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    Still Worth It?

    The big question here is: what does your family want to do whilst on Oahu? Do you want to play on the beach, go adventuring around the island, visit the major tourist attractions, eat certain places, etc? The location alone may be your deciding factor, as Aulani is quite far from Honolulu if...
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    Flower lei’s for girls

    Just ask for one at check-in; it's an easy switch. I have a nut allergy and my husband asked for a flower one instead of the nut one (without an explanation) and they happily gave him flowers instead. You can also go to a lei making class if they have one during your stay.
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    Aulani character schedule

    It varies every single day, and characters not on the list are sometimes wandering around as well. Moana is almost always at the fire pit storytelling, as well. We found the most comprehensive and accurate list at the towel station by the adult pool.
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    Does Aulani offer tours?

    Yes and yes. They have art and culture tours, as well as landscape and foliage tours on-site. Otherwise, you can book various day trips from Aulani to go to the popular tourist destiantions: Kualoa Ranch, Pearl Harbor, etc. or some other fun activities: catamaran sailing, surfing lessons...
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    Manual Wheelchairs available?

    Call the hotel front desk; they are open 24 hours a day. Easiest and quickest way to get an answer.
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    Normal room or dvc studio?

    The DVC rooms are also slightly smaller than regular rooms at Aulani - and smaller than other DVC resort studios. We always appreciate having a kitchenette in the studio rooms at any DVC property, especially Aulani. I would only recommend a studio villa for two people though; with the bed and...
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    New MaxPass FP message?

    Possibly, though we had stacked Fps the day before as well, booked the second one whilst in the queue for the first one. It was a glitchy kind of day, so I think it was just a bad combination of events and technology. On a side note, I am super irritated that the app only works on newer...
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    New MaxPass FP message?

    We did have an Incredicoaster FP at the time, but we had used it already and were trying to get another one -- which we had done both days before. The regular FastPass system crashed that day (no paper FPs anywhere) and MaxPass was super glitchy that day as well, so we were happy to get...
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    One day in DL Resort... going to DCA...

    We spent 3.5 of our 4 days at DCA last week, and I only went to Disneyland for half a day to see the nostalgia items and meet a few princesses. Otherwise, the rides and shows we enjoyed most are all over at DCA. Plus, DCA is generally less busy. If you prefer thrill rides, it's the place to...
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    New MaxPass FP message?

    We had the warning on the last day of our visit last week, too. Then, the app wouldn't let us book Incredicaoster again that day. It was frustrating because we had two FastPasses for the same ride the day before.
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    Aulani or Disneyland First?

    Add me to the group suggesting relaxation after the whirlwind of the theme parks. It's the same reason why we do WDW before a cruise. Run yourself crazy and then rest, relax, and rejuvenate before going home. We did Disneyland last week and logged 30,000 steps a day, and we didn't even go too...
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    Take-out/In Room Meals

    I've asked for a second meal to be prepared for me to take up to the room... but never just straight up ordered a meal to go. I would call the hotel operator and ask.
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    Deluxe Ocean View Studio Request (non DVC)

    We also prefer to look out over the pool area instead of over the luau field. The morning music is a big part of the experience for me, and it's not heard as well on the other side. Overlooking the lawn means you'll potentially hear the luau and movie nights from your room, which can be a good...
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    Is Storybook dining on dining plan

    Yes, 1 credit -- and this is the Aulani forum, so you may want to move this post to WDW.
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    Summer 2020 dates

    May and June 2020 are currently available to book by phone only. We were able to book a villa for May 2020 already. You should be able to get July and August soon. Package rates are not available yet, but you can cancel and rebook if a package rate comes out that offers you a better rate...
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    Mickeys Mix Magic with Fireworks now almost every day...

    Oh, this is wonderful news! I was originally disappointed that we wouldn't get to see the castle or fireworks during our stay. Now, that's all changed. Thank you for the update! I wonder what the projection show looks like with the castle under renovations.
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    Toontown closed starting 4/28?

    I'm really hoping it will be open. I'll be sure to include Toontown (Minnie's House, anyway) on the 29th, just in case.
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    Any pool thefts

    We had our camera stolen from the bottom of Rainbow Reef snorkel lagoon (I had dropped it by accident) but it was returned within two hours. The person thought it was his wife's camera and soon realised it wasn't. In talking with security and various CMs, they said theft of personal items is...
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    Just announced: StellaLou will be joining Duffy, ShellieMay, Gelatoni, and 'Olu at the Aulani resort!!
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    Transportation from SNA to DLH with little ones

    We always use Lansky! They go to the cruise ship port as well. We haven't used them to the beach, but I'd do it if we ever wanted to go there, for sure.


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