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  1. Magical2017

    What do you think of Barbie? Would you let your children play with Barbies?

    Yes, I would let my sons (or daughters, if I had any) play with Barbies or any other toy. My sons had multi racial dolls when they were little. They chose to launch them like cannon balls.
  2. Magical2017

    Quite the Valedictorian speech

  3. Magical2017

    Vacationing with one child at a time - anyone else do this?

    So far all of our trips have been together. That may change in the future.
  4. Magical2017

    The DVC-Rent/Trade Forum is brutal . . . for the DVC owners

    Agreed! I am not an owner. I have rented once, but through a broker. I had a LOT of questions but asked the person handling my reservation. Less money for the owner this way, but also less hassle.
  5. Magical2017

    Perfect Day at Coco Cay Report

    They are included. Whatever beverage package you purchase "transfers" to Coco Cay. I watched a video about Coco Cay last night on the unofficial RCL site that was very helpful as we have not cruised in years! You will just need your sea pass.In fact, they don't accept cash anywhere, so those...
  6. Magical2017

    What is your favorite travel company?

    I think you can personalize the trip more on your own. You can book excursions or cooking classes that work around your schedule. You can certainly compare prices. Where are the tour's hotels located, and do you want a combo of B and B types as well as a small apartment or home, or is a standard...
  7. Magical2017

    What is your favorite travel company?

    I like to do the research and book myself. I love the Rick Steves travel guides and website. They offer good information for independent travelers. We have considered doing a one week tour when we take our boys for the first time, and then doing a second week on our own. Companies that have been...
  8. Magical2017

    Quite the Valedictorian speech

    I am really trying to see her side, but I just can't on this one. The speech is supposed to be inspiring. Speak your mind and be honest but choose your audience. 1. The line about notifying her about sounds like the information was out there based on Rubio's comments. Blaming...
  9. Magical2017

    Must dos for Alaska...

    What cruise line are you planning to book with for your cruise? In addition to Cruise Critic, there are cruise boards here on Disboards. The DCL board is very helpful. There is also a board for RCCL.
  10. Magical2017

    I need a new book series

    Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon (she is working on the final book right now) Game of Thrones books by George RR Martin (will this guy ever finish the last two books?) ETA: Doomsday, Black Out, and All Clear (trilogy by Connie Willis, who also wrote To Say Nothing of the Dog)
  11. Magical2017

    How do you combat your Disney blues?

    We went two years in a row, and we are taking some other trips, including a non-Disney cruise in January. I know our kids want to include Universal on our next Orlando trip.
  12. Magical2017

    Does Disney Ruin

    I think Disney does have great service. We have experienced great service at other hotels, also. I feel that the appeal of Disney hotels, along with the service, is the theming and attention to detail. Still, their WDW hotels are not five star luxury hotels, but they are a treat for us. I have...
  13. Magical2017

    The we loooooove Bonnet Creek thread Part 4

    We went at the end of August last year. I used the hot tub at night and it was relatively quiet. There were families around but it was calm and I had the hot tub to myself for some time while DH swam with the kids. Of course, quiet to me might not be quiet to others. I used to teach elementary...
  14. Magical2017

    First time “offsite” in years..

    The last time we stayed onsite was January 2017 and we thought Disney transportation was fine. However, I have seen a lot of posts saying otherwise. I believe the Disney Springs hotels have shuttles but it might be easier for your mom to have a van, regardless of where you stay.
  15. Magical2017

    First time “offsite” in years..

    We already had them from a previous trip. WBC is not a Disney Springs property that gives onsite perks. I do not know if Disney Springs guests receive magic bands as part of their package.
  16. Magical2017

    First time “offsite” in years..

    Will you have a car/van(s)?
  17. Magical2017

    First time “offsite” in years..

    The Orlando Hotels and Attractions board was extremely helpful when we planned an offsite visit last summer. Yes, the Disney Springs properties will allow you to take advantage of 60 day FPand EMH. If yo6 subscribe to Mousesavers you will often see deals for discounts and waived resort fees...
  18. Magical2017

    Carnival pleads guilty to pollution, probation violations; cruise line fined $20M

    I hope this will be updated! The last "report card" was in 2016.
  19. Magical2017

    Tips for a Mama's First Family Trip?

    Go with flow is all I can add to what has already been said. You never know how a little one will react to a character, a show or ride, or a specific area.
  20. Magical2017

    I will never get this as a non parent

    I don't think this is a "parent" thing as much as a people thing. Often when something tragic happens, family members will seek to file a lawsuit. In this particular case it simply happens to be the parents.


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