli Kelly and PediPed were our faves around that age for park shoes.
  6. TiggerTrigger

    Fireworks from Poly or Contemporary

    I haven't watched from the Poly since the days of Wishes and pre-bungalows, but I don't recall any sound issues and I prefer the view from the Poly. Again, this is Wishes and not HEA, but as you can see, from the Poly... you are properly aligned with the castle.
  7. TiggerTrigger

    Akershus on EMH morning

    Even without EMH, they usually let you in around 15 min early so you can make it to your ADR. It's not feasible for you to make an 8:05 if they only let you in at 8, and they seem to know that and accommodate for it. They also will likely be moving people towards the ropes before 8am.
  8. TiggerTrigger

    Airport to Restaurant - Reservation Timing

    You can also call T-Rex directly to see if they have other times open. They normally only load a fraction of their ADR slots onto the Disney site.
  9. TiggerTrigger

    Official Disney Cake Chatter - Part V!

    I am many months away from cake ordering, but the planner and cake obsessed part of me wants to square some things away in my mind before I make ADRs. I understand that experiences vary with fondant and non-standard flavors when it comes to the two tier mini cakes. Has anyone had any more...
  10. TiggerTrigger

    Disney's CARIBBEAN BEACH RESORT Information & Questions Thread-With Refurb Updates! NEW PICS!

    Thank you to everyone who replied with bed input. :) I know it's such a subjective thing too, since one bed style may be perfect for one person, but not so much for another. Good pillows is also good to hear, since that's also part of the good sleep equation. I know I'm going to be so anxious...
  11. TiggerTrigger

    Disney WITHOUT the kids - feeling guilty!

    We spent a kid-free week at WDW in 2014. No regrets! I'm big on surprising the kids and they really thought I was going reveal at the end that they were coming too, but it was just me and DH. I did feel bad at when we were at Crystal Palace, since my younger one loves Pooh and...
  12. TiggerTrigger

    Disney's CARIBBEAN BEACH RESORT Information & Questions Thread-With Refurb Updates! NEW PICS!

    Looking for some input on CBRs beds. I'm currently booked in a a preferred room for marathon week. I'm pretty bed sensitive and I'm now nervous after re-watching Pete's DisUnplugged CBR review from this past December. He noted that the bed were new as part of the refurb, but that the quality...
  13. TiggerTrigger

    Hey there!!! Where's Pete's Grand Floridian Grand Gripe??!!!

    I don't know about the rest of you, but when they started filming inside the room, I saw that nasty couch and it was like watching a horror movie...audience seeing the killer...and the suspense of waiting for the soon-to-be victim to realize there's something awful in the room. I kept mentally...
  14. TiggerTrigger

    Ohana or California grill

    I would go with California...and it's not just because our last 'Ohana dinner experience was disappointing. Our younger one was also 2 on her first visit to California Grill. I know every child is different and experiences will vary, but she preferred Cali Grill over 'Ohana. Sure, it helped that...
  15. TiggerTrigger

    How long dining takes from start to finish...

    I've had TS dinners go less than an hour and with waits and other issues, others that have gone 2-3 hours. If a nighttime show is your goal, I would book something well before just to give yourself time, since you'll also need to factor in finding a spot...and you might be severely limited if...
  16. TiggerTrigger

    Sanaa bread service

    Something else I seem to remember is that some of the breads are made in house and some are not. I want to say it was the kulcha and paratha that were made off-site and the naans were made there. It was important at the time due to risks with DD12s allergies, but from a taste perspective, we...
  17. TiggerTrigger

    Is there a disadvantage to paying off room only reservation upfront?

    I like waiting until the end to pay, but I'm not normally paying with rewards or gift cards. Rewards are one thing, but I like my vacation funds to be a bit more liquid in case "life" happens. While I've found 2-4 days to be the norm, Disney usually says it's something like 7-10 days for refunds...
  18. TiggerTrigger

    Mac and Cheese

    A lot of people like the mac & cheese at Homecomin'.
  19. TiggerTrigger

    Whats your favorite character dinner?

    1900 PF, Akershus and Garden Grill have been our fave character dinners. We've tried all of the others minus the one at WL, but not huge fans of the others.
  20. TiggerTrigger

    Food going downhill ??

    We've been going since the mid 80s. I don't necessarily feel it's gone downhill, but I feel like it's always been inconsistent and that inconsistency is just magnified since we bumped up our number of table service meals. We've had great meals, mediocre meals, and some really bad ones as well...


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