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    LAX stopover before Aulani..GOOD PLAN?? Hotel suggestions please!

    Personally flying from East coast, we always stop both ways in Las Vegas. Tons of hotel choices and restaurants and we make it a couple days to catch some shows as well. We take the Red eye to HNL and start the day fresh as its pretty easy flight.
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    Selling My DVC

    I bought a Hilton Head contract back in 1999 that I never used because it was very expensive to fly there and I just couldn't justify the cost. Made a few bucks and sold it in a couple days . I then added on resale BWV where I have all my other points and have never been happier with my decision.
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    How did you plan for evolving life stages / interests?

    I bought in 1999 at BWV and added on several resale contracts since ,all same resort and use year except for a small AKV one. I have never lost a point in all my years of ownership as I have kept it simple. Why buy at Aulani where the dues are sky high and if you are retired or kids are out...
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    Must Have Items for Aulani

    In packing for Hawaii , I learned early on to pack light as its gets costly to pay for each bag each way on interisland flights. We mostly brought two swim suits each and cover up,flip flops, three pairs of shorts and tops, pair of jeans for ziplining and hiking boots or a good solid pair of...
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    DVC Snobs

    I find it somewhat insulting to assume that because someone has a lot of points that they are somehow not funding their retirement or planning to help pay for their children's education. Everyone is different and assumptions really are not valid. Many people are older and have already put their...
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    Odds of getting 2 Br at 7 months?

    I tried this year at 7 month mark to get a two bedroom ocean view june 15th for 6 nights and none was available. Never had any luck since so good luck. I ended up booking two one bedroom units at more points to get a place to stay
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    ATVs Discontinued at Kualoa Ranch

    So glad I chose to do the ATV tour on big island . I would have been so disappointed to have them cancel. It was a fun 2 hour tour but I wanted to try something new and on the big island they allow you to take a 5 year so that was deciding factor for us. Kualoa was fun . wonder why they...
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    Waitlist for July... what are the odds?

    Do you have a backup plan before securing airfare? I have been checking the waitlist daily to see if a two bedroom unit opens up so I can switch from one bedroom to two and nothing is open not even a day after several months. I made a back up as it would be rare for this to open for a week...
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    Anyone visit other islands during Aulani trip?

    I have been few times so far trying to change it up a bit but spend around 2-3 weeks each trip. First trip spent a week at the Marriott in Maui. We did ziplining(my favorite zip of all islands so far), road to Hana and the complete drive around the island . In 7 days we had enough time to do...
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    8 nights Aulani at end of August or change to split stay?

    I did a Trip in 2010 that was 3 days North shore at Turtle bay resort, three nights in Waikiki ,3 DAYS Maui and then 7 night Norwegian Cruise to all the islands. Aulani was just being built and I swore it was so far away from anything that I would never want to stay there. Fast forward to...
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    Epcot 2nd Day or DHS with toddler?

    Our 20 month old grandson didn't care which park he was in as long as he could hug characters. He was not a big ride fan so we more or less hung out with us and found joy in little things we often overlook. I would not stress about things at this age. Go and enjoy the ambience of the parks at a...
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    Never stayed onsite before. Where to start!?

    My grandson will be 5 when we go in Nov-Dec and we are staying at Boardwalk. This will be his 3rd trip always staying there. We found he gets gas lighted by too much immersion in the parks and loud stimulation . After a couple days of his schedule being thrown off we took a day off and let...
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    Kualoa Ranch and Climb Works in One day?

    I would think it could be done. We did the zip line at Kualoa, killed a couple hours and did two hour ATV at Kualoa. We had to wait for others doing a different tour in order to do ATV together. You would have time to drive to Climbworks . I plan to do climbworks in June.
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    Let’s Talk BWV Studios

    I found this so funny as my husband and I travel a lot and the one thing he insists on is sleeping on the right side of bed. I need a nightstand for glasses pills and water too and I hate sleeping against the wall as I need to get up once a night normally and have a hard time climbing over him...
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    book outside home resort

    It all depends on your flexibility both in time and points. if you have the ability to go on vacation when you find availability then you can try all the resorts. if you have a lot of points you can go up to a larger unit to increase likelihood of getting lucky. I had to spend more points than...
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    Home resort

    Best advice I was ever given and can pass on. Buy where you want to stay 90% of the time and you will never be unhappy. Over 20 years of ownership it has been a constant that keeps me enjoying my membership. I love the BW much more than anywhere else and always try to book there first except...
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    north shore food trucks

    Let me start of by saying I love Hawaii but I do not go there for the food. I'm from RI where we get the best seafood you could ever want and I tried the Shrimp trucks on a couple different trips and was so disappointed . I wouldn't make a trip based on stopping at a must do Shrimp truck. If...
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    Multi-Site POS Revision Dated 01/19/19

    There are people who like to rent the larger units like grand villas most of the time but where they went off the rails was to expect that I would pay a whole lot more to stay in a poly bungalow that is tiny compared to a BW grandvilla , doesn't sleep as many or have as good an overall location...
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    Potential new owner.

    I am a super planner so DVC works great for me but if I weren't then the only way it could work is if you were retired or have a job where you can take off when ever you want with no problem. I have stayed at all or almost all of the DVC resorts by booking last minute trips to experience each...


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