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  1. PrincessWithABlaster

    Posted wait times are wrong this week (May 15th)

    According to TP, the crowds this week have been average (4, 5, 6). The cheer competition weekend was a little higher (6, 7). That's pretty typical for May. Lower to moderate crowds. However, if the wait times are inaccurately low, that will throw off the crowd level determination. I met a...
  2. PrincessWithABlaster

    Epcot Frozen FP Q

    I would hit a few rides in Future World as others suggested. Meeting Elsa and Anna would also be an option in Norway. We did that and it helped make the trip into WS feel worth it since we headed back to Future World after that. My kids also *loved* the treats at Kringla if you wanted to stop...
  3. PrincessWithABlaster

    One Day at Epcot

    Also, beware, the Tier 2 rides at Epcot are a trap for kids that age. Nemo ends in a nice aquarium (steer them away from Brucey!). Spaceship Earth ends in a room of games. And the most dangerous of all, Journey into the Imagination, ends with a bunch of interactive music and light activities...
  4. PrincessWithABlaster

    Advice for lost boys

    Agreed. I usually offer a tip or two and see how they react. I've not yet had people ask me for more. That said, my DH just asked me today to help a coworker with his family's first trip. DH wants me to tell him about refreshing and other advanced FP topics. I didn't know about those things...
  5. PrincessWithABlaster

    How often do FPs come available and when are they posted?

    I agree completely on characters. I thought that Character Locator had outlived it's usefulness, but MDE was so abominably bad for characters a few weeks ago that I was really thankful for CL. MDE for the iPhone right now is basically broken for finding anything in the parks and for getting...
  6. PrincessWithABlaster

    How often do FPs come available and when are they posted?

    I found a drop time on my own through knowing some of the other regular drop times and following the pattern. It can be done. Especially if you spend way too much time studying the FP system.
  7. PrincessWithABlaster

    MK - saturday with PPO BOG or sunday EMM?

    We were just there on a Sat and Sun. We did our BOG PPO on Sun (also an EMM day). Go with Sun. Yes it is less busy than Sat (there is a very detailed data driven post on that a month or two back on easyWDW). You will likely (but are not guaranteed on either day) get one ride on either 7DMT or...
  8. PrincessWithABlaster

    Seriously Big Park Hours Update 8/29-11/2 - Daily AM EMHs added for DHS, DAK, & MK

    For future reference, per the Universal website, the name for both HP areas taken together is The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Many folks on the Universal forum here abbreviate to WWoHP. If you'd like to call each area by it's correct name (per the Universal website), they are The Wizarding...
  9. PrincessWithABlaster

    Nervous about FP cancellation emails

    Their user interface is extremely poor but the infrastructure is not. That they either paid big money for or put their best people on. Every single day there are hundreds of thousands of people accessing their databases to make and use FPs. It's honestly pretty staggering. And by and large that...
  10. PrincessWithABlaster

    Nervous about FP cancellation emails

    I agree that the coding/flagging would be easy. Figuring out what to do with what they find might be more difficult. They may not want to deal with the headache that will cause when they start poofing a lot of FPs. Don't ask a question if you don't want to know the answer sort of thing.
  11. PrincessWithABlaster

    New Photopass site - tried it out?

    Ahh, ok. I didn't know they stayed in your account for a year if you have an AP. That's kind of a nice benefit. Although the 10 copies I get of each and every ride photo would really annoy me in that case.
  12. PrincessWithABlaster

    Riding Splash Mountain

    That happens to my DH. He's tall so he gets a face and chest full of water no matter where he sits (unless behind someone else tall). I think they can turn the water fall pressure up and down. We've been there when it's no big deal and also stuck there with a lot of water coming into the boat.
  13. PrincessWithABlaster

    Rope drop advantage up in smoke?

    We've gone to the second half of an EMH at AK that was somewhat similar to the situation that'll exist this fall in that there were added AK EMHs so we went on a day that had both AK and MK EMH simultaneously. We also went to MK at about 8:30 on a 8:00 regular open this week. Also not exactly...
  14. PrincessWithABlaster

    Pirates ride photo?

    TT was taken a week ago yesterday. RNR was 5 days ago. EE was 4 days ago. In all cases we have pictures of someone else in the same timeframe. We have brand new MBs this year and had last year's in our bag (so 10 copies of the wrong people, sigh). I assume since we do have pics for those rides...
  15. PrincessWithABlaster

    New Photopass site - tried it out?

    I'm just selecting the ones I want to download and not worrying about deleting them out of the MDE account. They'll all get deleted after 45 days anyway. It's not a great solution but seems a little faster.
  16. PrincessWithABlaster

    Pirates ride photo?

    We got the Pirates ones but are missing a TT, RNR, EE, and I haven't even checked most of MK yet. This is probably the worst I've seen for ride pics. Annoying that I'm going to have to fill out so many lost picture requests.
  17. PrincessWithABlaster

    “Updated” MDE app being a pain for anyone else?

    That happens regularly. Often it fixes itself in minutes. Sometimes it takes longer.
  18. PrincessWithABlaster

    Umbrellas in the theme parks?

    We are poncho people but there were a lot of people with umbrellas all around us the last couple days. I was wishing I had one for the couple of times we just wanted to get from A to B and both points were indoors. I did not see any inconsiderate behavior with them. The thing I'd have your DH be...
  19. PrincessWithABlaster

    “Updated” MDE app being a pain for anyone else?

    MDE was awful in the parks this week. Information came and went seemingly at random. My least favorite was trying to use the map to find anything. It literally showed random info. AK only has one bathroom in the entire park. Really MDE? Characters don't have any times until after their first...
  20. PrincessWithABlaster

    How crowded is Epcot rope drop on a night EMH day?

    We've done it twice, both the first week of May in 2017 and 2018. It was not noticably busier than the non-EMH day RD we did this week. YMMV if you're going at a busier time but it was a non issue for us.


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