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    Tortured on using DME. Any advice appreciated

    I have heard that Disney started charging in 2016. However, our trip Nov. 2018 we were not charged at AS Sports. We did tip when they brought it to our room.
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    SW If you want to sit with your kids

    Easy. Don't allow EBCI for ALL seats. Limit the # of EBCI seats sold instead of the entire plane. What is the benefit of paying $25 per person only to find out I have a C boarding? Yes, that happened to me and others. Do feel it's worth it to pay EBCI no matter what your boarding pass will be?
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    SW If you want to sit with your kids

    True but there has got to be a limit to number of EBCI such that I can know what the worst boarding assignment I will get if I purchase. Would most people be ok with paying the EBCI fee and receiving a high B or C? I do not think so yet that is what can happen with current system.
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    SW If you want to sit with your kids

    That's the main issue. I always check in exactly at 24 hours. Issue I have is that SW doesn't guarantee anything with EBCI. They appear to sell as many as people will buy. Your boarding assignment is in the order of EBCI's purchased. If you request EBCI late you can still end up with a high...
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    SW If you want to sit with your kids

    I've flown SW for years and never paid for EBCI. I've never once had trouble sitting together. I've always gotten an A or mid B boarding pass.
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    Last ADR before Magical Express

    Don't forget to give your checked bags to RMA and have baggage services hold your carry ons at your resort in the morning before heading out.
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    Weird message booking car rental on Costco site

    I've seen that occur. Clear your browser history and cache and try again. Keep checking every day or two and cancel/rebook each time it drops in price.
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    Post all SW questions concerns, etc. here...

    Our original flight was on the 737-800 Max 8. They then changed it to a 737-800 a few weeks ago. This week it was changed to 30 minutes earlier on a 737-700.
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    Post all SW questions concerns, etc. here...

    Then you'll stay on the plane. We've had to de-board and board again even when it was the same physical plane. The flight #'s had changed with new crew and we could not stay on board.
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    Post all SW questions concerns, etc. here...

    Usually you stay on the plane. However, if the 2nd flight has a different flight # then you may have to de-board and board again.
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    9:55 Dinner Reservation California Grill

    On most of our trips we have our first night dinner at 9:30-10pm. We're from the west coast so our stomachs say its only 7pm until we adjust to the time change the next few days. We've never felt rushed anywhere we've been. The only issue is how to get back to our resort when we dine at...
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    I've never had groceries delivered to a Disney resort...

    I've used Garden Grocers many times and have had great service every time. They deliver to baggage services at your resort. For items needing refrigeration your resort will put them in a fridge. You can then pick them up yourself or have baggage services bring them to your room. We've had...
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    Favorite entrees at La Hacienda de San Angel?

    You can say the same exact thing about ANY restaurant at WDW. Everyone has their on 'honest opinion' of what works best for them. The Chili Relleno, Carne Asada and Short Rib are all excellent!
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    Can you share a place you couldnt wait to eat but was a huge letdown

    Thats my trouble with Disney Signatures. The wait staff are not highly skilled professionals. They do not have Sommeliers fully knowledgeable of their wine list (which isn't signature quality as well).
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    OMG, you have to eat....(snack edition.)

    Ralph Brennans Jazz Kitchen Express in Downtown Disney has the best beignets. Way better burgers than inside the parks as well.
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    Monorail as a time saver back to DLH?

    Depends on how long the line is to get on the monorail. I've had times where its taken 2 or 3 before I can get on.
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    Any discounted Seaworld AP's at local Costco's?

    Over the years we have often purchased annual passes for Seaworld at nearby Costco's for substantial savings. Anyone been to a Costco in Southern California recently and can confirm what discounts if any exist? Currently online Costco sells the SW Gold pass for $114. Am hoping the local...
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    BOG substitutions

    Why not go for breakfast or lunch which is considerably cheaper? There are better signature restaurants for dinner.
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    Lots of Questions

    1) Yes 2) You can book FP's any 7 days between 8/16-8/25. You can actually book FP's for all 10 days and decide which 7 days to go later.
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    how does the disney dining plan work

    Keep in mind you cannot buy a 20 day park ticket. Maximum is 10 days usable over 14 days. You can add water parks so you can spend some days there and still have the 10 day park tickets for other days. Or do you have an Annual Pass? You can use quick service most anywhere, theme park, water...


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