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    Getting from DL-Paris to our AirBnb

    Is the Airbnb in Central Paris? Assuming so your options are - get the RER (train) which can then connect to the metro in the centre - arrange a private shuttle service - someone like Eezyshuttle/BS will transfer you
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    Scooter rental for the day?

    Im fairly certain that DLP do not have scooters to rent. They do have wheel chairs that anyone can rent - you dont have to be staying onsite
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    Breakfast Recommendations?

    As well as the places Olaf Lover mentioned the New York Sandwich place in the Village also does breakfast items including a set menu (croissants, bread etc with a hot drink and orange juice) I thought Cafe Mickey stopped the character breakfast - have they started it again? There is a...
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    Paris Hyperspace Mountain?

    It still goes upside down
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    Special experience for 14 year old girl birthday?

    Do they still offer the Afternoon Tea at Steak House 55? That might be something she would enjoy.
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    How to avoid long lines at check in and get to parks?

    You can check in at any time during the day and get your park tickets and any vouchers etc you booked You just wont have access to your room until after 3 although if the room is ready early they will give you access right away. As Olaf said the lines at that time shouldnt be too bad
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    Working on my bucket list, dinner at the Eiffel Tower -- have you done it?

    Its a long time since I ate in there - over 10 years ago but if I remember correctly the more expensive restaurant was very expensive but included the ticket into the Tower and had a private lift (and queue) to get up there The other restaurant where we ate was cheaper but the food was really...
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    bt-transfer Vs. ezyshuttle?

    Hi Yes Ezyshuttle is run by John who is Irish
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    It's booked!!! + a few questions

    Single rider for Ratatouille is usually much faster. The rats seat 6 - 3 in the front and 3 in the back so if you have a party of 4 they put 2 in the front and 2 in the back and fill the 2 vacant seats with 2 single riders.
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    Online Restaurant Reservations -- in English

    What time in the evening are you looking? The restaurant is in the Studios park which usually closes 6/7pm so the last seating here is usually about 4pm I think
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    Is this doable?

    As Nikki said it is doable but will be a long day especially of you have jet lag and have not slept on the flight over. You could easily spend most of the day at The Tower of London so it depends how much you want to see there. The biggest queue is to see the Crown Jewels so I suggest you go...
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    Laundry tips? (Disneyland hotel with baby)

    The Cheyenne is the only onsite hotel with laundry facilities
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    Oh, oh it's another Half Board Meal Vouchers question.....

    Which hotel are you staying in as that will depend on what level voucher you get and the face value
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    Laundry tips? (Disneyland hotel with baby)

    Yes I imagine they would but its not worth getting a taxi. If you dont want to walk all the way to the hotel you can get the shuttle bus to Cheyenne from the near the train station (a few minutes walk from DLH)
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    Laundry tips? (Disneyland hotel with baby)

    Although Cheyenne hotel is about 20 minutes walk away its a nice walk through Disney Village and round the lake past Hotel New York. Cheyenne has very good theming and there is a Starbucks there where you can have a drink while waiting for the laundry to finish or you could have dinner in the...
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    Need Help With Getting A Pay As You Go USA Sim Card

    I was also about to suggest that it may be easier getting a UK sim card if that gives the data coverage you need
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    DLP questions....

    Have you booked the hotel and park tickets through Im not sure how it will work if you have booked the tickets through a separate company but you will still be given a card as this is your proof that you are staying at that hotel (only DLP hotels) and you will need this for access...
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    DLP questions....

    DLP now has magic passes - a credit card sized card which has everything on - your park tickets, any meal plans or extras you have pre purchased. This can also be used as a charge card. Most places will let you charge back to your room but some restaurants in Disney Village are not owned by...
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    CDG->DLP Advice?

    I would always recomend a car shuttle service rather than the magic shuttle bus as it will be much quicker If you get the bus you have to get from your arrival terminal to where the bus leaves from which may involve getting an airport shuttle bus from one terminal to another , then possibly...
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    FAQ metro to and from Paris

    The RER and metro trains run every few minutes so dont get too stuck on a timetable. I always use this map to work out where I need to go RER A to central Paris - get off at Chatelet les Halles - change onto metro line 4 (dark pink) and go in direction of Porte de Clignancourt to Gare de...


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