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    Shore Excursions for Western Caribbean Cruise

    It was private. Look them up on trip advisor and you will see many cruise reviews. The private excursions depend heavily on trip advisor so having a group late back to port would be Devestating. They are very reputable and within walking distance from port. We did this on our first cruise so...
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    Shore Excursions for Western Caribbean Cruise

    We did stingray city and snorkeling in grand cayman with captain marvins and it was great. Highly recommend.
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    Does anyone know what this means? Meet a Spa physician before massage?

    To go over any issues you may be having. I personally think it is to gather intel for the major product push at the end - very off putting so beware ☹️
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    Booked 27 days out, will I still get luggage tags mailed

    I booked 38 days out GTY this past Jan. Got tags in plenty of time!
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    Taking photos at CC

    Yes. Thanks.
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    Taking photos at CC

    I assume you were trying to post a photo. It didn't show up, hence the ?
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    Stroller and Smoking rules change for PARKS

    So glad to see the wagons gone but even more so for the smoking!
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    When do your kids use the kids club?

    Every kid is different. Neither of mine have liked the clubs and don't go. Others say they can't keep their kids out of them. Every family is different so owith what works for yours. DH travels a lot for work so our vacations are all about family time so that factors in for us. Regardless...
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    How bad is TSMM at rope drop?

    According to recent posts RD at HS rivals the apocalypse. Enter at your own risk
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    "Go Find a Table and I'll wait in line"

    Pretty sure that everyone who is paying for food expects a place to sit. Hence the problem with people who save tables during busy times. I don't believe your time is any more valuable than mine or anyone else in the parks. Common consideration goes a long way, particularly during a "busy time".
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    "Go Find a Table and I'll wait in line"

    No, because it is incredibly rude to people who already have their food. I have walked around countless times holding a tray of food to discover the "table hoarders" leaving no where to sit. Many times they are still sitting there, without their food still, when we have finished. I really...
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    Which one would you drop?

    Tusker House breakfast for sure.
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    One extra night or Verandah Stateroom?

    Our first 3 cruises were verandah for 4 of us. The kids and I did a last minute last month for the 3 of us in an OV. Would definitely do the extra day!
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    on board gifts and amenities

    I have always done this by fax but totally understand your frustration.
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    Searching for Sea turtles in Bahamas or Castaway Cay

    We saw a smaller turtle in castaway cay lagoon in sept 2018 and a larger one in Feb 2019. Sadly, some idiot tried to touch the one in Feb so he swam away.
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    ** Opening Day Pricing REQUESTS Summer 2020: Magic, Wonder, Dream, Fantasy **

    I believe I was skipped so reposting and pairing down. Would someone be so kind as to check the following (all for 2A 2K (12, 14)) No ins/trans/obb 5/23 Magic - Cat 5 5/23 Magic - Cat 6 5/25 Wonder - Cat 5 5/25 Wonder - Cat 6 Thanks so much!
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    ** Opening Day Pricing REQUESTS Summer 2020: Magic, Wonder, Dream, Fantasy **

    would greatly appreciate the following quotes - all 2A 2K (14, 12) cat 5 Magic 5/23 med wonder 5/25 alaska Dream 7/25 Fantasy 9/26 5 night TIA!
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    Beer/Wine in Tortola?

    We were in Tortola in September. We did a non DCL excursion from the marina. There is a wine bar near the marina that you can get beer and wine in - we did this. Can't remember the name but just ask someone local and they can direct you. No taxi needed.
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    Totola Excursions

    We sailed in September 2018. Originally booked with Aristocrats but after following up in July it was cancelled due to ongoing hurricane recovery (not their fault). We went with Kuralu and they were amazing. Highly recommended.
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    President Day Weekend... Crazy Crowded

    We got in line at 7:33 p.m. and were on the ride at 8:30. It was crazy busy at AK today but end of the night FOP is the best use of time!


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