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    Any luck with Touring Plans Reservation Finder?

    I setup my first watch 2 days ago for BOG lunch. I got 2 notices of availability; missed the first but was able to book the second.
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    If you’ve ordered from Prime Now...

    Would never have thought about Prime Now. Will save a trip to the store for us. Thank you for posting
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    Feeling completely overwhelemed

    I know what you mean... so many options. My wife and I did the dining plan years ago; the amount of food it provides felt glutinous to me. Now with kids, it seems like we can get by without the plan and it will save a bunch of money.
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    Done Lurking

    No lurking for me... just trying to unlock the PM option now.
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    Private Messages

    Interesting rule... I guess it forces potential lurkers (like me) to post. Which I am doing now ;)
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    In which state do you live ?

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    Hello, just joined as well.
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    Fast Pass+ 60 days for Disney Springs hotels

    Hope this is an OK place to put this. I have booked the Double Tree which should give me the Magic Hours and the Fast Pass+ 60 day reservation. Everything is linked in the disney experience. For now when I go in, it only shows a 30 day window... when my hotel booking is 60 days out will it...
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    Hi everyone. Taking my kids (5 and 11) in October. Looking forward to it. Hoping to find lots of good information here!


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