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  1. GAN

    When A Tourist Becomes A Local! A Full Year (2019) TR! *BEING A LOCAL - UPDATED 6/16!*

    Nice update, Zach. One of my all-time favorite Italian Classics! Then one of my favorite Disney songs(Golden Dream) ...and performed by VoL. Love it....
  2. GAN

    ESPN on Boardwalk

    Sit at the bar if possible -service is usually very good. For football, plan on arriving EARLY......
  3. GAN

    Well I sold my DVC, and boy that was quick!

    As I see it, the demand is VERY good for all DVC Owners. In fact, I'll probably be looking to buy an add-on within the next 6-months to give my kids an extra 20-years or so.
  4. GAN

    renting points?

    I’ve rented prior to becoming an owner through these Boards and also rented my points to others since owning DVC. When I need extra points for some reason I still rely on the Rent/Trade boards ...and never had any issues
  5. GAN

    For under $5 million . . .

    There’s someone out there thinking that isn’t too bad....
  6. GAN

    Beaches and Cream closed

    We ate at the Fountain a few weeks ago and it was as good as B&C in my opinion. Didn’t have the ice cream(too full) but I will say what I saw looked real good....
  7. GAN

    DVC Podcast - Not Great Advice

    Given that it was a lead balloon, who knows what the plan will be. It sounds like Disney tried to get more than they were worth(no surprise there) -had it been something reasonable more people may have jumped at it. Add in the fact that many people will be in their 80's or 90's when the...
  8. GAN

    DVC Podcast - Not Great Advice

    Just to add ...this link is the type of point change DVC is referring to(and the most significant I remember) as Jeff mentioned. To me it isn't a big deal -they saw the need to make 2-BR's a little more attractive and make some Studios during particular times of the year a little less...
  9. GAN

    DVC Podcast - Not Great Advice

    Right. I bought a car and put 100,000 miles on it in 4-years ...It’s not worth the $30,000 I paid for it. Same goes for DVC. No one should expect an appreciation. I paid $13,000(plus fees) and in another 25-years it’s pretty much worthless. As far as the restrictions go, they do impact the...
  10. GAN

    DVC Podcast - Not Great Advice

    Assuming I'm understanding correctly, I’m not sure why anyone would buy into DVC expecting point values to be equal or more than when originally purchased over long-term. I can sell my contract for close to what I paid, if not equal, but how that translates to year-year value who...
  11. GAN

    DVC Podcast - Not Great Advice

    Sure ....most of us thought the same thing 10-15 years ago when we bought in. It's no different today, ask the same question in another 10-years. I've never considered DVC a financial "investment" and I think you may be taking Pete and Jerry's comments a little out of context ...I would...
  12. GAN

    Anyone been to martha's vineyard?

    I used to go all the time, my cousin still lives out there. To get around you can rent a car in Oak Bluffs which would be your best option or Uber's a good sized island but possible to see some good highlights in a day but not without a car. That being said, between Oak Bluffs and...
  13. GAN

    Rehab vs reno or refurb?

    That's exactly how I would use the words.....
  14. GAN

    So...what did you pay per point for your membership?

    Wow ...that is a heck of a bargain looking back! Any plans for the future ...looks like you've got some that might be getting close to expiration -no? I've been thinking about extending by buying in at a newer Resort to get some more years -in case I'm around for a while longer!
  15. GAN

    Filthy Bathrooms!

    You mean no one could spare a square? Sorry, couldn’t resist......
  16. GAN

    Filthy Bathrooms!

    I don’t know if I’m the best, but let’s just say I might be in the Top 10! You’re Welcome, Heidi....
  17. GAN

    Filthy Bathrooms!

  18. GAN

    Pete's Solo Shows and the $10 tier

    I could be wrong, but I don’t ever recall it being presented as $10 for content ...definitely not initially but maybe that’s changed? I’ve thought of it as a donation to help support the things they do which include these boards, podcasts, videos, etc. Does it pay their bills and put money in...
  19. GAN

    Filthy Bathrooms!

    Thanks Heidi! We’re going tonight so you know I will do that for sure!!
  20. GAN

    Filthy Bathrooms!

    I don’t question you at all because I’ve seen, as most, bathrooms in bad condition...seems like a year or two ago was particularly bad. I’m here right now, which is probably slightly busier than your visit, and the bathrooms I’ve been in have been in very good shape. I’m 56 male I’ve been...


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