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    Please help me with school excuse letter!

    Does your district have a "Request for Vacation" protocol? Our district has a request form. I filled it out honestly explaining why (grandmother's 60th birthday and retirement celebration and our first trip to WDW) and where we were going, how much time we plan to spend at each park (in case the...
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    Suggestions needed for surprise trip...

    I'm in a similar "boat". We are flying on the 21st of Nov. (staying offsite for 1 night before check-in on the 22nd) and meeting my parents who are driving down. They are stopping at my house on their way down to take our luggage, so my kids know we are flying to visit Grammy and Grandpa this...
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    Average amount of presents you get your child for christmas

    Depends on the year and the "requests". Last year, my two oldest got new bikes and helmets from Santa and my youngest got a train table (not the super expensive ones!). They each got a gift from Mom and a gift from Dad and a gift from the other two siblings (something under $20 picked out by...
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    The 'I'm attending MVMCP' thread

    November 29 (7 people). Our first time!
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    need dessert idea

    My FIL has Celiac Disease. Our go to dessert is Rice Pudding w/or w/out raisins (super easy, can be served warm or cold) with fresh whipped cream and fruit compote. Can look really elegant in a glass serving bowl if you want a "fancy" dessert too. Even my kids love it! :)
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    Lanyards as placecards - how to display?

    If they are to large to "place" on the table, could you tie them or hang them to the chairs at each place (i.e if the chairs have covers, use the lanyards in place of the bow/ribbon tie?). Neat favor idea!
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    Thanksgiving Day: WWYD?

    I think it depends on when you would normally eat your "Thanksgiving" dinner at home and how traditional you want to be! If you are mid-afternoon eaters that day, the buffet could be more like the traditional time at home and then you could go back to your resort for a nap! :rotfl2: If you...
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    AAA Rate at Easter?

    It's worth checking into. We are checking in on Thanksgiving Day for 8 nights. Our AAA agent didn't think we would get much of a deal but it actually was cheaper than applying the free dining that came up for the day never know! She said that they don't always know what will come up...
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    Best "pay as you go" cell phone?

    I've used a tracfone for years. I pay about $100 a year for 1000 minutes (during a double the points promotion). I always have carry works for brief calls, and basic texts. I don't use my phone for much else. Depends on what you are looking to do with it!
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    Food Allergies in Kids--- Corn, Peanuts, Soybeans, Wheat, and Dairy

    Sorry to hear this but I ditto the above, "Welcome to the Club!". I would suggest going through your pantry, marking anything that appears safe at this time and set it aside. Anything not safe, either throw out or separate and place in a non-safe zone for the non-allergic family members. Once...
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    November 2012 CANCELLED ADR Thread - Read 1st Post

    Cancelled Boma for Nov. 23 at 5:30 pm party of 7
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    Grocery budget and stocking up

    I definitely agree with everyone on here! You will start to learn the trends. In a month or so you'll notice baking goods start to go on sale a lot (prepping for holiday baking). The spring is notorious for cleaning supplies (the spring cleaning bug) and mid-summer you'll start to see juice...
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    Grocery budget and stocking up

    I find the monthly budget easier than the weekly. Sometimes I go over b/c I have stockpiled a lot of something, but then I don't have to buy it for months afterwards. For example, I bought paper towels and toilet paper on sale with coupons in April. I just bought a new stockpile of paper towels...
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    Teeny Tiny Accident with suspicious damage - WWYD?

    I say you call insurance in on this. Was a police report filed? Stop "admitting" it is your fault as it will be "open and close" if you claim any sort of responsibility. It sounds like a professional needs to determine the extent of damage if any! I had a similar issue once where a women tried...
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    Food Thru Airport Security Question

    We've always packed snacks and such without issue (just had to buy water/juice once thru security). We pack snacks, however, because we are that family that flies with a peanut allergic child. I would take that into consideration. Peanut butter residue due to the oils in it is almost impossible...
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    Officiant help!!!

    Can you call the ones that interest you to see who might be a "good fit"? Do you have to use a Disney one or can you choose someone familiar to you and invite them as your officiant and guest?
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    Going through a travel agent (or AAA) worth it?

    It's worth checking AAA (the membership has other perks as well, hotel discounts, other amusement parks, my local Dunkin Donuts, Dairy Queen, Pretzel Factory, and other restaurants give discounts for the card as well and I have had to use the towing and other items associated with the card). We...
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    How to guarantee car seats in rental car?

    We relied on a car seat in Orlando when our son was 9 months old. Basically, all of the seats were piled in a large bin ranging in size from infant carrier to high-back boosters. All had been cleaned and were in clear plastic bags. It was up to us to find one that fit but there were plenty...
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    EpiPens and Traveling to the Parks

    I have not been to Disney with them but am told that they are fantastic with handling allergies so I can't imagine an issue. When we travel with my son, we carry a Doctor's note explaining the medication we carry, why we carry, and our travel dates. It is great for airport security screenings...
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    Dorney Park/Wildwater Kingdom - one day or two

    Forgot to ad that most of the local school districts start back to school the 27th or 28th so you may get lucky with the local crowd level!


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