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Wishes Dessert Party ADR Watch Thread # 2 - September 2013 OPEN!!!

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reservations' started by sjs314, Oct 5, 2012.

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  1. staceymarie

    staceymarie New Member

    Waited last year for August.

    This year, waiting for April!
    Checking daily. Hopefully soon I can get a confirmation email with my requested date!

    The desert party is awesome and a must-do for us!
    (DD likes the chocolate mousse).:)
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  3. Kaylasmomma

    Kaylasmomma New Member

    i have been trying multiple times a day i FEEL ya!!

    just tried for first week in march still no luck :( :worried:
  4. Kaylasmomma

    Kaylasmomma New Member

    HEY all i dont know if this means anything but i am thinking that march is opening today or tomorrow..

    i went today to try again for 1st week in march and for the first time EVER it actually showed the TIMES under the calendar (wouldnt let me click it but it was there) ..its never done that before for me it. It has always said NO times available.
    SO i waited went back like 15mins later and the times thing was gone.
    Is it possible they were setting it up in the system to start taking them soon so I wanted to let everyone know :goodvibes

    Good luck all!!
  5. Mommy2TwoMickeys

    Mommy2TwoMickeys New Member

    I sure hope so! I just checked again for the first week in March and still nothing :scratchin

    EDITED: I just looked back at the thread and February opened up 29 days before the first of the month(on 1/3/13 they opened up the month of February) soo... 29 days before March 1, 2013 is in fact TOMORROW!!! Lets just hope that is the case!!
  6. monkeyknuckler

    monkeyknuckler New Member

    A little frustrating trying to book this thing. Too bad online booking can't show you availability on a buch of different days, or tell you officially how far in advance you can book. Can't wait until Mymagic+ rolls out, then you'll see some real online problems. :worried:
  7. bababear_50

    bababear_50 <font color=royalblue>Does amazing things with tee

    Trying my best tomorrow and Friday.Come on March !!!!!
    Hugs Mel
  8. iheartdisney123

    iheartdisney123 New Member

    Thinking about booking this for our vacation in March too! I have a couple family members wondering if its worth the money. Want to help me convince them?
  9. glass half full

    glass half full New Member

    My thoughts as well. I expect them to show up Thursday or Friday.
    BTW- the time has defaulted to 7 pm for weeks now when it try to check for openings..

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  10. Missy13d69

    Missy13d69 New Member

    I don't know if this means anything, but usually when I check, the default date is whatever the current date is. Every time I looked today, it was on March 1st. I would search for April and take it off that date, so it wasn't remembering me...
  11. Kaylasmomma

    Kaylasmomma New Member

    for me it was March 1st for awhile, then 15th, then the 27th

    but now its doing 8/14/0004... weird
  12. Chuckers

    Chuckers Missing my day trips to Disneyland :(

    Great plentiful desserts and an awesome uncrowded view of Wishes.
  13. rn_wannabe

    rn_wannabe RN since 1-2008 (no longer rn_wannabe)

    Nevermind. . .
  14. mhartel1

    mhartel1 New Member

    I went to see online ADR for march got a message that the site is temporarily out of service. Hoping it comes back up with march open, lol.
  15. Kaylasmomma

    Kaylasmomma New Member

    I just tried still nothing oh this is so frustrating :worried:

    does anyone who has already made their rsvp know a magic time of the day it came up??
  16. Maddysdaddy

    Maddysdaddy New Member

    In the hopes that CM's might have access to the system while the website is down, I just called.

    The CM I spoke with said that the systems were down for another half hour for maintenance and to call back then - I replied that before I waste more money calling long distance (really wish they had a toll free # for people outside the US), did she have any updated info on when the dessert party dates were going to be released for March.

    The advice I received was that they would be made available some time the 1st week of February and to check back next week. Considering tomorrow is February 1, I guess it's a matter of annoying my employer by logging on every hour to check for dates until they actually show up.
  17. TXMemaw

    TXMemaw New Member

    Waiting for May to see :tinker:fly over us at the party!
  18. jmarsh

    jmarsh New Member

    I'm waiting for May too
  19. jlundeen

    jlundeen Mickey Fanatic

    That really is pretty cool!!
  20. just teachin

    just teachin New Member

    Newbie question: Does the 9pm light parade come past this restaurant? We only are planning on one late night in MK so we really want to catch both. (I've just learned about this dessert buffet-- wheeee! Looks amazing!!)

    Thanks in advance for your help!
  21. PacoDF

    PacoDF New Member

    It seems it's not a good spot to see the parade. It's too far away and the people will block your line of sight anyways.

    Most DIS users recommend to attend the Dessert Party one night, and watch the parade another day.
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