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  1. DisHmsklMom

    Love Bugs

    For those of you driving up from the south, I'd recommend you pick up your own personal squeegie, small plastic pan, and window cleaner (we got everything at Target). We had to clean our windshield multiple times while driving up and down the turnpike. The rest stops had quite the lines at the...
  2. DisHmsklMom

    Worst Things About Animal Kingdom?

    Dinoland Lack of inside slow ride for families (Could the dinosaurs from Epcot come here please for an inside walk through or educational ride?) Uneven terrain with small pathways
  3. DisHmsklMom

    Standard View Balcony-AKL or WL

    Depending on the length of your trip, you may want to consider doing a split stay. Both resorts are really beutiful.
  4. DisHmsklMom

    Switching from POP to the Double Tree questions

    We've stayed at both. With my older daughter we enjoy having our own space at the end of the day. The Double Tree suite rooms are larger than the Pop and my DD loves the closeness to Disney Springs (we usually walk to and then take a bus back). My DD sleeps on the couch at Double Tree so we...
  5. DisHmsklMom

    What are the best things about Epcot?

    Voices of Liberty The CMs from around the world The variety of food choices, including festivals The attention to detail in each of the countries The Flower and Garden Festival flowers
  6. DisHmsklMom

    Favorite Disney Resort Activities

    Last time we stayed at SSR we really enjoyed renting bikes and biking around the entire resort, the weather was perfect, I wouldn't recommend biking if it is hot.
  7. DisHmsklMom

    Good dinner for first time in Magic Kingdom area?

    If you can get Cinderella's Royal Table I'd grab it. You wouldn't have to spend time leaving the park and it is always special to eat in the castle. Eat a light lunch at Be Our Guest.
  8. DisHmsklMom

    Where to eat at Poly evening arrival night?

    There are seats around the sushi bar and in front of the windows. You will have a waiter if you sit.
  9. DisHmsklMom

    Where to eat at Poly evening arrival night?

    We've eaten at the Kona Island sushi bar as a family and found it to be a great experience. You can check out the menu here: Capt. Cooks could be a good choice for those who don't want anything on the Kona Island menu.
  10. DisHmsklMom

    Best quick breakfast?

    They don't have mobile ordering, I really wish they did. We do use the app and earn stars during our trips - it really works well when they have Star Dashes going on. You can't redeem rewards as far as I know in the parks, but you can at Disney Springs. I think the Starbuck's in DIsney...
  11. DisHmsklMom

    Best quick breakfast?

    My teen DD is hooked on the Bacon, Egg and Gouda sandwich at Starbucks. We tend to stop there as soon as we hit the park. The Starbucks in the parks are incredibly efficient, don't let the lines scare you.
  12. DisHmsklMom

    We’re here! They lost our luggage (we did magic express). So we have

    Another place to consider going to for clothing essentials is UniQlo at Disney Springs. We picked up HeatTech shirts our last trip when the weather was colder than we had planned on.
  13. DisHmsklMom


    You may want to visit the orlando-hotels-and-attractions section on the DIS. There is information there on the Disney Springs Hotels and Bonnett Creek area.
  14. DisHmsklMom

    Will we need an ADR for The Wave?

    You could also try eating at the bar, they have the full menu available. We've sat on a corner when we were a group of 4 and it worked nicely.
  15. DisHmsklMom

    Source for your own coffee to use in room . . .

    We always use bottled water in the coffee makers at Disney. :drinking:Tastes much better to us.
  16. DisHmsklMom

    Well what to do now???

    I would call the Bounceback number and see if they can help you out.
  17. DisHmsklMom

    Menus released for Epcot International Festival of the Arts

    The app is called WDW Food & Wine
  18. DisHmsklMom

    Switching from All-Star Movies to Port Orleans Riverside (Any reason not to do this?)

    Nope, bigger room, better location for basically the same price. Do it quickly!!!
  19. DisHmsklMom

    Past the fast pass dates. Can’t get slink dog

    Couldn't get a fp our last trip, the kids wanted to ride it at night so we just rode it at the end of the evening. We waited about an hour. If you have early risers get there early and do rope drop. I managed to get fp for everything else we wanted on that day by refreshing.
  20. DisHmsklMom

    Disney Springs Board?

    I've been using this to find out what's going on with the entertainment. We always try and watch a set or two of Nicholas Marks at the Waterview Park.


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