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Your fav cocktail

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by SYDNCLAIRESMOM, Jan 12, 2013.


    SYDNCLAIRESMOM curiouser and curiouser

    Hello all!
    I will going on my first solo trip this May and since on all previous trips I usually have had kids in tow I am not up on all the fabulous cocktails available to me. That, my friends, will change this spring!! I hope to come back a conniseur if slightly damaged in the liver region. ;)

    List your favorites, where to get them, and pix if you have them. Thanks so much!!! :thumbsup2
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  3. nycdisneygal

    nycdisneygal New Member

    A disney trip is not complete without a blue glowtini!!
    I also like the Island sunset--i have it at the polynesian but I think now you can get them anywhere?
  4. princessallegra

    princessallegra They call me Mrs. Disney

    Grey Goose Slushie in France
    Bellini and Rose Regale in Itlaly
    Peach Snap in China
    Margarita Clasica at La Cava del Tequila
    Yuzu Sake at the Sake Bar in Japan

    At most table service restaurants they have the Magic Star cocktail and the Agave Nectar Margarita. Yum!
  5. IllinoisMommy

    IllinoisMommy New Member

    Yak Attack at Yak and Yeti in Animal Kingdom. Amazing :thumbsup2 I too decided to splurge on my Christmas 2012 trip and tried several cocktails... this was by far my fave.

    SYDNCLAIRESMOM curiouser and curiouser

    margaritas!:love: def on my list- thanks for the recommendations!

    haha! Yak attack love it just for the name- adding.

    SYDNCLAIRESMOM curiouser and curiouser

    Island sunset sounds like heaven. Planning on a Poly excursion anyway- Thanks!!!
  8. ShariM

    ShariM New Member

    LOVE the Yak Attack! One of my favorite stops at Animal Kingdom. :)
  9. ktlm

    ktlm New Member

    My absolute favorites are the Grey Goose Slushes at the Kiosk in France and the Yak Attack at AK. FYI, the Yak and Yeti Counter service for drinks is separate from the main Counter Service, it is back by the tables and I want to say it is near the condiment/napkin area. I am not a fan of the Peach Snap. The tea and Peach Schnapps together just didn't taste together to me. That was $7 that wound up getting put in the trash can after a couple sips. Some people absolutely love it though.
  10. dvcterry

    dvcterry New Member

    Well said, here's to my page-turner-tini at the brown derby :drinking1
  11. hutch0830

    hutch0830 New Member

    I only had one: a Lapu Lapu at 'Ohana but it was something alright!

    SYDNCLAIRESMOM curiouser and curiouser

    Is there a bar inside Brown Derby or would I need to sit at one of their tables? Trying to avoid ADRs and keep my options wide open. Thank you!

    SYDNCLAIRESMOM curiouser and curiouser

    On my list FOR SURE!

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