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  1. BippidiBoppidi

    Wonder Booking...Prioritizing Budget

    T Yes...this is where we are torn. We got engaged in Cinderella’s castle and did our baby moon/name reveal at Disney World. So Disney has been a big part of our love story, which is why we didn’t hesitate to start looking at DCL first. It will all boil down to budget! Sounds like we need...
  2. BippidiBoppidi

    Wonder Booking...Prioritizing Budget

    Just my husband and I...we are both in our 30s
  3. BippidiBoppidi

    Wonder Booking...Prioritizing Budget

    Hello friends! We have decided to book an Alaskan cruise for our 5 year wedding anniversary (2020). We know we want to book ASAP but...we have never done a cruise before (Disney or otherwise). So I wanted to get some input on how to budget and where to expect to spend the most money. Is it...
  4. BippidiBoppidi

    Last Minute MNSSHP Decision

    Hello! You all are always so helpful, and my question is a simple one. We have gone back and forth trying to decide if we are going to attend the Halloween Party when we go this year. Largely, the decision is dependent on cost and how we stand at trip time, which his only about a month away...
  5. BippidiBoppidi

    QUICK! If you were going to be pregnant...

    Thanks, guys! Fortunately I'll be in the "best phase" of I've been told (and knock on wood) to be able to enjoy things if I take it easy. And also fortunately F&W festival will be going on, so we can do a lot of strolling and tasting little bite throughout the day (hubby will be...
  6. BippidiBoppidi

    QUICK! If you were going to be pregnant...

    Thank you!! I have hunted for this list, but my searches always came up with way too many options to sift through!
  7. BippidiBoppidi

    QUICK! If you were going to be pregnant...

    We are going to Disney in just 62 days! That means our Fast Pass selections are right around the corner! When we first planned our trip (which is to celebrate our first wedding anniversary), we had plans to spend hours hitting all the MK Mountains a few times and trying out Dinosaur and EE at...
  8. BippidiBoppidi

    Disney While Pregnant Tips!

    Help please! I know that there are a BAZILLION posts about being pregnant at Disney, but it is taking forever for me to sort through them, and this pregnant girl is already exhausted as it is! Hubby and I are planning to do Disney for just two days/two nights in October to celebrate our first...
  9. BippidiBoppidi

    Must Do's at AK for 2 adults?

    My DH and I (early 30's) are going to be at Disney just two short days in early October. We already have one full day planned at MK, our favorite park (coming into town that morning and park closes early for MNSSHP). The second day, we plan to start at AK and then head to Epcot for F&W...
  10. BippidiBoppidi

    Happy Anniversary, Happy Halloween and Merry Christmas!...Oct/Nov '16 PTR 8/3 Update

    I love Disneybounds, too! Thought about doing some this trip, but we are only in the parks 2 days so I'm going for the cheesy matching anniversary t-shirts this trip. Love your choices!
  11. BippidiBoppidi

    Food and Wine

    This is the best news, thank you! I have been told also that sometimes you eat so much at the booths that you could be too full for dinner. But we love some margaritas and a small QS meal will be perfect. Thanks for the info!
  12. BippidiBoppidi

    Food and Wine

    Do you remember which restaurant this was? DH and I are only doing EP one day and this will be the last day of our anniversary trip. This sounds like a lovely last meal location and I'd like to make ADR if possible!
  13. BippidiBoppidi

    Your favorite attraction to.............take a nap

    Yep, Hall of Presidents for sure. We went in July one year on likely the most humid day of the summer. I had a bad sunburn from the beach the day before. Waited for 15 minutes to be let into HOP and as soon as I sat down I was out. Lovely place to cool down and relax. :)
  14. BippidiBoppidi

    ***The Official October 2016 Thread***

    We are coming back in October also! Quick trip, 10/10-10/12 at POR to celebrate our first wedding anniversary! Also looking forward to hear more about F&W Festival. We didn't plan on it, but it was a nice surprise to learn it would be going on while we were there. It will be our first time!
  15. BippidiBoppidi

    October 2016!

    Oh no! We are going the week of October 11th also, and I'm bummed to hear about the crowd change. F&W Festival and MNSSHP are both going on...maybe that's it? Who knows?
  16. BippidiBoppidi

    Happy Anniversary, Happy Halloween and Merry Christmas!...Oct/Nov '16 PTR 8/3 Update

    This sounds like a week-planned trip so far! I stayed a full week at Disney with my family at Christmas almost 10 years ago and it was amazing! I'm looking forward to being able to do it again soon...hubby and I are already starting to dream about a full week for our 5 year anniversary! But...
  17. BippidiBoppidi

    First Trip Sans Kids...Dining Advice?

    Disney is a great place for an anniversary celebration! DH and I went in 2014...he actually proposed at CRT, so I biasedly think it is romantic. I probably would have thought it was more cheesy/awkward without the proposal though...the princesses were cool to meet but also did take away from...
  18. BippidiBoppidi

    Does anyone actually use all their snack credits?

    I did the same thing last week...making a spreadsheet to see if it's even work the dining plan! Last trip we forced snacks into our day just to use them. I think we even ended up using one to get a bottle of water (which is ridiculous but we weren't hungry enough for anything else after trying...
  19. BippidiBoppidi

    Real Life Cinderella Fairytale...Anniversary Trip in October!

    The Plan So Far Ok, on to the fun stuff! So we had talked about potentially going to Disney for our anniversary back in January, but we weren't too sure it could happen. We had plans to buy a house, and things were just uncertain. Plus, we like traveling, period...we actually have a goal to...
  20. BippidiBoppidi

    Real Life Cinderella Fairytale...Anniversary Trip in October!

    Well, I have been stalking the DIS for over a week now and it has become a new addiction (on top of just the regular Disney trip planning). I've also been creeping on some of these trip reports and decided to add my own. This of course is my first TR, and it may not be all that exciting...


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