YES, touring Cinderella’s Dream Suite was Amazing!+14 Other Magical Days* Dismeet & Wrap

Discussion in 'Disney Trip Reports' started by emmysmommy, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. Tiggerrn2

    Tiggerrn2 DIS Veteran

    Oct 13, 2005
    Just want to add to the many that would like to wish your son well and to thank him for all he does for our country!
    So glad he is home safe and has some time to spend with his family.

    And congrats on your thread making #1 on the boards!! :cool1:
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  3. rachel09985

    rachel09985 DIS Veteran

    Jun 6, 2009
    Wow, you are going to be sorely disappointed on all other safaris! You never get to see the animals out like that. Nice photos!

    Em was a party animal at MK!;)

    Just watched your cute video too! That cackle at the end did crack me up, but in a good way!
  4. emmysmommy

    emmysmommy DIS Veteran

    Jan 30, 2010
    Thank you Jill. So very sweet of you to say. :goodvibes

    No worries Marissa! I'm glad you are caught up.

    The safari was a great first experience, it was a treat to see Paula at DL (she's leaving tomorrow to go to WDW - spoiled I'd say!) and thank you, God certainly has blessed him with coming home safe. Oh, and my ankle is much better thanks! In fact, I can't use it as an excuse not to do a light work out now. Darn!

    Thanks Linda. Neal said something about that and I was shocked to hear it! :faint:

    Thank you so much Linda, your kind words are appreciated. :goodvibes

    That was a shocker! A nice surprise indeed.

    Hi Rachel! One thing we didn't see with the sunrise safari was the elephants. I was bummed because I really wanted to see those.

    Ha ha! Yeah, the kid ditched mom for some alone time in the park.

    Oh thanks. Argh! Still wish I could edit it... :)
  5. DisneyKid4Life

    DisneyKid4Life DIS Veteran

    Mar 3, 2013
    Brenda, I just wanted to take a moment to say...


    On being #2 on all of Disboards for September!!!! :woohoo:

    I think this may be the first time that #1 AND #2 were from the trip boards (though of course I could be wrong). Congrats to you and Jess on this wonderful achievement. And considering Jess' report is an absolute magnet for traffic, I think a case can be made to call you #1. ;)

    It also goes to show that a lot of people were interested in "good happy stuff" last month. :yay:

    If you or anyone else wants to check it out, click right here. DIS PODCAST

    *EDIT: The Top Ten countdown starts around the 38 minute mark. And I believe this is the OFFICIAL thread of the month due to Jess' report being considered in a class of its own.*

    Congrats Again Brenda!! :goodvibes :worship:
  6. distripplanner

    distripplanner Earning My Ears

    Aug 6, 2013
    Hey congrats!!!!! Very impressive! Maybe you can get another trip out of it! "But honey, I was number two for the entire month and I just know that an extra trip added into the report would get me #1!" Besides, if the ankle is healed enough for non light work seems like Disney should be the real test before they require anyone back to the office! See two birds, one stone! Bet he'd be driving you and Em to the airport in the morning! Lol In all seriousness, congrats! A great honor to a great Diser!
  7. emmysmommy

    emmysmommy DIS Veteran

    Jan 30, 2010
    THANK YOU so much Rob!! You are so sweet. :goodvibes And thank for posting the link to the podcast.

    You never know but your next DisneyKid4Life TR could be tops you keep attracting new readers all the time!

    Thanks again! :hug:

    Thank you so very much!!!! Ha ha ha! I love your logic!! Note to Boss - Please excuse Brenda from work to go to WDW to test her stamina for getting around the office! I'd certainly need a different tactic with my DH - probably bribery works well for him. The good news is that we will be back at WDW in about 45 days.

    Thank you again! I love the way you think! :)
  8. emmysmommy

    emmysmommy DIS Veteran

    Jan 30, 2010
    Top Thread Shout Out:

    Thank you Freesone (Neal) for initially heralding the exciting news that this was the #2 DisBoards thread for September 2013! Considering Jess' Frump Style Trip Report is LEGENDARY and will NEVER be rivaled, I'm honored that anyone would choose to follow along with this report. A huge THANK YOU to all who have chosen to either take a peek, read along, or join in and comment ALL of you are sincerely appreciated. And even to those who accidently clicked on the wrong link, you deserve thanks as well!

    And again, a sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU to DisneyKid4Life (Rob) for his kind comments and link to the Podcast for reference.

