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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Disneymomma0783, Jul 10, 2014.

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    Apr 14, 2014
    Hi all!

    Alright so in my never ending debate in my head between BC and YC, I am leaning towards YC right now. We would upgrade to a garden view. I have lots of research and have found a lot of information on YC room recommendations but not so much on YC.
    I ideally would like a room located towards beach club, facing Epcot. Is this even remotely possible? Any suggestions on how to request a room location or where to would be greatly appreciated. Any stories of great views I would appreciate!
    We usually stay at CBR and I'm so familiar and comfortable with the resort layout for requests, YC is throwing me for a (fun and exciting!) loop!
    Thank you!

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