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Yay for free dining!!

Discussion in 'Australia' started by mickeyd78, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. mickeyd78

    mickeyd78 Member

    Just got an email from our Disney TA to say she managed to apply free dining to our Oct/Nov stay at POR RGR!! A huge saving, close to $1000. I guess we have more spending money now.

    Have any other Aussies managed to get FD?
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  3. Travel Mum

    Travel Mum Mouseketeer

    I'm so thrilled for you as that is exactly what happened to us on our POR booking last year! :cool1: Although we had to check in two days earlier than we had planned so had to fly out two days earlier - not a hardship at all as it was 2 mores days at WDW and with free dining :yay:
  4. 5ofus

    5ofus Mouseketeer


    Think of all that extra shopping... :)
  5. Ms. Shuttergirl

    Ms. Shuttergirl Mouseketeer

    Yes we were lucky enough to get it but ended up having to make some changes to our accom etc. Very blessed though.

    WAMUMOF4 Mouseketeer

    :cool1: Extra spending money awesome:cool1:

    pixiedust: thats great are you not doing a split stay anymore?
  7. Luisa

    Luisa Member

    I'm so happy for everyone getting FD and saving some dollars! My TA said she could get it for me if I change from AoA to Pop but I'm really looking forward to the new resort so have decided to stay where I am. Keep your fingers crossed for me that Disney decides to open the LM rooms for FD too!
  8. becpee

    becpee I see sock puppets

    Free dining here also, it will save us alot of $
    Between 3 of us and 9 days at WDW it's certainly decent :thumbsup2
  9. mickeyd78

    mickeyd78 Member

    So glad to hear that other here got FD too. It's a great discount!
  10. Royal Consort

    Royal Consort And I thought a Park Hopper was just a Kangaroo in

    We had to shift resorts but I'm ok with that. We still save a substantial amount with the free num nums.
  11. Travel Mum

    Travel Mum Mouseketeer

    Which resorts did you have to switch to and from?
  12. dabecs

    dabecs Returning to WDW 2014!

    We have free dining too:)
  13. DizOz

    DizOz Mouseketeer

    Crossing my fingers they have it for the same period next year.
  14. australiankaren

    australiankaren I do love me my free H20...thank you Mickey.....DV

    Ok its not much, but just saved $41.50usd :thumbsup2 off my 2 nights at POP using AP discount.....that will pay for our Kona breakfast and maybe a pin:rotfl:
  15. Ms. Shuttergirl

    Ms. Shuttergirl Mouseketeer

    Nope we had to choose 1 or the other resort because of the small window of Free Dining while we are there. We are now staying the whole time at Port Orleans French Quarter and that is okay because we were always looking forward to staying there and we can still visit AKL and take some pics. And with the nearly 2k saving by not staying at AKL and then the probably $150-$200 per day saving of free dining for us, I think I can live with the change :rotfl2:
  16. becpee

    becpee I see sock puppets

  17. Luisa

    Luisa Member

    I caved and got my TA to switch my booking to Pop for free dining- just got the confirmation email. Knowing my luck they'll release LM now...
  18. mickeyd78

    mickeyd78 Member

    Ha ha. Probably. But if not, I think you did the right thing. Free dining is worth it, and you can always wander across the bridge to check out AoA.
  19. nikdisney

    nikdisney Earning My Ears

    So far we are missing out on the free dining :sad: We arrive in Orlando 3rd Dec and that week there is no discount offered. I have my fingers crossed that some sort of room discount will be released. I'd love extra spending money:cool1:

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