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  1. quandrea

    Booking 1-Bedrooms vs. Studios

    I find SSR and br much tighter. Furniture may?
  2. quandrea

    Booking 1-Bedrooms vs. Studios

    This is what we do. Our first time at BWV we booked a two bedroom. After that visit we found we could make do with the one bedrooms there. I would not do it at SSR or Boulder ridge. Too small.
  3. quandrea

    The Dress Shop on Cherry Tree Lane

    Thanks for this. Now I’m thinking a m will be better.
  4. quandrea

    The Dress Shop on Cherry Tree Lane

    Are these dresses true to size? I usually wear a m in things. Five ft ten, 150 lb, 34 DD. I’m right between a m and a lg for the Up dress. Doing mail order to Canada so I have to get it right. I’m thinking LG and tailor if needed.
  5. quandrea

    Hey there!!! Where's Pete's Grand Floridian Grand Gripe??!!!

    Not true. Disney tries very hard with recovery. In January 2018 I got the room from hell at Animal Kingdom Kidani. No heat the whole first night (it was at freezing outside), no hot water the next morning and finally, no electricity that same day when we returned from the park. They were quick...
  6. quandrea

    Any good Grilled Cheese Sandwich anywhere?

    Second Beaches and Cream’s. Very good. Also second the one at Contempo Cafe. I think that one beat Beaches and Cream’s. Such a simple, satisfying lunch. Now I want grilled cheese.
  7. quandrea

    Graduation — How much to give?

    I’m doing $100 for my two nieces this June.
  8. quandrea

    Does Disney Ruin

    My kids have never ever been to wonderland but they’ve been to Disney maybe forty times. We don’t bother with it. We do enjoy other vacations though. Love New York City, Alaska, Vancouver, Quebec, Nova Scotia. We’ve done Europe, planning PEI next summer.
  9. quandrea

    POFQ or CBR

    I’m not a fan of the moderates save for POFQ. It’s not spread out like the others. Newly renovated.
  10. quandrea

    what the heck?

    Thanks. My window opens in a few days. I thought it was seven.
  11. quandrea

    what the heck?

    What time does the window open? I thought it was 7am eastern.
  12. quandrea

    What are your vices?

    Diet Coke. Desserts. I control my intake of both quite well though.
  13. quandrea

    Keeping the children watered...

    Free water. It’s cold and delicious on a hot day. You don’t have to carry it. Your own water will get hot and gross.
  14. quandrea

    Nutty question - Epcot vist and not Magic Kingdom?

    I think you could skip Mk and do Epcot. I’d take it one further though, and skip Universal while picking up another Disney party. Perhaps Animal Kingdom. Doing both Disney and Universal gets really pricey and Universal just doesn’t do it for me. Wouldn’t be worth the expenditure and travel...
  15. quandrea

    Do you keep your young kids up later at Disney?

    This notion of patience and fortitude is a good one. I have twins (plus another child). The schedule literally helped get us through the day when they were younger. It meant I knew what to expect, as did they. If I veered off the schedule, I paid for days with unhappy, screeching babies. It just...
  16. quandrea

    How many kids would be too many for you?

    My doctor said this too.
  17. quandrea

    How many kids would be too many for you?

    I’ve been reading all the replies and this was going to be my answer. I’d feel perfectly okay with six. We have three. Those three are miracles. It took me many years and many miscarriages to get those three. We decided after the twins that we were done because we were getting old and we didn’t...
  18. quandrea

    What makes DVC worth investing in?

    I’d never rent dvc points. Can’t deal with the no cancellation policy. Of course if dvc were more expensive than getting a hotel room, I would not still purchase it. The extent to which people do the financial analysis seems extreme to me. In the end, there is no amount of financial...
  19. quandrea

    What makes DVC worth investing in?

    I’ve never really understood the heavy financial analysis that goes into buying dvc. From my viewpoint, it’s a true luxury purchase, not something anyone needs to buy or something that ever truly makes financial sense. We bought because we could afford it and we like Disney and we wanted to...
  20. quandrea

    DVC Resorts with the best studios?

    I’ve stayed in many of the studios. Here goes.., Love AKL Kidani. Recently renovated, fantastic resort. Great, low point chart. Bus transportation is on point. OKW. Just renovated. Very fresh. Laid back resort. Love it, but some people find it isn’t themed enough. I’d disagree. Nice boat to...


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