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  1. supersnoop

    BOG Dining Plan Desert question "Lunch"

    I think they cut the dessert about two years ago. If used to be included, but with only one snack credit per day. I believe they increased the snack credit allotment, so you should be able to use one of those for dessert.
  2. supersnoop

    How's Coral Reef?

    I’d put it at the bottom of the list of table service restaurants in and around Epcot. The food isn’t great and the service is worse. There are so many better choices, I don’t see a point in returning to Coral Reef anytime soon. Suppose if you want to eat seafood while sitting next to an...
  3. supersnoop

    Important Memory Maker info

    Yes, the person who purchased MM can download all the photos of anyone linked to their account. No linked accounts can download photos.
  4. supersnoop

    Borrowing/Banking question

    The banked points will be used first and any current year points should be released when you trim down the reservation. Those current year points will be eligible for banking.
  5. supersnoop

    Linking Magic Bands staying offsite

    You link tickets to you account. You link Memory Maker to you account. And you link Magic Bands to your account. The account controls everything.
  6. supersnoop

    180 + 10

    It changed three or four years ago. It’s always been advertised as “180+length of stay, but the online system was simply coded to allow +10. They fixed that a while back and people with split stays have been complaining ever since.
  7. supersnoop

    Convert Quick Service Credit to three Snack Credits at Front Desk?

    Definitely not a common practice. I’ve seen one other person claim that they’ve been able to convert credits this way. I imagine you have to find a cast member with the knowledge of how to manually edit your credits. I’d put your chances at around 10%. Feel free to try, but don’t get your hopes...
  8. supersnoop

    Switching Resorts- Cancel original reservation first?

    That was completely true before the modify function became available. It wasn’t heartless; it was policy. I did devise a workaround using the online booking system, but that’s unnecessary now.
  9. supersnoop

    Adding Adult Contract to Existing DVC Contractss

    Keep in mind that they will become a legal owner of the contract. It will be an asset in their name. If they have financial or marital problems, the contract would become part of any legal dispute. Be sure to consult your attorney, or at least make an informed decision before giving them a stake...
  10. supersnoop

    Can you book online with transferred points from another member?

    I received a transfer of the same resort and use year and they showed up online. I could book with them online, but for some strange reason, I could not bank them online. I had to call to bank them, but after that, I was still able to use them to book online.
  11. supersnoop

    BLT to GF - Boat?

    You can’t take luggage on the boat or on the monorail. You’ll need to have the resort transfer your luggage or call an uber/taxi to take you. And, no, there is no boat from BLT to anywhere other than Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wilderness.
  12. supersnoop

    Upgrading ticket to an Annual pass?

    You can only apply one ticket towards an upgrade.
  13. supersnoop

    I love credit cards so much! v2.0 (see first page for add'l details)

    Can someone help me understand Chase's 24-month bonus policy on new Southwest cards? My understanding is that, if you've received a sign-up bonus in the past 24 months, then you won't get the new bonus. I'm interested in the 40,000 + Companion Pass promo. I received a sign-up bonus on a...
  14. supersnoop

    Dining Plan w/special needs child

    On the deluxe plan or the quick service plan, anyone can use rather credits. On the regular plan, the table service credits will only be valid for kids meals.
  15. supersnoop

    Selling and taxes

    You can adjust your cost basis based on the capital improvements included in your annual dues.
  16. supersnoop

    Ways to get your contract to pass ROFR?

    Disney only takes back about 2% of contracts. I wouldn’t put myself at a disadvantage with missing or moved points just to mitigate that small risk. Pick your contract, cross your fingers, and find another one if Disney takes it.
  17. supersnoop

    Magic Band Expiration

    The battery in the band is expected to last for about two year, but that is only used for long-range features like automatically linking ride photos. Any contact-based use will work indefinitely because it does not require power.
  18. supersnoop

    BOG 9:05am ADR- When can we enter?

    Some folks have reported being allowed in for anything up to a 9:15 reservation. It could depend on the day and who’s working. Most folks report that anything 9:00 or later will be held at the rope. But the rope tends to drop 5-15 minutes early every day, so even if you are held back, you’ll...
  19. supersnoop

    Extending package tickets

    Dining is tied to the room. You should have an optio. To purchase 7 day tickets. Look for a “show more options” button when selecting tickets.
  20. supersnoop

    Those Florida residents tickets look good...

    The gold pass was a Florida resident pass until it was opened up to DVC members, right? Shouldn’t be difficult to extend additional perks. They obviously demonstrated the ability and willingness with that gold pass.


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