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Yetis, Cannolis, and Mango Green Tea-A WILD NIGHT AT ANIMAL KINGDOM PAGE 38 NEW 1/16

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by WDWHeather, May 24, 2007.

  1. PrincessV

    PrincessV <font color=peach>She squished her baby on BTMRR!<

    OMG, LOOVE the Star Wars pics! What a riot :rotfl2:
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  3. WDWHeather

    WDWHeather <font color=deeppink>I'd much rather have IASW in

    You can always try! They might not be busy. We've never had to wait to take pictures and we've been several times during SWWs!

    I second that!

    OKay, so you get off the ride and they lead you down that hallway. Then you go down a ramp where the Energizer Bunny sometimes appears. After that, you are in the store, Tattoine Traders. Don't go far, it is immediately on your right once you exit the ramp. Stand there, face the exit to the store and turn right, it is right there! There is a cost. It's Disney,so you know... it could cost just about anything. I'm not sure what it is but I do know that there are different sizes and stuff to pick from. You can also get pictures similar to this done after the Backlot Tour too. They're like magazine covers and stuff. Never done those, but I know they're also in the gift shop afterwards.

    Thanks! They make us laugh so we sure didn't mind scanning them in!
  4. WDWHeather

    WDWHeather <font color=deeppink>I'd much rather have IASW in

    So I thought I'd point out who's who so that you can be ::clears throat for announcer type voice:: "Shocked and Amazed!"

    In the first picture, I am on the left (Obi Wan)

    In the second picture, I am in the front (Obi Wan again... see a pattern here... not because it's Ewan McGregor or anything...:love: ). Ladle is behind me(Anikan).

    In the third picture, well that's Garco, so I'm not in that picture.

    In the fourth picture, I am on the right. (so I'm not the blue one, Ladle is).

    In the last picture, I am on the left (Princess Leia!). I have to say this last one is the first picture we ever did and our favorite, hands down! Gotta love Ladle's chest hair!

    Any questions?;)
  5. DisneyJo

    DisneyJo <font color=peach><marquee behavior=alternate>TGJ<

    You look different in each picture :confused:
  6. WDWHeather

    WDWHeather <font color=deeppink>I'd much rather have IASW in

    I know. There's no way anyone would be able to tell unless you really really know us. It's because they're different years so I changed some. Ladle changed a lot over the years since the first one was when she was 14-ish.
  7. Disneyolic

    Disneyolic New Member

    Hey...my cousins grew up in Glendora. In fact, I have family all over that area!

    And I was going to make my guess but I was too late. You spilled the beans. Sorry I was too busy today...:confused3
  8. WDWHeather

    WDWHeather <font color=deeppink>I'd much rather have IASW in

    OH no! I ruined it! I'm sorry! Glendora is a nice little place! I like it!
  9. Miz Diz

    Miz Diz <font color=darkorchid>I'll give up anything, as l

    You look younger than your sis (I know it's already been said).

    I would wear the fancy pants, if I were thin.

    Meeska - Jen already told us you are SKINNY! So no more double booty talk from you.

    When I was a kid, I wanted to be a Wonder Twin. I also wanted to be Wonder Woman and I still do because I would love to be able to fit in that outfit.
  10. WDWHeather

    WDWHeather <font color=deeppink>I'd much rather have IASW in

    That's a little more than two cents!:rotfl: Just kidding! Glad you're reading!
    Wonder Woman does have quite the toned body, doesn't she? I'm sure you could fit into the outfit just fine!
  11. pooksma

    pooksma <font color=red>Can't help it~there is something a

    Yay!!:yay: Thanks for the cameo Ladle!!!! Love the pics and want desperately, well ok not too desperate, to know your version of the TEXT incident!

    Heather, looking forward to hearing more.popcorn::
  12. Trentmom

    Trentmom <font color=red>A Christmas"y" tag for a Christmas

    You bad girl...so they were not all from your last trip...no wonder why it was so hard as you and ladle were going thru puberty and changing quite a bit...:lmao:
  13. WDWHeather

    WDWHeather <font color=deeppink>I'd much rather have IASW in

    Ladle hasn't read this yet, but she said she's going to... We'll see what she thinks...

    Read back, I said they weren't from this trip! Trying to get me in trouble, you!
  14. Illuminations_Rocks

    Illuminations_Rocks <font color=darkorchid>The tan towels from HSN are


    your trip sounds like a lot of fun so far!
  15. WDWHeather

    WDWHeather <font color=deeppink>I'd much rather have IASW in


    I will get more updates up this weekend! I promise!
  16. WDWHeather

    WDWHeather <font color=deeppink>I'd much rather have IASW in

    After Sci-Fi, it was back to POP as the park was getting hot and more crowded.

    Ladle and I definitely rested up so we'd be refreshed for our evening. We didn't stay long at the hotel because we had ADRs at Hollywood and Vine at 6 pm for the Fantasmic dinner package!