    In a tribute to just a fraction of those that made this one of the Top Threads of the month, I want to give a special shout out to those that were the first to join this trip report. I present you with the following Disers who chimed in on page one:

    1. The distinction of being the very first to join in was DisneyKid4Life (Rob) - Check out Robs current TR If This Is A Dream I Don't Want To Wake Up Pop Goes the Solo Trip". He captured so beautifully what it is like to watch WISHES and have the awe of Disney all around. Even if a small child said those now legendary words, "if this is a dream I don't want to wake up" a lot of us feel that same way! Reference this magical moment here. Look for Rob's return to WDW in early December! Emmy and I definitely look forward to meeting Rob then since our dates coincide.

    2. Nohal, (?) has the honor of being the 2nd Diser to join in. Nohal is a fellow Yak & Yeti fried wonton lover!

    3. KatMark (Kathy) I had the pleasure of meeting Kathy during this last trip. Her current TR is: What Time is the 4 oclock Rain? She will also be returning to WDW in early December and Im excited to see her once again. If you havent discovered her TRs you will not only see a ton of Dismeets but her hilarious husband, Mark, modeling cute hats. Look for a PTR coming soon.

    4. Lutheranchick82 (Kelly) - This young lady incorporated her love of Disney into her wedding theme. You can read her wedding story here And you MUST see her amazing Disney themed wedding cake.

    5. Micandminforever (?) has been to WDW at least 18 times, their signature is full of trips including one of my favorites for their 25th anniversary trip (BLT) Minandminforever was a follower for my Admiral Suite TR earlier this year and I was excited to see her here for this one as well.

    6. Natebenma (Dee) - is the hostess for the YC/BC threads where a TON of people look to her expertise and knowledge about these resorts. She also has a trip report in progress from her summer family trip Hijinks & Shenanigans but not much Mayhem@The Dark Side+Disney: Summer 2014 Dee was one of the first Disers that I became familiar with when I first joined the Disboards over 3 years ago. I'm looking forward to Dee's 2015 (?) adventures of being a chaperone for her younger son's school trip since her last one was a great TR!

    7. IHeartDDuck (Dani) - Dani is hilarious, adorable, and her exuberance shows in her Trip Reports. Speaking of which, she currently has THREE TRs!!! That is dedication! One of my favorite reads is her latest family trip to WDW (if you want to see what the treehouse villas look like, drop by her TR!) I Want to Sell Tee-Tee to Other People TR Her Second TR - And This is Why They Have Doors on the Tram And finally, her Third TR from a business trip to Southern California that HAD to include a trip to Disneyland. Business Trip to San Diego? I'M GOING TO DIDNEYRAND!!!!!-April 2013 Dani summed it up with this quote from her TR intro: And I said to myself....."what self respecting Disney freak would go all the way out to California, be spitting distance from Disneyland, and not go?""

    8. DaveinFallsChurch (Dave) - Dave quickly became one of my favorite Disers when I discovered his TR earlier this year and not just because he made me cry with his amazing photos of sunrise over the Reflection Pool by the Washington Monument. See here for proof of his talent. You MUST check out his work he's a true genius and I still cant believe that he only picked up a professional camera within the last year or two. Daves PTR is found here: A photo Safari Halloween Solo Trip for Oct'13 . Heres his TR from earlier this year that showcases some of his amazing photographs: A Winter Escape to the Enchanted Forest-Jan'13

    9. Teekathepony (Wendy): Wendy is another AMAZING photographer who not only incorporates her beautiful photos into her reports but she actually takes the time to give photo advice to novices such as myself who rarely stray from the auto setting on a camera! Wendys Photo 101 updates are a must read if you are interested to know what white balance or ISO means. She also incorporates the most adorable and perfectly themed gifs into her updates. I truly enjoy following along with her reports. Here's her PTR: What's the Catch - Do I Not Get Bacon?

    10. TxShadow (?) Is a loyal lurker and I'm very glad to have them follow along! Also a proud Texan who extended a virtual welcome to my middle son when he moved there in couple months ago. Thank you for joining and following along, I hope you are still reading.

    11. Goofysonsmom (Vicki) Vicki is one of the Disers that I consider a personal friend as I've had the privilege of meeting her at WDW a couple times. Well be meeting up and touring WDW together again in December. Vicki has taken many mother/son trips and our kids are the same age so we are on a similar journey together. Vicki is an active part of the Dining Boards and I love to read her dining reports shes influenced my dining choices more than a few times! Her current dining review can be found here Mom & Son - The Last Time? An August TiW DR.

    12. Wood Nymph (I know but I'll let her share if she chooses) Because I hogged so many posts on page 1, I'm including Wood Nymph in my final shout out. She had the distinction of being the trivia winner from my last TR! See her winning answers here. She will also be in WDW while Emmy and I are there in December and perhaps our paths will cross!

