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  1. MinnieMSue

    Disney Bus Driver Training?

    And to make it even more annoying having to go to Springs to transfer to a bus to Pop there was a huge crowd at the combined Pop AoA Golden Oak bus stop. We get there to find a fully loaded bus is stuck with rear doors that won’t close. Finally they get those people off and don’t know where to...
  2. MinnieMSue

    Typhoon Lagoon H2O Glow - thoughts?

    We are on the bus leaving the event now. It was really fun. They have an awesome AP only meet and greet too. They wouldn’t tell us who ahead of time. But unfortunately if taking resort busses back to your hotel you have to go to springs and transfer. That was not what I wanted to hear but am not...
  3. MinnieMSue

    Can you get a to go cup in DHS???

    That is still there
  4. MinnieMSue

    Disney Bus Driver Training?

    Yes I think most drivers do it like you did Fastpasser. How is retirement going?
  5. MinnieMSue

    Storybook Dining - Picky Older Kid

    The waitress said they wanted everyone to be happy. My teen was delighted with the kids app lol.
  6. MinnieMSue

    Disney Bus Driver Training?

    In the past most transferred. I have noticed now they almost never do. This couple got off their ecv’s and walked up the ramp. After the driver put the ecv’s on the bus and locked them in the couple sat on them (I assume the driver then belted them in on the ecv’s but didn’t really look.
  7. MinnieMSue

    Disney Bus Driver Training?

    We rode a training bus yesterday from Pop to Studios. A couple had ecv’s and they got off them and walked up the ramp. The driver in training had to push them up the ramp and secure them himself and he did it pretty quickly. I was just so surprised to see the couple leave the scooters for the...
  8. MinnieMSue

    Park entrance and security changes

    We have gone through metal detectors at most parks every time during our two week trip now and they always told us to keep cell phones in pockets and you just put your bag (if you have one) on the table and they slide it over for you when you go through the detector. It takes a second to go...
  9. MinnieMSue

    Storybook Dining - Picky Older Kid

    We ate there today and the waitress told us you can get stuff changed from what is on the menu - like different sides or things left off (sauce etc). They brought my teen the kids app and she loved it. She normally loves shrimp but tasted that and gagged. She didn’t like the aioli on it. The...
  10. MinnieMSue

    Pecos Bill Taco Trio Question

    My daughter got the tacos today and it was just the meat and you put whatever you want on them from the fixings bar. She loved them.
  11. MinnieMSue

    What are your "do not miss" snacks at WDW?

    Citrus swirl for me and the orange dole whip/vanilla twist with orange soda float for my teen. She said that was the best thing she ever tasted. She is sad she found it at almost the end of our trip. We have to park hop tomorrow just so she can have another one. Since we will be doing that I may...
  12. MinnieMSue

    Garden Grill, Spinning?

    Yes it was rotating when we ate there last week
  13. MinnieMSue

    **Disney After Hours & Villains After Hours-Magic Kingdom** FAQ & Discussion Thread

    Last week I purchased the Villains after hours T-shirt that had the pocket on the front and large villains print on the back. Went to wear it today and there was a big hole on the side where the seam didn’t get sewn together. I took it back to MK today since we were going there anyway and to the...
  14. MinnieMSue

    Post all SW questions concerns, etc. here...

    Yay! So glad yours is fixed too! It is quite a relief isn’t it?!
  15. MinnieMSue

    50's Prime Time Cafe

    We just ate there a few days ago and our waitress Kaydee said she has worked there a long time and they had to tone down the antics unfortunately because too many people complained. She interacted with us in a fun way but not the huge antics we have experienced in the past. A male waiter was...
  16. MinnieMSue

    If I can't change my SDD fp time....

    This trip we went to Studios 3 times. Every day had EMM. Every day they did rope drop around 8:50. They walked the herd back to toy story area. We have always been at the intersection of Hollywood and Sunset it just past it. They work hard to keep people from cutting ahead of people already...
  17. MinnieMSue

    Does Garden Grill rotate currently?

    Yea it is the right side “gate” with a big sign that says pre park opening reservations. Then we had to walk to the far right around the construction walls they have up where they were removing the “granite” stones that are all around the front. That could be different depending on where they...
  18. MinnieMSue

    Disney Skyliner (Gondola Transportation System) Read Post 1 Updated 6/15/19

    Watching them testing or working on Pop gondola area and they play an announcement when it stops that says “attention we have stopped momentarily and to please stay in your vehicle etc”. I can hear bells ringing occasionally but it is so quiet. I see no way it would be a nuisance to nearby...
  19. MinnieMSue

    Disney Skyliner (Gondola Transportation System) Read Post 1 Updated 6/15/19

    We saw that too. We are bldg 4 facing the lake (if you look through the vegetation ). We went to springs around 5:15-5:30


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