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  1. jbish

    Man tasered and arrested at MK dessert party.

    Wow. I was following this thread just to see if we could get any answers. But based on the two stories being told here, it seems like there were two events that may have happened on consecutive nights? The OP was in the middle of the dessert party when the tasing incident occurred. The...
  2. jbish

    Is Brazil Happening At World Showcase?

    No, it's not specific to Brazil - I don't think the movies specifies where in South America they end up. But if they can put Frozen in Norway, then all of those rules go out the window. I was thinking that something about the rainforests of South America/Brazil could be the tie in - but, as I...
  3. jbish

    Is Brazil Happening At World Showcase?

    UP!!! Who wouldn't love an Up attraction? (That's not an original idea of mine - it's been circulated 'round these parts every time the Brazil pavilion rumor stirs back up.)
  4. jbish

    Why Star Wars Land and not an entire park?

    While I can see where you're coming from, I think you've actually made a salient point that supports NOT doing a single-IP park: For DCA, Disney was able to retro-fit/redo/revamp it when it wasn't resonating with the visitors. (I've never been to DCA so I can't weigh in on your thoughts...
  5. jbish

    Reservations for SWGE at WDW?

    This part I don't understand. IF they go to a reservation, why would they have to guarantee a reservation for on-site guests? They aren't guarantying that ANYONE can get in at this point, even if you do have a resort reservation. In Disneyland, that was an easier promise because there's...
  6. jbish

    MK every ride in one day

    Ooh - interesting question...I would have said CoP is a "ride" - but I guess it's no different than HoP or Tiki Room. Except it does technically move, so may that makes it a "ride"?
  7. jbish

    Rumor? Seas and The Land closing?

    Please don't bulldoze the Imagination Pavilion! I know it needs work, but I just love that building. And would love nothing more than to restore the original ride. The glass pyramids are so iconic. I long for the "good ol' days" of the rainbow tunnel and the gigantic table with the pins you'd...
  8. jbish

    Princess Weekend 2020

    How do we feel about when this race will sell out? Not sure I can commit now (still have DVC advantage for the next 48+ hours). And princess this year didn’t sell out until the very end, correct? I ran Wine & Dine this past year (2018) and I feel like it didn’t sell out u til the last minute...
  9. jbish

    Spoilers: How much do you want to see before you go?

    The more I ponder this question, the more I realize that I don't want anything to be "spoiled" for me yet I want to know how everything is going! @Teleclashter has posted a lot of videos and even an article of his first impressions from his preview day yesterday. And yet I find myself not...
  10. jbish

    Getting hats embroidered

    The shop is Disney's Wonderful World of Memories. I actually had to look up my receipt because it was NOT easy finding this place. But it is next to the Christmas Shop.
  11. jbish

    Spoilers: How much do you want to see before you go?

    I want to see just enough so that I can get a sense, but don't want to ruin the ride experiences with any ride-through videos. Especially for this new land, I'm most interested in crowds and people movement around it. I'd like to be mentally prepared for that. We don't have a trip planned yet...
  12. jbish

    Light sabers...worth the money?

    I'm lost at the logistics on this. If someone has already checked their bags, how would they get the blade into their suitcase? Are they going to allow people to gate check? Are they going to follow people to the gate to ensure that they do? I'm assuming that they will have a box, so...
  13. jbish

    Light sabers...worth the money?

    As our prior lightsabers are now in pieces around the house, I won't be indulging in these any time soon. However, I did have a question - do these collapse? Based on what little I've seen, they appear to be "extended" the entire time. How do you transport these? They look bigger than a...
  14. jbish

    Getting hats embroidered

    FYI you can also buy and get the hats embroidered at Disney Springs, if your travel plans take you there, too.
  15. jbish

    Is there a DVC Owner's Group in the DC area?

    I mean, if you're willing to drive from Ellicott City, don't think anyone is going to turn you away!! LOL
  16. jbish

    Is there a DVC Owner's Group in the DC area?

    Do it...I dare you..... ::yes::
  17. jbish

    bridge GF to MK

    When we're at a monorail resort, we're at Bay Lake, so this wouldn't affect us directly. However, to have one full path around the loop would be awesome, especially for those rare times I'm training for a race (in support of those that mentioned a running path). However, it does seem unlikely...
  18. jbish

    Soarin'...time to fix it?

    I'm never in a mood for a laugh after waiting in line for this ride. B1 every time. (And even then, I really just want the very middle of that row.) If the problem is the subject matter, then they should have understood this and planned for it accordingly. It's beyond dumb that 2/3 of the...
  19. jbish

    DVC Poll

    This sounds like us. Honestly, we did everything we weren't *supposed* to do. We stumbled upon it. Left our 4 year-old daughter in the kids play area for a couple of hours to talk to the guide about this thing we had never heard of, had not fully researched. We financed the initial purchase...
  20. jbish

    Rumor? Seas and The Land closing?

    First of all - welcome to the Dis - I appreciate that you chose to join in on the conversation and share your experiences. I hope your career there was as fun as I imagine (haha) it would have been!! In defense of your statement, I can see that the INTENT is noble, that the GOAL is to make the...


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