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  1. lovesmurfs

    Introverts! feedback

    If you haven't read this, read this. It's a great book.
  2. lovesmurfs

    If money were no object

    Summer: southern shore of Lake Superior (Upper Peninsula, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore) Winter: I think I'm with the PP about an Italian coast property.
  3. lovesmurfs

    Need Help from London Experts

    We're going later this month (yay!!). I found really helpful as I planned our London part. It would put each attraction on the day that made the most sense. There's also an app where you can download the planner before you go.
  4. lovesmurfs

    Do you understand your spouse's job?

    Yes, but he's retired. Now ask me if I know WHY he does the things he does. OTOH, he knows my position and can pretty much tell people what I do, with some measure of accuracy.
  5. lovesmurfs

    Your best corny joke/riddle

    Why does Ariel the mermaid wear seashells? Because B shells are too small and D shells are too big.
  6. lovesmurfs

    Would you be upset?

    When my son got married, he had a woman (best friend) on his side, and his wife had her best friend (a guy) on hers. It really was not a big deal. So that's no excuse. Sorry you were left out, without explanation. ETA: Reading your explanation, your father sounds wimpy and doesn't want to...
  7. lovesmurfs

    Us Citizens driving in the UK. Questions?

    Sorry about the Zombie Thread. I'm planning our trip to England later this month and was trolling the UK Community Board. Read "July" but didn't realize it was a year ago!!!
  8. lovesmurfs

    Us Citizens driving in the UK. Questions?

    We're planning a trip to southern England in late June. Check out TripAdvisor forums and car rental reviews -- be sure NOT to book Green Motion for the rental -- there's apparently a lot of upselling (not recognizing insurance paid for damage) and what seems to be illegal stuff ("supposed"...
  9. lovesmurfs

    Whats your favorite "go to" restaurant when at Disney

    'Ohana for breakfast. Rose and Crown for before the Epcot fireworks.
  10. lovesmurfs

    What does your commute look like?

    Hour and a half in the morning, two hours in the afternoon. Drive to the train, train to the bus, bus to work. Downtown Chicago. Been doing it for 10 years now. Life goal now the kids are out of the house is to move closer to the city.
  11. lovesmurfs

    How much did you make the first year you worked?

    1985 - $701. First "real" job was Woolworth's lunch counter the summer before I went to college. Then worked at a city office for my winter break that year, typing up dog licenses on 3 part forms. Ugh.
  12. lovesmurfs

    Binge Watching - Hits and Misses

    Just finished binge watching Lucifer. We're into British shows. Finishing up the current season of Poldark. Those of you who like Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries would like The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries. I also enjoyed Shakespeare and Hathaway as well.
  13. lovesmurfs

    Last 3 Non-WDW vacations you've taken

    San Diego (Hotel Del Coronado, Coronado Island) - July 2018 Algoma, WI - Labor Day weekend, 2018 Scotland - October 2017 Au Train, Michigan (southern shore of Lake Superior) - July 2016 We're traveling to England (Weymouth/Bovington, Cornwall, and London) in late June/early July.
  14. lovesmurfs

    Does anyone enjoy shopping for cars?

    Hate, hate it. Even when we went in with CASH, it took well over two hours to deal with the paperwork, etc. What a freaking waste of time.
  15. lovesmurfs

    A Movie Star, that is not a huge name

    Love John Lithgow. I listened to the audiobook of him reading his autobiography -- it's a really great listen.
  16. lovesmurfs

    Any type of Movies do you red flag

    I have a cousin (in-law) in the movie business. He says that most of this is because the production companies don't want to take a chance on something that hasn't been done before. For me, it's horror and summer teen movies.
  17. lovesmurfs

    Have you ever banned someone from your house?

    There had also been another incident (actually with her father) that I can't recall the specifics of, but all I can remember is that I called our homeowner's insurer to increase our liability. This was the second straw. I seem to remember her telling her father that she fell while she was...
  18. lovesmurfs

    Have you ever banned someone from your house?

    Seriously? Because no sane man would stay with a woman like that.
  19. lovesmurfs

    Your favorite "guilty pleasure" singer

    I love you guys! My first thought was Barry Manilow when I saw the thread, and I'm so psyched that there are other fans out there!
  20. lovesmurfs

    Have you ever banned someone from your house?

    When DS was 10-11, he had a friend down the street who was a girl. We had a "policy" that when the kids' friends were over, they were ours, so we would take the kids out to dinner, on shopping trips, etc. with us. One time, this girl was with us and she was just chatting in the back seat of...


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