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    Heading back to the Fort!

    It's been quite a while since we have stayed at the Fort, no longer own an RV so we are renting and having a trailer delivered. We arrive tomorrow and my twin 3 yo nieces will get to enjoy their first camping adventure - Disney Style! So what has changed at the Fort in the last 5 years or so?
  2. Disney Campers

    Camping Dates

    Interesting, I have removed the sticky. I will see what I can get in place of it.
  3. Disney Campers

    Testing a post of a photo

    looks like you might be trying to link to a page rather than a photo, the error above is what i get
  4. Disney Campers

    How old were you?

    While I am in the very early stages of the coming out process, I can say I probably knew in my early twenties but would not accept it, I am now 42 and have accepted the fact when i was 40, found out a cousin was gay and the reaction from my family was not negative with the exception of my...
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    Daylight Savings Time

    That is one thing i miss about living in Arizona - no time change, unfortunately this year it really kicked my butt this week!! I do enjoy the extra daylight in the evening
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    race track camping?

    Not sure how close to Alanta you are, the track is actually south of Atlanta in Hampton GA. They have excellent camping facilities, we have been a few times and usually arrive about Wednesday and watch the circus come to town then leave on Monday morning, we have had an awesome time each...
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    Win a stolen piggy for your siggy #2

    You saved the piggy thread
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    My apologies

    Part of the whole problem has been a lack of moderation, for that I apologize to all, this has lead to basically a free for all. I accept all responsibility for letting this go on for as long as it did. A long time ago I had an interest in fort wilderness, could not really find much out...
  9. Disney Campers

    I pad yes or no

    If you want it mainly for e reading I think the kindle is probably the better choice, I much prefer the iPad for the wide range of use it gives me, I don't do a whole lot of e book reading, I do wish there were more digital magazines available though.
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    I pad yes or no

    I love mine, hardly use the net book now. Works good when I cruise since the ships all have wifi. so many apps so little time, my nephew loves it I have some learning apps for him to play with I have the wifi only model since I have the iPhone for 3G needs.
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    Camping Etiquette

    With lime green unmentionables no doubt :scared1:
  12. Disney Campers


    There is always a reason a post or even a whole thread will disappear, it's not the software but the content that makes that happen :wizard:
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    The Prize Hog Thread

    I love those commercials
  14. Disney Campers

    Floating out of Disney Dream - photos

    Thank you, great pictures as usual. Are you going to do some of the xxl ones later?
  15. Disney Campers

    Countdown to the Disney Dream Float Out!! - 10/30/10 (Please Read 10/29/10 Log!)

    you think you are excited now wait until the water starts to flutter
  16. Disney Campers

    Countdown to the Disney Dream Float Out!! - 10/30/10 (Please Read 10/29/10 Log!)

    the eclipse is the last ship floated out, not sure why they did not change it
  17. Disney Campers Guidelines - REMINDER

    I am not going to say who got warnings but it was multiple people, I gave no points, you all no I rarely give points, if you take issue with a post then use the report post feature, and I will review it and take action if warranted. I let a lot slide and some posters take a lot heat from...
  18. Disney Campers

    I knew it wouldn't take long...

    Be careful when playing in someone elses sandbox, they might not be as tolerant.pirate:
  19. Disney Campers Guidelines - REMINDER Guidelines The forums are a part of Pete Werner's Unofficial Online Guide to Disney World (, also known as "The DIS". The site is owned and operated by Werner Technologies, LLC., and has no affiliations with the Walt Disney Company or any of its...


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