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  1. murmkc

    Anyone want to meet up...TODAY?! Ongoing post for same day Meetups!

    This thread is a great idea! Who is going tonight/tomorrow?
  2. murmkc

    Is the Tune In Lounge usually full?

    In my experience it is more often full than not. People seem to move through it pretty quickly though, so it does not usually take much of a wait to snag a spot.
  3. murmkc

    Thirteenth Official Disboards Meet in Kansas City! *INFO COMING SOON*

    Hello KC DIS fans! I wish this thread was around when I was still living in KC. I would have loved to hangout with other Kansas City Disney fans. I am now living in Orlando and work for Disney so if any of you awesome KC people head this way, feel free to give me a shout. It would be cool to...
  4. murmkc

    When "exactly" is your best guess when the 50th anniversary will commence in 2021?

    The amount of construction going on for this event is astonishing. In addition to the new/updated rides, new resorts, new lands, gondola system, and whatnot - there are huge projects to improve the roadways going on. I can't wait to enjoy all these upgrades!
  5. murmkc

    Valet Parking When Not Staying at Resort

    On busier days security has been checking for room stay/ADR's to allow parking at many of the resorts. Using tables in wonderland to valet has got me through this problem each and every time. The new parking update states that "day parking" is free, but without ADR's you might get turned away...
  6. murmkc

    Disney World may discontinue resort's Monorail system? False report

    Traffic is already crazy - taking away the monorail would only make it worse. I don't see it going anywhere soon.
  7. murmkc

    Solo Christmas Trip Report - Highway in the Sky

    Great trip report. It had all the ingredients for an awesome vacation - a cool resort - fun rides - great food - and tequila!
  8. murmkc

    Club 33 coming to all four WDW parks

    Any update on potential locations? I have read that at Epcot it could be either the second floor of the American Adventure (where the Chase lounge used to be) or the old Sieman's lounge. It has also been suggested that the old catwalk bar on the second floor of the Brown Derby could be the DHS...
  9. murmkc

    Solo Christmas Activities

    The decorations and music are great at DHS this year. Take some time to explore and enjoy - there are tons of cool details.
  10. murmkc

    Rumor: DinoLand, USA to become Indiana Jones Land?

    Indy in Florida is a great idea. "You throw me the idol - I throw you the whip."
  11. murmkc

    Major Disney projects completion dates worldwide (Read Post 1) UPDATED 6/10/19

    The Margarita shop has looked like it is ready to go for a while. I am getting super thirsty!
  12. murmkc

    Is the end coming for the Chase Disney Visa?

    It was Bank One. If you signed up at the launch of the card you got, "Member since Day 1" in place of the open date. Kinda neat.
  13. murmkc

    ***Official*** Pandora: The World of Avatar Information Thread

    I took some of my team from work today for a cast member preview. It was awesome. Definitely well done! I can't wait to explore Pandora at night!
  14. murmkc

    There will be fireworks! BLT Dec 2013 PTR

    Wow. checking out old threads. I have since moved from Vegas to Kissimmee. Now I work for Disney! Crazy.
  15. murmkc

    ***Official*** Pandora: The World of Avatar Information Thread

    I will be there Friday, May 12th for a preview if anyone has requests for pics/video/reviews.
  16. murmkc

    (More) Alcohol Coming to MK

    This change will make the stroller capital of the world even better!
  17. murmkc

    DHS Construction update thread (Read Post 1) Updated 5/24/19

    Hurry up and wait for more Star Wars. The Rogue One teaser trailer that came out today has me even more excited for the new lands!
  18. murmkc

    New Epcot member lounge

    Exclusive stuff is why I love DVC. I hope this thing is awesome.


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