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  1. paults

    What would YOU do if buying first-time into DVC today?

    At the current direct prices, no way would I buy direct. Be careful if your looking at DRR. Restrictions
  2. paults

    Booking Rivera

    sorry I must have misread it
  3. paults

    Booking Rivera

    So you didn't complete the booking, right? I have to think if you try to complete the booking it will not be allowed. Let's us know
  4. paults

    Yay ! First Reservation with new membership.....BCV

    Did you rent for the 2 studios?
  5. paults

    Have you ever felt you're going to much?

    we use to do 3 times a year ,then 2 times and now 1 time maybe a year. With the tickets prices getting so high it is weeding us out. I expect another raise or TWO before SWars opens.
  6. paults

    Beach Club Pool

    I think your friend read something wrong.
  7. paults

    Poly bungalow

    I'm guessing the issues when they opened the Bungalow were solved. noise from pipes ,etc
  8. paults

    Reflections: A Disney Lakeside Lodge

    could be something new at Reflections. Maybe a 1 person room cheap but will hold 3 with two folding cots.
  9. paults

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Board Upgrade

    I agree with Dean, this is a fantastic website and props to those who maintain it.
  10. paults

    SSR refurb- which areas first?

    could be the 2 preferred sections first and then the 3 standard.
  11. paults

    BWV -- Odds of getting 3BR or 2BR during W&D at 11 mos.?

    we are talking about Food and Wine. Right , or is this Wine and Dine something new?
  12. paults

    My alerts??

    I have 8 alerts but can only bring up 1. No matter which 1 I hit the same name comes up. What, something new!
  13. paults

    My tickets issue with UT

    I posted awhile back we had tickets from UT that expired Feb 28, 2019. I got these tickets after I cancelled our OCT and then our May trips. I rescheduled for early FEB 2019 and didn't realize the tickets I order were ended on FEb 28,2019. No problem since we will go before that. Problem had to...
  14. paults

    my on line check-in

    Just home last week. I did on-line check at BLT and BWV this time. Got off plane around 4:40 pm and turned iphone on and had our studio room number at BLT. Did not get request but got 7 fl inside circle, dead center. Great view. Still not happy with the design of the rooms, only there for 2...
  15. paults

    Switching Resorts- Cancel original reservation first?

    Just so we all know, you don't need to book all the nights you have already BUT you will lose the nights you do not modify. Example: if you don't need the 1st night just book your last 5 or whatever number of nights. You will just lose that 1st night. This can be done from either in of your...
  16. paults

    Riviera Model Room Tour

    we are there next week and owners for 18 years, we did not get an invite.
  17. paults

    Reflections: A Disney Lakeside Lodge

    I think Disney is going to make 'Reflections' the first over 65 DVC community. HA Ha At least that's how it sounds to me.
  18. paults

    Boardwalk Villas Studio Coffee Question

    the coffee they give you is in filter packs. You just open 1 bag and put the filtered coffee pack in the tray. Is something has changed I don't know about it.
  19. paults

    ON-LINE check in

    I thought someone said you didn't need a credit card down to do on line check in. I've had two card accounts use at Disney illegally in the past and really don't want to have it done again. I just tried but they want a CC number.
  20. paults

    AYCE breakfast??

    What?? what happened to them? We use to go to the Yacht Club place now the ale and compass and the AYCE says 1 entree and the rest is all fruits and donuts. Does this mean if I get the eggs I won't get pancakes unless I pay extra. Just trying to read these new menus.


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