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  1. InTheWick

    What am I forgetting...

    Glowsticks... they kept our two boys happy in their stroller and on the buses, and they weren't asking to buy any glowing toys in the parks. Double win!
  2. InTheWick

    How much do you like the 180 day booking in advance for dining?

    In all honesty, I think it just adds to the hype and has no bearing on where you ultimately eat. I've been able to change reservations the day before to anywhere I want without difficulty. Some people book 3-4 reservations at a time in hour blocks. The day before they decide where they are...
  3. InTheWick

    Last day of F&W

    I went last year during Jersey week... which coincided with the last week of F&W. It was a nightmare that Friday - Sunday. My parents came down to be with the grandkids and stayed until Wednesday. They said that F&W was relatively empty that Monday. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were mobbed...
  4. InTheWick

    Favorite Non-Disney Restaurants?

    City Walk at Universal is the first thing I thought of...
  5. InTheWick

    Ohana value if not able to eat pork?

    One option you haven't considered is the Twilight Feast... a room-service dining option for people staying at the Poly. We are a family of four and it is a staple of our vacations when we stay at the Poly. It is basically the entire Ohana menu at a cheaper price and with "more" food. We order...
  6. InTheWick

    Hilton Bonnet Creek Shuttles - Reliable?

    Here is the link to the Hilton Bonnet Creek shuttle... We were there in December and will never stay onsite again. They go to MK every half hour. The other parks are every hour to two hours. It shares the bus with the Waldorf next door, but stops at the Hilton...
  7. InTheWick

    Fireworks viewing from offsite hotels?

    Hilton Bonnet Creek has rooms with views of the Hollywood Studios fireworks!!! It's on Disney property as well. We stayed in December and loved it!
  8. InTheWick

    Hilton Resorts vs. Onsite

    The hotels are next door to each other with the conference center in between. You can either walk inside between the hotels through the conference center hallway or outside there is a path between the hotels that overlooks the golf course. While we never walked over to the Waldorf from the...
  9. InTheWick

    Hilton Resorts vs. Onsite

    The Poly is a really nice hotel. They have a splash pad for your little ones, you can see the MK fireworks from the pool. I recommend staying in Fiji, the marina side faces the volcano pool with the Contemporary in the distance. The other side faces the Grand Floridian. It's a quick walk to...
  10. InTheWick

    Hilton Resorts vs. Onsite

    I think I can help... for the past few years, we've taken our boys (now 7 and 5) onsite four times (with the Poly twice) and this last trip, we stayed at Hilton Bonnet Creek. We'll never stay onsite again. Hilton Bonnet Creek is awesome! They have rooms where you can see the fireworks at...
  11. InTheWick

    Waldorf questions

    We stayed at the Hilton in December. They definitely have tubes for the lazy river. They also sell pool toys and goggles. We actually loved the pool area by the Hilton. They do movies in the pool on Saturday nights and you can see the Hollywood Studios fireworks from the pool. The shuttles are...
  12. InTheWick

    If you could pick one Monorail Resort Signature...

    Narcoossees was amazing when we were there in November. I do want to add one more idea... instead of eating at Ohana, since you are staying at the Poly, consider having room service bring you the "Twilight Feast" to your room for dinner. It's the Ohana dinner. They bring you a TON of food...
  13. InTheWick

    First Timer with a pre-schooler - teach me your ways!

    The people above have given you solid advice. My boys are 7 and 5 and have been a bunch of times now. Things we learned after the first trip... 1. Bring lots of snacks!!!! Great for while waiting on lines and avoiding meltdowns. 2. Go to Target or a Dollar Store and buy glow sticks, necklaces...
  14. InTheWick

    'Ohana has a room service option??

    We do this every time we stay at the Poly... it's called the Twilight Feast in the room service menu.
  15. InTheWick

    Pin Trading

    Everyone nailed it above... my boys are 7 and 5 and love trading. We buy them Disney pin booster packs on eBay, typically for $12-15, and they include 5 pins from a series. They use those to trade. Pins can cost between $8-20+ each in the parks so the booster packs make for a great trading...
  16. InTheWick

    PPO Crystal Palace Breakfast Question....

    In my opinion, the best part of doing it is being able to get pictures on Main Street with the Castle behind you and no people in the way! Walk slowly and really appreciate the magic of Main Street. You can always do the rides at the party and the next day with fast passes. I booked it last...
  17. InTheWick

    Best snacks to pack?

    Glow sticks!!! Go to Target and get glow sticks in their dollar section. I know it's not food, but in our three trips to WDW, having glow sticks handy has saved us a ton of money on glowing souvenirs and sundown meltdowns!
  18. InTheWick

    ISO Experienced visitors selecting kids Gluten AND Dairy Free options

    The last poster added some great links... My son has allergies to wheat, soy, dairy, eggs, nuts, shellfish, and beef. We've taken him to Disney three times, soon to be four, and I can't think of another place that caters to his every need. I just wanted to add the following: Many sit down...
  19. InTheWick

    Disney's POLYNESIAN VILLAGE RESORT + VILLAS Information & Questions

    We ordered two adult meals last August and had some leftovers. We're a family of 4 with two kids (7 and 5 also). I don't know if one adult and one kid order would have been enough for us.
  20. InTheWick

    Disney's POLYNESIAN VILLAGE RESORT + VILLAS Information & Questions

    Doing this from my phone so I don't know how it will show here. It's the same picture I posted on 9/21/15. This was for 2 adults.


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