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  1. DVC_Dad_Canada

    Touring with Teens who used to love RDing, but now love to sleep in - help me plan!

    I'm taking my twin 15 year old girls and 18 year old son next August. Personally, our last trip I was till expecting the whole family stay together, walk down hand in hand down main St., just like the brochures. Quickly realized that was a thing of the past. I ended up just letting them know...
  2. DVC_Dad_Canada

    Two parks in one day without hopper

    Unless you can prove that you are not you or today is not today it won't work.
  3. DVC_Dad_Canada

    What to do before/after Ohana’s?

    After? Loosen your belt.
  4. DVC_Dad_Canada

    Can you share a place you couldnt wait to eat but was a huge letdown

    Just read the entire thread. It seems like a lot of issues would have been avoided with either a bit more research about a restaurant, or speaking up during your meal. We've been to WDW 9 times, two weeks at a time, and the extremely few times someone had received food not to their liking...
  5. DVC_Dad_Canada

    Anyone else completely priced out of the buffets at Disney now?

    IMO the main reason they are so $$ is to make people feel they are getting their money's worth on the dining plan. I'd like to see the breakdown of what percentage of guests pay out of pocket for buffets. The only one we go to is Trail's End.
  6. DVC_Dad_Canada

    "Eating breakfast in your room" to save money and time

    We order groceries from garden grocer. Variety pack of cereal, bagels and cream cheese, loaf of bread, frozen breakfast egg McMuffin type things. We're DVC so we have either a full kitchen or a kitchenette. Usually, we just end up sitting on the bed watching Stacey or the park schedule channel...
  7. DVC_Dad_Canada

    Mariner is Great!

    My twin 15 year old girls and I are going for Spring break (March 11-15). It will be our second RCL cruise (first on Brilliance) after 3 on Disney Dream. We have the corner large panoramic room, the ultimate dining package, and a Coco cay cabana, so we'll have tons of fun. Trying to still...
  8. DVC_Dad_Canada

    Hotel options for 6 adults

    I was about to suggest exactly this. 2 bedroom at OKW. Get groceries delivered, and skip the dining plan.
  9. DVC_Dad_Canada

    Two bedroom villa or multiple rooms for large family?

    If it's for THIS Christmas, there are no DVC 2 bedroom available. Anywhere. If it's NEXT Christmas, rent 11 months out to the day of your trip.
  10. DVC_Dad_Canada

    Which would you pick for teens?

    I have 3 teens, and their favourite is Old key West. Huge rooms and 2 large beds.Relaxing and close to Disney Springs.
  11. DVC_Dad_Canada

    Evacuated from dinner at Cinderella Castle

    Would they have rather stayed and risk potentially burning? What else should have been done?
  12. DVC_Dad_Canada

    HS Day- Mama Melrose or Il Mulino

    Depends on how much you are willing to spend. Il Mulino is about double the price.
  13. DVC_Dad_Canada

    Are Pool Times Posted Anywhere Online?

    "Usually" being the operative word. 10 PM late August was crazy.
  14. DVC_Dad_Canada

    Are Pool Times Posted Anywhere Online?

    Our last trip a couple years ago, I was so upset to find the pools at SSR closing at 10PM ... in late August. Total bummer, and not what i paid for. Wish they would go back to keeping the pools open after the guards leave, but that's another rant for another day. Trying to plan our days for our...
  15. DVC_Dad_Canada

    If you like critiquing other people's plans... Come on in!

    Personally, I'd take a resort hopping day to see all the hotel Christmas decorations.
  16. DVC_Dad_Canada

    Family Pre-Trip Excitement: Watching Youtube Trip Vlogs

    The countdown is on, and it's a year until our next WDW trip. What my twin 15 year old girls have been doing lately is searching "WDW travel day" on Youtube, and watching various family's trip vlogs. Some are better than others, obviously, but it's extremely easy to get hooked. A neat way to...
  17. DVC_Dad_Canada

    Is 7DMT Really Intense?

    It's the people mover with a couple hills. Not intense at all.
  18. DVC_Dad_Canada

    Need Help Planning for A Pretty Short High School Band Trip

    You won't, so don't even try. Especially on those dates. Lower expectations, then lower them again. Pack lots and lots and LOTS of patience. Talk to each person in your group, and see what interests them. Another alternative is to go with the Touring Plans tours for teens. Also, a resort...


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