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Zynga Coasterville

Discussion in 'Non-Disney Online Games' started by EKU_Colonel_12, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. EKU_Colonel_12

    EKU_Colonel_12 http://wdwcpbeyond.wordpress.com/

    Anyone play? Working on my frontier area.
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  3. aengus

    aengus <font color=blue>Official Head VMK Cheerleader!</f Moderator

    Just started today. Its pretty much the typical zynga game, but as a theme park geek, it does look pretty good :)
  4. superme80

    superme80 New Member

    I'm playing. This game is addicting! :goodvibes
  5. tinkerbell1984

    tinkerbell1984 New Member

    So addicting!!!
  6. jenny105

    jenny105 New Member

    I play! Does anyone need neighbors? Only two of my FB friends play
  7. tinkerbell1984

    tinkerbell1984 New Member

    I can be your neighbor if you want. Although, (dont know if u know this) i had this same problem and if you log into Zynga through your facebook, you can play on Zynga (same park you currently have) and add Zynga friends and neighbors (who wont have access to your facebook). This has helped me a lot as only a couple FB friends play! You can get lots of extras too as there's a Zynga game feed to the right as you play and you can get rewards, help others, etc...
  8. wiigirl

    wiigirl New Member

    VERY addicting. :surfweb:
  9. jenny105

    jenny105 New Member

    I had no idea about any of that! That's awesome, thanks for letting me know. :) How do I find you on there instead of FB?
  10. tinkerbell1984

    tinkerbell1984 New Member

    Try going here: or I can PM you my facebook, either way works for me. You can still see you FB friends/neighbors on Zynga, but not the other way around.

    Respond when you see this so I can delete that link...:)
  11. jenny105

    jenny105 New Member

    It says that link is expired? :confused3 You can try again by PM or send me your fb info.
  12. tinkerbell1984

    tinkerbell1984 New Member

    Were you logged in? I played around with it and it would only work if I was logged in to Zynga.
  13. jenny105

    jenny105 New Member

    It says I was :confused3 I sent you a FB request anyway so no worries
  14. sallysallysally

    sallysallysally New Member

    i agree lol
  15. jimbeglin

    jimbeglin New Member

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