    We've seen Fantasmic many times. The first few times we saw it, we sent Garco to get a prime space and save us seats while we took one last ride on R'n'R. Well, when we would join him, our space for four would turn into space for two with four people shoved in. It was miserable for Garco to sit there so long and then we were miserable through the whole show because we were shoved in. That is why we now always do the dining package. That way, we know that there isn't a huge rush to get there and no one has to sit there for several hours until the show starts.

    We had had H&V for dinner once before but no one really remembered it. We thought we'd try it again, and we were not disappointed. We had salad, rolls with butter, salmon, prime rib, mashed potatoes, green beans... That's all I remember as far as the dinner part was concerned. We had coffee and dessert, of course, I mean, why not? Ladle and I had these chocolatey cakes which were so rich and then a blueberry cobbler of some sort with vanilla icing drizzled on top and we may have added a little ice cream to eat with it.... We were very pleased with our meal and left very full.

    We took our time eating but still had some time before we wanted to enter the theater. Remember those R'n'R pictures Ladle and I took? Well, we thought we'd go ahead and take a look at them. Let's just say, we will NOT be ordering those. So the one where Ladle was supposed to have Mickey ears... Well, the camera was lined up so the knobs on the guitar in front of R'n'R were on each side of her head so she had Mickey ears made out of knobs... It did not look like Mickey ears and took us several minutes to figure out that's what it was. When we explained this to the Photopass guy helping us look, he said, "Was the photographer's name Linda?" :lmao: Apparently, we weren't the only ones promised Mickey ears only to get knobs in return! So I hate to break it to you, but you won't be seeing those pictures...

    So after a disappointing view of our pics, we headed over to the Fantasmic! theater. It was only about 45 minutes or so until it started so we were very happy and got some really close seats.... Un-squished seats at that! Well, Ladle and I needed to use the restroom, so we headed up the stairs and to the restroom. Now, let me just explain this real fast for those who haven't seen this, but the people using the dining package sit on the very right hand side of the theater and they come in through the back way. There are ropes that rope off this area as well.

    Anyway, we headed to the restroom and when we got out we went back to our seats. We got to the rope and there was a lady standing there. She said, "Next time you have to leave and come in, say the password "Tinkerbell" or you won't be able to get in. I only know you were already there because I recognize her ::points at Ladle:: brown shirt." Oops! We said thanks and went on our way. We were kind of embarrassed that we didn't pick up on the password thing. I think you're supposed to check with the lady standing there when you leave...

    So on our way back to our seats, another CM stops us by standing in front of us. Before he says anything, Ladle says, "TINKERBELL!!!!!" real fast and loud to him. He gets this weird look on his face and says, "Uh... are you calling me Tinkerbell?" I start cracking up. Ladle says, "oh... uh.. no... I thought you wanted the code word..." He was like, "No, I was just going to tell you guys to start smiling more because when you were walking this way, you weren't." Well he didn't know that was just because we almost didn't get back in! So we laughed and he let us back to our seats. :rotfl:

    Ladle and I were a little bored so we snapped some pictures...
    These aren't good pictures, just to warn you. I'm on the right though.

    I took this one of the moon with palm trees underneath. I think it turned out quite nice if I do say so myself:

    Well, Fantasmic! was great as usual! We love that show! It was a little windy so it was cooler out. We were happy to be in jeans and have our sweatshirts with us for sure. The water kept blowing our way, but still a great show. If you haven't seen it, seriously, you HAVE to!
    Here's a couple Steamboat Willie shots:

    That pretty much finished up our day at MGM. We didn't mean to be at MGM both morning and evening, but that's how it worked out. Nothing was open late that night, so Fantasmic! was the perfect option.

    Somehow I missed posting these two pictures that we took at Star Wars that day. Here's Ladle and me being stormtroopers! I'm the one in the second picture. (yes, in a skirt!:rotfl:)
  17. pooksma

    pooksma <font color=red>Can't help it~there is something a

    Yay!!!!! There was more to read this morning. Thanks!

    Sorry to hear about the RNR photos-what a bummer!

    Looking forward to hearing more.
  18. DisneyJo

    DisneyJo <font color=peach><marquee behavior=alternate>TGJ<

    So funny about the code word :rotfl2: We've got the FP are the seats good?
  19. WDWHeather

    WDWHeather <font color=deeppink>I'd much rather have IASW in

    We were bummed! Oh well, I guess. What can you do?!

    I know! Ladle and I have still been joking about it. TINKERBELL!
    It's like arena seating so basically every seat is good. It's just in the furthest right section. You definitely do not miss anything! It beats the pants off of being squished in!

    LITTLEKID58 Platinum Castaway

    Pics are awesome
  21. WDWHeather

    WDWHeather <font color=deeppink>I'd much rather have IASW in


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