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  1. HeyIt'sMe

    Pictures With The DIS Team

    August 2018 - Epcot - First day of Food & Wine February 2019 - Wilderness Lodge
  2. HeyIt'sMe

    Where has Charles been ?

    I'm sorry to hear that Charles resigned from the Dis. He will definitely be missed. I'm glad I got to meet him in person - twice! Super nice guy. Best of luck on your new adventure Charles!
  3. HeyIt'sMe

    Sayings that irk you

    ^This!!! My sister (never been married) always says my life is so much easier because I have DH. I always tell her she is not alone - she can call me if she ever needs anything. And I tell her sometimes having a DH (and kids!) can be stressful - it's not all lollipops and rainbows. I have...
  4. HeyIt'sMe

    Met Pete, Charles & Jackie!

    We did have a magical trip. Thank you! I couldn't believe when I stepped out of the elevator and saw Charles .... then Pete .... then Jackie! I was trying not to act too giddy. :laughing: And Pete cracks me up --- at one point I said "This is better than meeting a movie star!" and Pete...
  5. HeyIt'sMe

    Met Pete, Charles & Jackie!

    I stayed at Wilderness Lodge Feb 25-Feb 28 with my sisters and my MIL to celebrate my sister's 50th birthday. On the day we checked in my MIL & I went down to the lobby to check with Bell Services since we hadn't received our luggage from DME. I'm so glad I did since I ran into Pete, Charles &...
  6. HeyIt'sMe

    Angelrose's Journey

    Karen, Chuck, Jesse and Zoey ~ I am so sorry for your loss. I didn't post on this thread but last summer I went back and read the entire thing and have been following along since then. Mary sure was a firecracker and you could tell that she absolutely adored all of you. You all were so lucky to...
  7. HeyIt'sMe

    Have you started taxes yet?

    We use TurboTax and e-filed our returns this weekend. We are getting $2,500 back from Federal and $300 back from State. In previous years we usually owed $2,500 to Federal and got a small refund from State. I quit my job in January 2018 and forgot to have DH change his withholding that's why we...
  8. HeyIt'sMe

    Ugh the terrible 20s

    I'm glad I'm not alone! I have a 21yo DD that just graduated from college last month with a business degree. She's in the process of looking for a job in her field of study and is stressing that she'll never find a job even though she *just* started looking. She's currently working the...
  9. HeyIt'sMe

    Tim Tracker/Marvel Day at Sea/DIS Team

    I'm watching the YouTube video of Tim Tracker's 3rd day of cruising on the Disney Dream for Marvel Day at Sea. In this vlog he & his wife Jenn are eating at the Pirates of the Caribbean dinner at Lumiere's. Who do I see sitting at their table? Corey. Then I saw Craig. :laughing:
  10. HeyIt'sMe

    MagicBands/Linked Credit Cards

    My MDE account has me, DH, DD, DSis1 and DMIL DSis2 has her own MDE account with her DH & DD We are taking a Girls' Trip next month and it is me, DSis1, DMIL and DSis2. I have a credit card and PIN saved in my MDE profile and my DSis2 has the same information saved in her MDE profile. Since...
  11. HeyIt'sMe

    DME and RAC....FAQs

    I've been to WDW before but never used DME so I'm a totally newbie! Plus, I am organizing a trip for myself & extended family; one who lives in another state. Today I submitted the forms on Disney's website to reserve DME. Sorry this is long but I'm trying to understand everything. Resort...
  12. HeyIt'sMe

    DME/2 Guests on Reservation-each flying out of different airports

    Update: I figured it out. Miracles do happen! :laughing: For Resort Reservation #2 I used the "Add Flight Group" button and was able to add DSis2's flight information. I didn't think about it until I was done but all the DME documents will be mailed here to my house since I used my address for...
  13. HeyIt'sMe

    DME/2 Guests on Reservation-each flying out of different airports

    I've been to WDW before but never used DME so this is all new to me! We have a trip planned for the last week of February and will be using DME and I found the online form to use on Disney's website. We have 2 reservations - Resort Reservation #1 --- me & DMIL --- both flying out of...
  14. HeyIt'sMe


    Hi! I am staying at the Wilderness Lodge in late February for the first time. This is a Girl's Trip for my DSis's 50th birthday. We have two standard view rooms booked - are there any requests I should add to my reservation (via my travel agent)? I don't know much about the WL but would like to...
  15. HeyIt'sMe

    Cost of Afternoon Tea at Grand Floridian?

    I am doing the tea for the first time next month. We're doing a Girls' Trip for DSis's 50th birthday and she really wanted to do this. She LOVES tea. So excited!
  16. HeyIt'sMe

    Feb 2019!!

    Wilderness Lodge Feb 25-28! This is a Girls' Trip with DSis #1, DSis #2, and MIL to celebrate DDis #1's 50th birthday! She hasn't been to WDW since she was 16. She really wanted to go to MK and ride Haunted Mansion and have tea at the Grand Floridian on her actual birthday - so that's what we...
  17. HeyIt'sMe

    Removing Wedding Ring?

    I've been married 27 years and I had to have my wedding band cut off this summer. I've gotten older, wiser, and wider and just could not get it off my finger. I started having panic attacks about it. :scared: I went to a jeweler and they used a manual "saw" to cut it off. There was a guard that...
  18. HeyIt'sMe

    If you live where it snows, will you have a white Christmas?

    I'm in Central Indiana and the forecast for Christmas Day is 43 degrees, an a.m. flurry, cloudy. So, no white Christmas. I love snow for Christmas but it can stay away the rest of the year!
  19. HeyIt'sMe

    Christmas Home Decor 2018

    Your tree is gorgeous! And I love your paint colors. Would you mind sharing the brand and colors? TIA! Debbie
  20. HeyIt'sMe

    Do you have next years vacation booked already?

    I’m going to WDW in February with my MIL, both of my sisters and my daughter (maybe-she graduates from college this month so she may be at a new job by then). We are doing this girls’ trip because one of my sisters turns 50 in February. She hasn’t been to WDW since she was a teenager. She...


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