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  1. GillianP1301

    Star Wars dessert party

    I love this dessert party, it's my favourite one. We've done it 3 times. The first was when it was part of the VIP tour, the 2nd was just the dessert party with the old viewing area and the last time was with the new viewing area. I kinda like the new viewing area. I'm not sure whether it was...
  2. GillianP1301

    FP changes at DHS as of August 29th

    Maybe the plan is to have the 2 GE as Tier 1 only (like Pandora in AK) once they open them up for fastpass booking and everything else will fall to Tier 2. That would be my guess, anyway. Doesn't help to explain what is potentially an interim step of this current change being discussed other...
  3. GillianP1301

    FP changes at DHS as of August 29th

    I don't get what benefit this is for them to move RnRC and ToT back to Tier 1? The only thing I can think of is they are concerned that the capacity crowds will eat through all the TSL fastpasses, if they were to remain the only ones in Tier 1, before you get anywhere near day of and they need...
  4. GillianP1301

    Candy Sushi Now Open for Reservations!

    Does anyone know how long this lasts? Trying to coordinate with my dinner ADR.
  5. GillianP1301

    When to plan my next trip?

    I would go October. Better weather and MNSSHP. You can avoid HS, if you aren't interested in GE. October is most likely before the full land opening of GE (no exact date yet, but assumed to be Nov/Dec sometime), so you won't have that to deal with.
  6. GillianP1301

    MK After Hours OR Extra MNSSHP Night? (for attractions)

    You will cover much more ground on a DAH night for attractions than you ever will on a party night. You will be able to sleep in the next morning, so it's not horrible and you can always sleep on the plane as well. I would definitely do DAH.
  7. GillianP1301

    Rumor? Seas and The Land closing?

    A great example of a one off rumour that is completely unsubstantiated gaining traction and validity through repetition. I am seeing this all over social media this morning. I don't buy this one at all. That being said, anything is possible and I would personally miss both of those buildings...
  8. GillianP1301

    ?'s about the Hoop-Dee-Do Review

    If I'm not doing category 1, I always do category 3. I'd much rather no for sure I'll be against the railing on the balcony than risk being at the back of the floor (category 2).
  9. GillianP1301

    Time Window

    I am this way as well and some restaurants at Disney have refused to check me in until 15 - 20 minutes before hand (50s PTC is coming to mind off the top). On the flip side, I have ended up wanting to eat a half or more before my ADR time and they have accommodated me. It really depends on the...
  10. GillianP1301

    Too much character dining?

    I don't think it's too many at all, as long as you enjoy characters. We do 7 - 8 per trip (10 nights) out of what is usually about 24 - 26 meals in total, so about 30%? It think that's a pretty good balance.
  11. GillianP1301

    Restaurant ideas for 12 year old boy

    My son is 11 and his top requests the past several trips have been: Yachtsman, Flying Fish, Beaches & Cream, Garden Grill, Sci-Fi. He also still really enjoys many of the character meals like Chef Mickey, Cape May, Tusker House.
  12. GillianP1301

    Is Disney shifting RESORT EMH to the mornings to make room for more paid Evening After Hours events?

    I don't agree with the statement that relatively few people can take advantage of the morning EMH offering. Plenty of people do and will continue to take advantage of them. I think it is more than just an offering as a perk for onsite guests though, it is a way of staggering morning crowd entry...
  13. GillianP1301

    **Disney After Hours-Hollywood Studios** FAQ & Discussion Thread

    I super excited to see After Hours dates announced, but a bit bummed that there is no August for HS. I was hoping they would keep them up until the GE opening. I agree with those who have said we likely won't be seeing any August dates added at this point. Doesn't make a lot of sense that they...
  14. GillianP1301

    **Disney After Hours-Hollywood Studios** FAQ & Discussion Thread

    Ack! I need August too. Probably not the best sign that they are releasing only July. I'll go back to waiting impatiently.
  15. GillianP1301

    **Disney After Hours-Hollywood Studios** FAQ & Discussion Thread

    My backup plans have backup plans at this point. :rotfl2: I'm really hoping for Saturday because the one Friday of our trip I already have MNSSHP tickets and the other Friday is our arrival day, which is not ideal for DAH for me.
  16. GillianP1301

    **Disney After Hours-Hollywood Studios** FAQ & Discussion Thread

    As long as the next batch get announced before my FP day later in June, I'll be happy. It's tough to plan because they went from consistently being Saturday nights to Friday nights in the last go around. I'm not sure which day to plan around and it does make a difference to my overall plan/days.
  17. GillianP1301

    APs and Resort guests can now upgrade their magicband

    Earlier I was able to select band and got error screen at checkout, now I can't even get to the selection screen. I've got lots of time though, so I'll leave it be for a day or two and try again. I'm curious whether or not you can change your mind after you've purchased the upgrade though. I...
  18. GillianP1301

    Has anyone received any flack for having an ADR but only wanting to order Desserts?

    Likely just a crap server who likely wouldn't have been that much better if you'd ordered entrees. I do think it is more likely to happen if you are ordering less than "normal". I've also seen service differences being a party of 2 vs a table next to us party of 6 or more where we have been all...
  19. GillianP1301

    Christmas or August

    I would choose August primarily for lesser crowds. Christmas crowds are the busiest time of the entire year at WDW. The weather in August is crazy hot, lots of downpours during the day and it's hurricane season, but at least you know what you're getting. December weather in Florida is a crap...
  20. GillianP1301

    If you can only pick 3 DW Restaurants to go to

    Choosing 3 signatures at the parks is tough, options are limited. I would go with Tiffins, Monsieur Paul and Brown Derby. But really, my 3 park restaurants are Sci-Fi, Garden Grill and Chefs de France, all 1 credit. My 3 favourite signatures all non park would be Yachtsman, Flying Fish and...


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