    And then there are all of YOU! I see so many loyal followers from some of my past Dis trip reports and dining reviews and then new readers. I realize I may have missed someone but it is not intentional. Seriously, I didn't want to leave anyone out so you all get honorable mention. I feel like Oprah, you get a shout out, and you get a shout out, you ALL get a shout out!!!

    So to the following Disers, a heartfelt THANK YOU once again:
    Jmm476 (Jill), Jecskc (Susan), Scottny (Scott), Mrs. Drewsky (Ashley), WDWgirl03 (Sarah), Courtneybelle (Courtney), Jabead (Barb), Rachel09985 (Rachel), DonaldDoleWhip (Mr. DDW!), Vettegirl (Lori), Alysa (yep, Alysa!), MrsB1228 (Carol), Princess_momma (Kimmy), Annie170 (Annie?), Linda67 (Linda, a fellow December Diser), Eandesmom (Cynthia), Blessedmom4 (Judy), Smile4stamps (Paula, another fellow December Diser and someone that I've been able to meet up with several times at DL), Pattiken (Patti), KathyZ (Kathy), WDWaddict, MiaBella05, YCFan (our secret!), MissPotts (Amy), livsmom04 (Charlotte), Deenbrad (Denise), awefullybigadventure, MarDgreen88 (Marissa), Katt789 (Katt future CM!), jediJill (Jill), Francis6306 (Christen), Gin0818, MEK (Mary Ellen), Freesone (Neal & Kathleen the Podcast follower and heralder!), Tallen429 (Trish), Wilma-Bride (Joh another lovely Diser that I've met a couple times), Chattadisser (Christine), Disneyfan61 (Doreen), 2xcited2sleep (Christine), EmilyinDisney (Emily), auntfrannie, foodrocksluver, wiigirl, Lisa29, dtr_angel (Melissa), Peachmermaid (Jennifer another Diser Ive met!), GrumpsWife (Trisha), BringingUpDisney, Carable (Cara), khaleesi, klacey1 (Kylie), SAT887 (Sarah), mom2m&k (Mandy), KristinAnne, Avasmommy526 (Nicole), Littlestinkerbelle,

    distripplanner; momabbate (Sandy) a fellow proud military mom, Orangecats2, PlutosRHM55 (Timmy), Viva Las Disney (?sorry if youve said), Crepemyrtle, TriniandBre, lobsterkmd, Queenofallthings (Jacquie), sweetpeaandevie (Raina), Wendyt_ca, TMGosizk (Tina Marie/TM), Humblepie, Millie12591 (Camille a new BFF!), Kel585, uncw89, onejellyshelly, Bab0918, smiths02, fabulousfive, kdkdmac, self_reqing_princz (Becky), syntigger, tinawv, Goofy4prez (Bob), DMGeurts (D~), TheMaxRebo (a dad!), kbarrett, nermel9 (Jen), nfggirl5454, JohnstonMandy, JulieODC, WeatherbySwann (Blake read his Disney blog!!), burly (Kim), DisneyJo (Jo a Dis Moms Panel member and has stayed in the Cinderella Suite!), BraesMom (Crystal), TiggerRN2 (Linda), 25eels (a friend of one of my Dis meet pals), ZehnJahren, Rabbruzzetti, Blessedby3, SundancerUK (Elaine), HollyRose (Holly), princessjv, cajunfan (Lynn), Happy2012, Tinker12, kamickey, LMN, amitrat, Jerzetta, gracer9977, Blessed wth triplets,lovelygirl1975, MNtwinsplus1mom, AGPrincess (Emma), Jedimeg16 (Megan), HBGDancermom, littlenellbell (Kristy), msjprincess, ratherbeinAK, monica23535, style2k7, deedee2177, bsjs0708, princessnpirate, maddiebee, april7901, and MK2010.

    Note: My apologies if I messed up a name or user name. It would be a complete oops!

    To the remaining folks who may be following along but are too shy to comment, no worries, I'm just glad that you are here as well. You never know, you could be the next lucky winner of my trivia contest. Want to see all the fun from last time? Look here.

    With humble thanks!! :grouphug:

    Continuing onto next TR post

  9. DMGeurts

    DMGeurts Never open texts with the "Hand Sewn Button" attac

    Feb 25, 2008
    WOW!!! This is just so awesome Brenda!!! Congratulations!!! I honestly never knew there was such a thing! Cool!

