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  1. always quiet

    Video of Fantasyland Construction!

    The is some great video of the Fantasyland construction! :cool1:
  2. always quiet

    Video of Fantasyland Construction!

    Awesome footage of the construction going on behind the walls in Fantasyland! :banana::cool1::thumbsup2:wizard: Enjoy!! I know I did!
  3. always quiet

    Early August discount??

    Disney does have room discount for stays from early May to Aug. 14th. You can add tickets and dining to this as well to make a package. Still no word on what will come next...:rolleyes1
  4. always quiet

    The TreeHouse Villas look awesome!!

    bumping for the weekend gang!:dance3:
  5. always quiet

    The TreeHouse Villas look awesome!!

    Travel with Rick ( has a great video tour of the tree house villas over at Saratogo Springs. :thumbsup2 They look soooo gorgeous inside! Love all the little touches that Disney adds to the theme of the the old pump style faucet in the bath to the tree...
  6. always quiet

    New Episode of Travel with Rick!

    Neat!! Where are you staying?? We always stay in the Cabins. Love 'em!! Like our own little home away from home (and lets face it, being in one hotel room with 3 teenagers does not equal many 'magical moments'!!:lmao:). Rick is thinking about getting a little 'meet' sometime during our...
  7. always quiet

    New Episode of Travel with Rick!

    Glad to help! Rick has several episodes that you can watch...pick from the side bar! Don't forget to leave a comment...maybe you'll get a Passporter. :cool1:
  8. always quiet

    New Episode of Travel with Rick!

    I haven't been on The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh in quite some time. It was nice being able to take a peek again. :goodvibes Go bounce on over to and take a look!
  9. always quiet

    Well, it's Friday....time for another ride!

    This week, Travel with Rick takes us on the Great Movie Ride. :surfweb: I have done this ride several times - I think it's a great place to take a short break and to have a snack!! :banana: When the kids were little, they used to nod off - I would feel their little bodies curl up next to...
  10. always quiet

    Take a ride with Figment!

    :cool1: Travel with Rick has a great video of Imagination! I love that ride....that song sticks with me far longer than Small World does....:rotfl: I am certain my kids will be complaining later today............:lmao: :surfweb: Enjoy!
  11. always quiet

    Jungle Cruise on Travel with Rick!

    I have to give this CM credit. When the ride got backed up at the end when guests disembark the boats, she just kept on going!! :thumbsup2 I would of had a MASSIVE "uh oh!" moment!! Go take a look....:surfweb:
  12. always quiet


    Take a leisurely flight on Soarin.........without the wait in line. :cool1: Travel with Rick is available....with no line in the que! :surfweb: No need for a fast pass...................:banana:
  13. always quiet

    Grab a poncho and head to Splash!

    Travel with Rick has a great video of Splash Mountain. :cool1: Love this ride......have some great memories on it....and yes, I am the geek who wears the poncho!:lmao:
  14. always quiet

    Fantasmic Dragon?

    Does anyone know when this (he??) is coming back to Fantasmic?? Thanks for any help!
  15. always quiet

    Want to ride Big Thunder??

    Nice way to wake up this morning...cup of coffee and a ride on one of the mountain ranges!! Check out Travel with Rick....don't forget to keep your arms inside the 'car' at all times! :surfweb::rotfl:
  16. always quiet

    Illuminations Video!!

    Travel with Rick has an awesome video of Illuminations on line right now. :goodvibes This is my absolute favorite fireworks show in WDW!! Grab some morning coffee and enjoy!! :surfweb:
  17. always quiet

    Country Bear Jamboree!

    I swore I did this is 2006 and it was the Christmas version. This was the last time I was in WDW in Dec. Making some serious plans for a trip to Disney World after our Cruise in Dec....either way!! :goodvibes
  18. always quiet

    Country Bear Jamboree!

    Check out Travel with Rick and take a look at a Disney classic. I remember this show from wayyyyyyyy back when! :rolleyes1 (not dating myself here!) I like this one but the Christmas version I prefer....:woohoo: Might just need to pop back in this Dec!!
  19. always quiet

    It's Sat...time for a new Traval with Rick!

    Grab your coffee and settle in for a ride on the TTA!:surfweb: :banana: :woohoo: Lots of wonderful memories on that ride!!
  20. always quiet

    Wishes from CA Grill!!

    How about this for a nice way to begin a Sunday morning?! Travel with Rick has video footage up of Wishes from the CA Grill! :cool1: It's great that show!! Grab a cup of coffee....sit back....and enjoy!! :surfweb:


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