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    Uber to Contemporary for MK?

    Can't you just say you're going to the QS at CR? Or would they still not let you in?
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    DHS/Toy Story Land "Early Morning Magic" (EMM) FAQ & Discussion

    You should just keep checking multiple times a day. People are always changing their plans.
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    Room only reservation questions

    Sorry, I meant if I were to modify the reservation (to change hotel or dates)
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    Room only reservation questions

    Since the deposit is one night's rate, what happens if I change my reservation and the rate goes down? Do I just pay less when I settle the entire bill? What happens if the rate goes up- will it charge me extra at that point, or will it get added to on the bill at the end? Can I cancel online...
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    early November crowds

    Oh wow, really? It was my first time ever going and I found it busy but was expecting the worst. It quietened right down the Tuesday after the long weekend, in case anyone is worried about this year. And I found the weekend completely manageable with a plan.
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    1st night - Hyatt vs Saratoga?

    With a 1 year old, airport Hyatt. Landing at 8:30 you could easily not get to your hotel until 11 or later (we had the same timeline).
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    Disney's POLYNESIAN VILLAGE RESORT + VILLAS Information & Questions

    I think it starts at will say in the weekly guide you get at the poly. We got there shortly after 7 and took the monorail with no issues.
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    Help with deluxe resort choice please!

    Hadn't really considered the contemporary before, but I looked at the pools/slides and thought they were good (and super easy for me to see him on the slides). I'll show them to DS and see what he thinks! I measured DS today and he's up to 49 inches (from 46 in November)! Definitely too...
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    Jambo! The newest AKL Information thread

    Looks awesome! Does anyone know when the renovations are scheduled to be finished?
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    Help with deluxe resort choice please!

    What about the pools at AKL makes it worse than the Poly? From looking at pics & videos of both slides it seems equivalent, so I need your first hand advice! Do you know how often the shuttle comes by? Or how long of a walk it is?
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    Help with deluxe resort choice please!

    Good advice. I would definitely do as you did (I'd go down first). At the poly I did this for awhile and then I hung out at the bottom and he went up by himself (no lifeguard but I felt comfortable with it). But I would probably not be comfortable with doing that at the BC...
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    Help with deluxe resort choice please!

    So basically I need to plan 4 more trips to try all the hotels? That'll be fun :). Lots of good points in your post, thanks!
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    2020 Packages Date Announced

    I'll book something. I can always change it or cancel after all!
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    Help with deluxe resort choice please!

    Not really (because of the clown...). Tell me why I should consider it :)
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    Help with deluxe resort choice please!

    I am thinking about going to DW for a week at the end of April 2020, along with my son (who will be 7 at the time). Last year we stayed at the Polynesian. We LOVED the atmosphere- the paths lit with torches, the pool overlooking the lake, the volcano slide, DS loved the water play area (which...
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    Disney's POLYNESIAN VILLAGE RESORT + VILLAS Information & Questions

    There were paper plates and bowls. I hated them- so wasteful!
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    Epcot : Mission Space - Concerns about motion sickness

    I felt mildly sick at the end when it gets bumpy (on the green side). That part was over pretty quick, so I felt sick for a few more minutes and then was fine. It wasn't so bad that I would never do it again.
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    Do you keep your young kids up later at Disney?

    Definitely not for a 2.5 year old. 5...depends how late the fireworks are. The fireworks won't be very special with screaming kids! But go with the flow...who knows what will end up happening once you're there.
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    Best time to go to DW in November?

    After Veteran's Day and before Thanksgiving is the sweet spot!


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