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  1. jennie622

    Tri Circle D Ranch

    I ran over to Tri Circle D last month to specifically inquire about the future of the ranch. A new horse barn is being built right next to the original. Sleepy Hollow will not be screened this year, I was told hopefully in 2020. Pony rides moved up front near the trail rides. No mention of FW...
  2. jennie622

    *UN*Official 20 Years of Dreams Event Thread

    Well, after staring intently at my phone for over an hour (so much for being productive at work) I’m registered for MM with three tickets available. Since I know no one personally, is there a way we should handle giving these out fairly? I mean I’d LOVE to auction them off to cover whatever Pete...
  3. jennie622

    *UN*Official 20 Years of Dreams Event Thread

    Thanks!!!! Please add me to the bar crawl!!!!
  4. jennie622

    What new and/or different things do you like to try when you go to WDW?

    I go almost weekly and try to experience something new every visit. Over the last year I’ve rented a SeaRacer and pontoon boat. Rented a bicycle from WL and pedaled over to the campgrounds and spent some time at the ranch. Did the 8:30am horseback ride. Rented a golf cart at FW on Christmas Eve...
  5. jennie622

    *UN*Official 20 Years of Dreams Event Thread

    Any solo travelers that missed the boat for Garden Grill still interested? I can attempt to make a ressie I have Tables in Wonderland as well.
  6. jennie622

    *UN*Official 20 Years of Dreams Event Thread

    Oh! Please add me to the Saturday Disney Springs lunch!! Thank you!
  7. jennie622

    20 Years of Dreams Event - Official Thread

    I lived in Edison at one point. But then again, I’ve lived all over NJ. Lol
  8. jennie622

    *UN*Official 20 Years of Dreams Event Thread

    Uber and Lyft have rideshare options. If you’re going to the same hotel, split payment between accounts for transportation from the party.
  9. jennie622

    *UN*Official 20 Years of Dreams Event Thread

    Whew! So glad Galaxys Edge is opening after the event! I don’t want to be around when that insanity rolls into town!
  10. jennie622

    DINING CENTRAL-Join other DISers over a meal

    I’ll be in DS Monday afternoon for the Mardi Gras fun at House of Blues. Festivities start at five. Aiming for 3/3:30
  11. jennie622

    First Solo Trip... Give Me Your "Must Dos"!

    I must admit, I’m getting spoiled with all my solo trips to WDW. The “fly by the seat of my pants” vacation mode is the best!! I love the QSDP, eat when you’re hungry, not when you’re ressie time says you have to. Sometimes I make one but eh, not a priority anymore. Grab a seat at the bar at...
  12. jennie622

    *UN*Official 20 Years of Dreams Event Thread

    Well, thanks to the flu, I missed the garden grill solo window. Grrr.. That being said, I’m staying solo at BWV 8/7-12. I’m interested in a bar crawl, pre party meet up at Nomad, moonlight magic and anything for solo travelers. My 180 mark is this Friday so I’m trying to grab some breakfasts...
  13. jennie622

    How to make first adult only trip not too exhausting and stressful?

    Just saw this post. Wow! I’m exhausted just looking at the itinerary. Rope drop daily requires getting up and ready really early Especially if using Disney transportation. I agree with others about looking into table service at lunch. Schedule daily breaks Either by the pool, a nap (by the...
  14. jennie622

    Studio Villa

    Just got back from OKW stayed solo in a studio. This is the only studio that has two beds other than the pull out couch. Looks like a small hotel room. If you’re spending very little time in the room, go for it! Weird floor plan, You must walk through the kitchenette to get to the bathroom. SSR...
  15. jennie622

    Prefer short stays vs. extended stays at WDW

    I like both types of trips. 2011, I spent a total of 21 days over three trips. That’s when I finally bought into DVC. Lol This year I broke it up. Doing one night a few times ( but I now reside in FL so it’s easier) but mostly three to six nights. I did a two week stay a few years back and it...
  16. jennie622

    What are the best sit-down restaurants for solo travelers?

    Definitely California Grill the bar has lots of business travelers who dine solo. Anything at the Swan or Dolphin (also convention hotels with lots of solo folks). Territory Lounge in WL is my favorite. Sit at the bar or in an oversized chair - food is from Artist Point’s kitchen. Also at WL...
  17. jennie622

    Planning my first solo trip and I can’t wait to go alone!

    I’ve been going solo at WDW every year since 2011. I love it. You can do whatever, whenever you want. Sleep in or stay up late. Keep to yourself or strike up a convo with anyone. It’s amazing how you can still relax and decompress while in a busy resort. Have a fantastic Birthday!!! And most...
  18. jennie622

    Disney for Adults Bucket List

    I’ve been to WDW so many times (many solo) that you’d think my bucket list would be small. Nope. I went on the Disneyworld website and started a wish list. Under entertainment, dining, recreation, etc. you can click the heart and then add it to your wishlist. My last trip I rented a bike (from...
  19. jennie622

    Rix Lounge

    I went last year for my birthday. Since Pleasure Island is not what it used to be, we figured a night of dancing & celebrating so we ordered bottle service. The spread was beautiful as is the lounge. Unfortunately, we were the only people in there. The four of us drank the bottle, took some...
  20. jennie622

    Childfree (by choice) Disney Lovers!

    I grew up in Jersey and couldn't wait to move south. Finally did it back in '01. Just packed up my cats, threw my stuff in a Uhaul and put my car on a tow dolly and hit 95S. Ended up on the west coast of Florida with no home, no job and no friends. Within a week I had all three AND a...


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