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    DHS to Epcot

    Is it just the dock at IG that is closed? Can we take a boat from The Boardwalk to DHS on 11/28?
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    Uber drop offs at AK and Epcot

    IMO, the Uber/Lyft drop off is the closest access to the entry gates.
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    The Everything Pooh Sized Thread

    Is there a test car for 7DMT that we can try before getting in line?
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    "Official" 2018 Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party - Holiday Magic

    Did you have trouble getting from SDMT to BTM with folks waiting for the parade in Frontierland?
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    "Official" 2018 Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party - Holiday Magic

    When we went to the party last year, we were watching the fireworks from the end of Main Street near Town Square. We saw Santa poking his head out to watch some of the fireworks. So right as they ended we walked over to get our pic with Santa and there was on one else there.
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    Disney's Club Level (CL) Information and Questions

    The balconies on the Tower Club rooms are much larger than the Atrium Club rooms. And the lounge is usually nice and quiet since there are fewer rooms on that floor. One tip for Tower Club balconies, the birds are a problem so we would take the chairs, move them close to the wall and flip them...
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    "Official" 2018 Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party - Holiday Magic

    Any chance that was on 12/7? If it was that date for a table for two, you're welcome :-)
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    *** Official November 2018 Thread - It's Turkey Lurkey Time! ***

    Kenny the Pirate thinks it is going to be on Nov 5. And it definitely won't be on the Thursday after Thanksgiving since that night is a MVMCP night. All that being said, we were there that time last year and that was the BEST day ever at MK. The park was as empty as you could ever ask for.
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    Trial Club Level Fastpass+ Purchase Program Planning & Discussion

    Do you have to have a valid park admission or just a CL room booked to take advantage of this program? Our AP's expire mid-way through our trip later this year. I can't renew (as far as I know) until 60 days prior to expiration, but I would want to book the CLFP+ at 90 days....
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    Savor the Savanna food

    The tour was awesome!! A timely placement of food for the giraffes allowed us a very close encounter with three of them!! The CM's were fantastic. I am not very adventurous with food either. I think I ate the prosciutto and the pita/naan bread, and the dessert :-) Then we snacked a little on...
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    Disney's Club Level (CL) Information and Questions

    At CR there is a microwave at the Contempo Café on the 4th floor that all guests can use.
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    Illuminations Fireworks Cruise

    It was awesome!! Not cheap but totally worth it. Our cruise headed up to catch the fireworks at the end of Fantasmic before heading back to Epcot. We parked in front of the bridge from UK to France and the view was awesome. They had a full supply of soda and snacks and we were welcome to take...
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    Disney's CONTEMPORARY RESORT and BAY LAKE TOWER Information and Questions Thread

    The boat ride itself only takes about 10 minutes. But the boats only run about every half hour. We just missed the boat and had to wait the 30 minutes for them to come back. Make sure you get on the boat going directly to WL, the other boat goes to FW first, then to WL.
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    Disney's Club Level (CL) Information and Questions

    The nuggets and the PBJ were for the kids? Uh....and kids at heart too, right?? :-)
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    Disney's Club Level (CL) Information and Questions

    This! This is why we can only stay at CR now that we experienced it first hand!!
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    Disney's Club Level (CL) Information and Questions

    Absolutely. We just stayed CL at CR and I was constantly bringing stuff back to the room for my wife. Your only limit is how much you can carry :-)
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    FEA and wet pants....

    Exactly. I don't mind getting a little splashed. On POTC I got a mouth full of water in the cannonball area and I was OK with that. What bothered me was that it wasn't a splash, it was a surge of water over the side. I should have been warned by the fact that the seat was damp when we got...
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    Disney's Club Level (CL) Information and Questions

    Thanks for taking on for the team @GADisneyDad14!! I am really hoping they keep the ability to repeat one of your paid FP's with one of your free FP's.
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    Disney's Club Level (CL) Information and Questions

    When we were at Tower Club a couple months ago we did not have the texting option explained to us, but the number was on the welcome postcard in the room. A couple days later we were at Epcot and running late for a lunch ADR and tried to send a text to that number for a little help to make sure...
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    Disney's Club Level (CL) Information and Questions

    Wow! Thanks for all the detail @GADisneyDad14!! Great job, this is very helpful.


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