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World Cup!

Discussion in 'UK Trip Planning Forum' started by Claire-Bear, May 4, 2010.

  1. Claire-Bear

    Claire-Bear Active Member

    Hi Guys

    Do Orlando's TV stations play all UK WC games (anywhere I can find out?)? Do any of the restaurants/bars on Citywalk play World Cup UK games? Do you have to make a special request?

    One match will be on whilst we're flying (we'll have to ask the flight attendants to radio in and find out the results!) and one will be on (23rd June 11am Orlando time) whilst we're at Universal Studios (so BF wants to pop out and see it at a local bar).


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  3. luke

    luke Señor Mejor

    Don't worry, hopefully England will already have been dumped out by the time they play Slovenia on the 23rd ;)

  4. macca77

    macca77 Member

    Well im hoping luke is very wrong with his prediction. Yes the world cup games are covered on espn in america or at least was last time we was their.
    I watched a game in jimmy buffetts margaritaville. He will get to see it fine. Though i think the game actually starts at 10am us time.
    Jimmy buffetts may not be open but they will be somewhere in the park to watch it, I know in ioa the bar next to duelling dragons shows the game also.

    Cmon england.
  5. nemmie

    nemmie Active Member

    I would call NBA City and/or the Nascar restaurants at City Walk to ask if they will be showing the game. Both have sports bars so you may be in luck.

    I would of thought ESPN will be showing all the WC games.

    Depending how far you want to pop out from universal you can guarantee that the English pubs on I drive will have it on. One of the English pubs, I think its called the George and Dragon is prob the closest about a 5 min drive from Universal. It's right next to Wet and Wild.
  6. Claire-Bear

    Claire-Bear Active Member

    Only problem is Lost Continent is now plowed under WWOHP so not sure if they will be showing in Hogs Head pub? Would be great if they did being so close to where we want to be!! Since it's meant to be an English pub we'll have to hope!

    Great thanks for the info :) I'll call ahead and see what they say.
  7. nemmie

    nemmie Active Member

    We may of had more luck if it had been the Quidditch WC LOL LOL!
    Saying that is IS supposed to be an English pub so you never know! :thumbsup2
  8. macca77

    macca77 Member

    Aslong as they still have a tv in their id near gurantee the game will be on, i watched bits of games their in 06, wife went on duelling dragons while i watched the football win win imo.
  9. Claire-Bear

    Claire-Bear Active Member

    Haha yeah! Hopefully the wizarding world is interested in muggle sports!
  10. Jordanblackpool

    Jordanblackpool Active Member

    Hooters will be showing everygame id have thought, cheap beer, cheap food...what more can you ask for!:cheer2:
  11. Claire-Bear

    Claire-Bear Active Member

    Hooters isn't really where I want to be going :rotfl: more of a guy thing. Plus it would be great to find somewhere v close by since we'll be in the parks that day :)
  12. luke

    luke Señor Mejor

    There are some pubs on I drive, maybe Cricketers Arms? Some friends of ours went there to watch Chelsea V Liverpool when we were there last, whilst we were all in Magic Kingdom.
    Personally I'd rather not bother with watching football while I'm in Orlando, as I've said before, I can watch football every week, I can't go to WDW/universal/sea world etc every week :)

  13. natalielongstaff

    natalielongstaff <font color=deeppink>I need a cup of tea and a big

    :lmao: im with you on this one !

    Hope everyone who DOES want to watch the game finds a spot to catch it
  14. luke

    luke Señor Mejor

  15. pfc123

    pfc123 Member

    According to the schedule I have, England v. Slovenia is at 10am (Orlando time) on ESPN2. Every place will have that channel. The only problem I see you having is that there is also a USA match v. Algeria at the exact same time on ESPN. So you may need to find a place with multiple TVs. But I would bet that every place in City Walk will be showing World Cup.

    And to those with family wanting to watch world cup in Orlando. Yes, football (soccer) is on almost weekly but world cup only comes around every 4 years! :yay:
  16. nemmie

    nemmie Active Member

    Normally I would agree and I would be more than a little miffed if I had to watch footie whilst in the States. However I feel like the World Cup is a little different and also even as a non footie fan I actually start getting really excited about the games as we go on. I would feel a bit mean denying hubby the chance to watch such a huge tournement. He's a sports fanatic so I also have to put up with all the golf majors, F1, cricket and even snooker lol.
  17. luke

    luke Señor Mejor

    Would be great if the USA won!!!

  18. macca77

    macca77 Member

    Nemie you sound like my wife, im a sports nut also mainly football and nfl though.
    World cup is diffrent to the normal weekly games as it brings the alot more people together supporting the 1 team and makes for great atmospheres in the bars out their.
    We went to the sports bar when england last played in the world cup was a really good day, actually was thinking off going back to america during the world cup but changed to september.
    Wife though she doesnt admit it yet loves the world cup also, just not the nite we usually go out on as i sulk.
  19. luke

    luke Señor Mejor

    And our nations saviour Sir Wayne of Rooneyshire seems to have picked up an injury today, maybe it won't finally be England's year ;)

  20. Claire-Bear

    Claire-Bear Active Member

    For someone from the UK you seem to be pretty against the England team :confused3

    Come on England! :goodvibes
  21. macca77

    macca77 Member

    Well said claire cmon england.
    Rooney will be fine in as months time dont you worry about that.

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