  10. dtr_angel

    dtr_angel You're really cute, but I have no idea what you ar

    Jan 13, 2008
    That's awesome Brenda! Congratulations! Thanks for the shout out I feel special! :)

    Sent from my iPhone using DISBoards
  11. KatMark

    KatMark DIS Veteran

    Aug 5, 2007
    That is awesome, Brenda. I told you that you were the queen of popularity!

    What a nice tribute you did to your readers, and thanks for the shout-out to my TR.

    I can't wait to see you again in December (and Mark's already volunteered to be our photographer!).
  12. klacey1

    klacey1 DIS Veteran

    Feb 19, 2008
    Woo hoo! Your TRs are always a fun read, so I'm not at all surprised this thread was #2 for Sept!!
  13. DisneyKid4Life

    DisneyKid4Life DIS Veteran

    Mar 3, 2013
    OK, just WOW.

    This has to be one of the most amazing posts I've ever read and truly shows how much you appreciate all your readers and followers. To take the time to write this up... there are just no words. And I may steal that idea. :laughing:

    Obviously I sincerely :thanks: for your kind words for me. :hug:
    I confess that I may have just sat on the TR main page hitting refresh over and over knowing this would show up at some point just to get in first. :rolleyes1 Yeah, it's a bit obsessive, but hey, I got to be the first on the #2 THREAD IN ALL OF DISBOARDS. No pain, no gain. :thumbsup2

    The fact that you are so supportive of so many TR's shows that you are a real DIS superstar, which makes this achievement all the more deserved. I can't wait to meet you in December!!! :goodvibes
  14. livsmom04

    livsmom04 DIS Veteran

    Jan 3, 2008
    That's so awesome! And to reply to your reply about two trips for next year we are hoping we can pull it off or at least one for next year and then for the next year within the amount of time we have for the annual passes. I'm hoping that if we do get the AP's then we can plan for short quick trips there. We only live roughly 8 hrs from WDW and honestly won't take that long if we don't drink anything either! Haha. Can't wait to read more!

    Sent from my iPad using DISBoards
  15. sj&k

    sj&k Mouseketeer

    Feb 17, 2007
    Well, you brought me out of lurkdom. I read all of your reports and enjoy them a lot, since I have a 17 year old daughter and hope one day to enjoy the kind of trips that you and Emmy do together. Right now DH always insists on tagging along! You truly seem like a genuinely kind person and the world could use more of those. Thanks for sharing your experiences with all of us!
  16. Linda67

    Linda67 Has a Masters in Margaritas

    Aug 18, 2009
    Brenda you are a legend!
    What an awesome and heartfelt post
    Can't wait to meet up in December :)
  17. Kathy Z

    Kathy Z Counting my Blessings

    Feb 23, 2009
    Congratulations Brenda for your trip report being named "Thread of the Month" by the DISboards podcast!

    And thanks to Rob for posting the link. I've never taken the time to watch a podcast before but I watched 3/4 of this one until they got to the top ten.

    Brenda, your personality and writing style just draw me into following your posts. Besides being informative you are just zany enough (I mean that in a good way) to make your reports so much fun to read.

    On a side note, why can't Disney make a Magic Band in a color similar to these last two paragraphs?
  18. DisneyJo

    DisneyJo Missing my tags!

    Oct 22, 2006
    Congrats on being named top thread, it's very well deserved :yay:

    Not Brenda but I so agree, I'd love a purple band :goodvibes
  19. courtneybelle

    courtneybelle What foolishness would you like to see?

    Jun 9, 2013
    CONGRATULATIONS BRENDA!!! :banana::worship:pixiedust::cheer2::mickeyjumparty::woohoo:

    Smiley overload. It had to happen.

    I have loved getting to "know" you and Em through your TRs, and you have been so sweet to me and all the other readers of this TR, so you deserve all the praise in the world. I definitely made a good choice in joining in the fun :thumbsup2

    Can't wait to continue reading about your adventures!!
  20. deedee2177

    deedee2177 Disney Darling

    Jul 24, 2012
    Congratulations Brenda on Top Thread!!!!!! :worship::woohoo::wave2::thumbsup2::yes:::cutie::banana::wizard:pixiedust: Well deserved. Thank you for the Honorable Mention, I was well.....honored! LOL Looking forward to the next update!
  21. DWGal210

    DWGal210 DIS Veteran

    Jan 10, 2008
    New reader here! :cool1: I've been reading your TR and so I'm all caught up! Great report, love hearing all about your adventures! Now I need to go and read your dining reviews. :thumbsup2

    Take care, have a great weekend!
    ~ Katie

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