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  1. MaryKatesMom

    US Women's National Soccer Team controversy

    One of my DD's played for a travel soccer team that was pretty hopeless but they had fun. They were maybe U8 at the time. One game, when the whistle blew it took 3 touches, for the other team to score, immediately followed by a 4 touch score and then another 4 touch score. So within 3 minutes...
  2. MaryKatesMom

    Crystal Palace Review (Disney Dining Show)! #cute

    Craig was hilarious! I have never seen him smile so much. Nice to see grumpy cat have a good time. We too prefer the breakfast although it has been years. We are RD people so we would pick the latest breakfast time and roll it over to lunch. The place used to be pretty empty at that time.
  3. MaryKatesMom

    Hey there!!! Where's Pete's Grand Floridian Grand Gripe??!!!

    Swan and Dolphin. Conventioneers on the other hand..... The good news is no one holds conventions in Orlando during the summer months and the hotel has some serious bargains in the summer. There is also a noticable difference between the YC and BC. In order to take advantage of the AC we...
  4. MaryKatesMom

    More proof to fly in early!

    Yes to this. It isn’t possible for my DH to take an extra work day off. Not everyone has the luxury of flexibility. It is just the two of us now but I’ve taken the DD’s on vacations solo many times but I’d rather be in an airport with him then in a hotel room by myself. He’s funny and good...
  5. MaryKatesMom

    I had hoped to get to Cuba

    Cancel for any reason is much more expensive then other coverage, approximately 10% of the cruise cost. It only covers 75% of non-refundable expenses not including the cost of the insurance. So even in this circumstance I don’t think I would use it. The biggest problem with cancel for any...
  6. MaryKatesMom

    Hey there!!! Where's Pete's Grand Floridian Grand Gripe??!!!

    Stuffy is the right word. I’ve stayed there a few times. The grounds are gorgeous but Pete was right. There are constantly carts moving about and parked. Much more than I’ve seen at YC/BC or BW. When my mother stayed there she did not like it either. We both noticed that the laundry...
  7. MaryKatesMom

    Is Brazil Happening At World Showcase?

    6 pavilions out of 11 have an attraction/movie. Germany - Italy and Japan - Morocco are the two without anything that are adjacent to each other. To put Brazil between Germany and Italy without an attraction would mean 3 pavilions in a row without an attraction. Epcot has always had a...
  8. MaryKatesMom

    Poly Bird Lawsuit

    What damages is she claiming? Years ago we were terrorized by a duck near the Gasparilla Grill. The pain and suffering we endured!
  9. MaryKatesMom

    FP to not be used by all members of party

    I book my DH, and DD's on SM and book myself on Buzz.
  10. MaryKatesMom

    Rookie mistake! Epcot tiered FP...

    When Soarin’ was in rehab and TT is down because of rain EPCOT was not the place to be. The entire park was in Frozen. Not pretty.
  11. MaryKatesMom

    Slinky Dog questions.

    Yes compared to something like SM. SM is jarring with small “hops” that jerk you up and down in your seat. I can do RnRC but SM kills my back.
  12. MaryKatesMom

    Hey there!!! Where's Pete's Grand Floridian Grand Gripe??!!!

    We have stayed at the GF a few times and were underwhelmed. No major problems though.
  13. MaryKatesMom

    Pete's Solo Shows and the $10 tier

    If you are making the comparison. Then $10 is not enough. I watch more of The Dis then Netflix, HBO (I don't have Hulu). I have cable with a sports package for DH.
  14. MaryKatesMom

    Post all SW questions concerns, etc. here...

    I kept refreshing and logging in. LGA to MCO all the WGA fares GONE for to get me DD to MCO and no direct flights. It is going to cost me $1000 to get her down there with us. PITT to MCO wasn't completely gone and at least they are direct flights. $600 for that DD.
  15. MaryKatesMom

    Soarin'...time to fix it?

    I prefer the original without the distortions. Shockingly obvious my jaw dropped the first time I saw it. Could not believe they released it.
  16. MaryKatesMom

    If you THINK you've seen HEA, check out Craig's video.

    I've seen HEA several times. I'm a big fan of Plaza viewing dessert party so I have a pretty good view but I've never seen it like this. I was blown away about how much more I noticed. How clear the projections are straight on like that is stunning. The fireworks came through perfectly. I...
  17. MaryKatesMom

    When does Thanksgiving open up?

    Thanks. What time do you need to eat dinner?
  18. MaryKatesMom

    Dreams / DIS Exclusive London/Paris/DLP Adventure Oct 4th - 13th 2019 Very excited that this will be out right before our trip.
  19. MaryKatesMom

    APs and Resort guests can now upgrade their magicband

    Because it never affects their bottom line. We just wait it out.
  20. MaryKatesMom

    APs and Resort guests can now upgrade their magicband

    Thank you for the suggestion. I kept looking at my Magic Band order and kept getting an error message. Switched over to Explorer, thanks to hvanes, and I can now see that I have my original purple and blue. Maybe I'll try again in a few weeks my trip isn't until August. Frankly, I was a bit...


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