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  1. egesicki

    Hello my Friends...A MARVELous Anniversary cruise on the Magic with MDAS Jan 2019

    Great start! May I ask, how much was your upgrade?
  2. egesicki

    DVC Tour Free Luau?

    Bump...wondering the same thing...TIA!
  3. egesicki

    Just swapped out my oceanview for an inside on the WBTA 2018

    After two 4 nights in verandas we tried a 7 night in a standard inside. We had no problem at all. One adult two kids. Deck 7 on the Magic. Super convenient. Have also done deck 2 ov. For lots of sea days deck 7 much more convenient. Absolutely worth the $1000 we were able to spend on other...
  4. egesicki

    Merrytime Cruise Questions

    On our Merrytime last year there were also free holiday crafts. We went to one where we made Olaf ornaments.
  5. egesicki

    Rum cake

    Sign up on the Tortuga website and they will send you lots of sales. For my birthday I wanted rum cake and I got two full size cakes and a six pack of minis for I think $34.
  6. egesicki

    Please tell me about Thanksgiving on DCL...I am thinking of booking the Magic out of NYC next year

    I think the difference is the 2017 sailing was 8 night departing Saturday and WDW fell on Thursday, while 2018 is a 7 night departing Saturday, so returning Thursday and Friday are sea days.
  7. egesicki

    Please tell me about Thanksgiving on DCL...I am thinking of booking the Magic out of NYC next year

    Did you mean on the ship for Thanksgiving dinner? I am booked on that sailing and i believe Thursday and Friday are sea days.
  8. egesicki

    Possible deal on Disney GC at Target

    It's probably too much to hope that Target's cyber Monday deal will work on Disney cards??
  9. egesicki

    Inside staterooms on the Magic

    One adult and two kids we were fine in 7541 with no split bath. Great location. We never used the elevators because the stairs were very convenient, and it was quiet.
  10. egesicki

    A Little Bit of Magic from New York - Oct. 15 - 22, 2016 COMPLETE

    Great report! Where did you meet the busses back to the ship?
  11. egesicki

    How possible is a three park day?

    So I found the detail on the buses to WDW, they go to any park. Yay! Probably going to flip AK to the beginning, then Epcot, then MK.
  12. egesicki

    Cruises out of NYC with a Stop at WDW - Good News!!!

    Can anyone who has already checked in describe what the options were for buses to WDW? Do they go to all Parks? TTC only? And where do you meet buses back? Thanks!
  13. egesicki

    How possible is a three park day?

    Good question, I need to read about that part in more detail.
  14. egesicki

    How possible is a three park day?

    Further research required on the bus arrivals. I do like the idea of AK first. I didn't think about security with the wine, great catch, maybe i can save that purchase for late in the day and less weight to carry.
  15. egesicki

    How possible is a three park day?

    I'm torn on AK because of the transit time. I would love to do the Safari, and I hear great things about Flametree, but if I had to cut anything AK would be it
  16. egesicki

    How possible is a three park day?

    Correct 3 for each person.
  17. egesicki

    How possible is a three park day?

    Doing some advance planning for our Nov DCL NYC cruise that includes WDW as an excursion. I was specifically attracted to this one because we've never been to WDW, and I want to hit a few highlights in three parks in case we never get there again. Since I've never been, can some of you park...
  18. egesicki

    NYC hotel

    Dupe post :)
  19. egesicki

    NYC hotel

    And you will pay for both "legs" of tranfers from airport to hotel and hotel to port. For this reason I am really considering an airport hotel with a shuttle, hop back to the airport in the morning and just arrange transfers from the airport to port.
  20. egesicki

    DCL air program and ground transportation in Miami

    I did not book through Disney. I knew from reading somewhere that as long as I was at the hotel I could get DCL transfers and it was indeed the case. I got a kids eat free rate of 399. Transfers were $30 per person each way, which is higher than a cab or many private tranfers, but it was just me...


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