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WISH Away The Pounds - Marvelous March Challenge ~~ All are WELCOME!

Discussion in 'W.I.S.H' started by pjlla, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. pjlla

    pjlla <font color=blue><><<br><font color=deeppink>Only

    Marvelous March has begun!

    Welcome to WISH Away the Pounds--Marvelous March 2013 edition!

    Please read the complete instructions in post 2, and then let me know if you have any questions.
    The philosophy behind our new challenge: small achievable goals. One month at a time, one week at a time, one day at a time, one bite at a time.
    Results will be posted as a % lost (pounds) towards monthly goal.

    Thanks to Rose&Mike for creating our new challenge format which was a great success in January! :thanks:

    Weigh in Days--Weight Loss/Maintain
    PM Weight to pjlla

    Initial weight and goal by 3/3 if possible.
    Friday, March 8
    Friday, March 15
    Friday, March 22
    Friday, March 29

    Last weigh-in due no later than Sunday, March 31.

    Weight Loss Goals:
    10%, orange
    25% bright pink
    50% purple
    75% turquoise
    90% red--FINISH STRONG!
    100%WISH green

    Maintainer Goals
    25% bright pink
    50% purple
    75% turquoise
    100%WISH green
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  3. pjlla

    pjlla <font color=blue><><<br><font color=deeppink>Only

    Welcome to Marvelous March WISH Away the Pounds-- March 2013 Edition
    Losers and Maintainers welcome!

    Pm weights to pjlla

    Coaches for March
    March 1-7 - pjlla (Pamela)
    March 8-14 - pjlla (Pamela
    March 15-21 - Rose&Mike (Rose)
    March 22-28 - Flossbolna (Magdalene)
    March 29/30/31 (or the full week until April 4) ??

    Future Hosts:
    April araes2102 (Amanda)
    May donac (Dona)
    June YOUR NAME HERE! :teeth:

    How the challenge works:
    This is the new and improved challenge that replaces the BL challenges. Like the show has evolved, so have our challenges and this format takes the best of that long standing tradition and makes it even better! ::yes::

    The goal of the new challenge is to meet your weight loss/maintain goals on a monthly basis. Results will be posted as percentages toward goal and your color will change as you approach your goal, similar to the exercise thread on the WISH boards. It is the hope that this new format will encourage some great discussions about weight loss, maintaining, diet, exercise and healthy living!

    It is up to the hostess each month as to whether she wants to have coaches/Question of the day, mini-challenges, etc. It is her month, so she can choose to handle it how she wants.

    Heres how the new challenge will work. It is going to be a monthly individual challenge. Each month is a new start. You are competing against yourself to meet your goals for the month. No one will know your actual weight (unless you share it) except the hostess for the month. NO GOAL IS TOO SMALL.

    Let me repeat: NO GOAL IS TOO SMALL. A loss is a loss is a loss. Your color will change based on your % lost toward goal.

    On Monday nights the thread will be updated with percentage toward goal.

    Here is an example of what the stats will look like.

    Updated January 7, 2013
    Minnie Mouse 25.00 %
    Daisy Duck 12.00 %
    Goofy 0.00 %
    Donald Duck 33.33 %
    Mickey Mouse 40.00 %

    Weight Loss Goals:
    10%, orange
    25% bright pink
    50% purple
    75% turquoise
    90% red--ALMOST THERE!
    100%WISH green

    In this case Goofy, put on a few pounds, but that will be reported as 0%. We are not going to call people out, but just report positive moves towards your goal!

    Minnie Mouse had a starting weight of 110 with a goal of 4 pounds. At her weigh in she reported a weight of 109 with a percentage loss of 25%.

    Your color will change based on your % loss. If you gain, your percentage will decrease, and your color will change, but no one will know your weight except the hostess. Only your % loss toward goal will be reported. Negative percentages will not be reported

    Participants (other than the hostess) will not know your pound lost goal or actual weight unless you choose to share it with them.

    Maintainers will set a goal for the month of number of weeks they would like to stay in maintain range (+/- 4 pounds).
    They will weigh in on the first day of the month and then on each of the weekends. Their results will be reported as percentages along with their goal.

    For example:
    Pluto 1/4 25%.

    Pluto has a goal of maintaining all four weeks. He put on 1 pound at the first weigh in, but is in his maintain range.

    Maintainer Goals
    25% bright pink
    50% purple
    75% turquoise
    100%WISH green

    It really is pretty simple. Remember, no one will see your weight or pound loss goal except the hostess unless you choose to share it.

    Percentage loss will be updated once a week. If you miss sending in your weight over the weekend, no big deal, just send an update the following weekend. Please understand that this is a volunteer job and the hostess will only be updating once a week.

    Hopefully I have answered all of your questions.

    Good luck! I look forward to seeing everyone meet their healthy living goals!
  4. pjlla

    pjlla <font color=blue><><<br><font color=deeppink>Only



    aamomma 50%

    araes2102 100%

    Eliza32 100%

    PlutoBaby 26%

    Flossbolna 20%

    BernardandMissBianca 65%


    The Mystery Machine


    pix13dust 100%



    Desiree 76%

    dismagiclover 20%

    DisFam95 48%

    hunter1211 100%

    Quicklabs 100%


    50sjayne 80%

    jillbur 0%

    nocomment711 16%


    WDWorBUST 92%

    penguin1102 30%


    iheartjuppy 100%

    mikamah 96%


    princessbride6205 90%


    myweegirls 2/4
  5. pjlla

    pjlla <font color=blue><><<br><font color=deeppink>Only

    And let the chatting commence! We will finish up with our February challenge today with a huge THANK YOU to Lisa for being our wonderful hostess!

    Feel free to grab a moving buddy and reserve your spot for March! :thumbsup2 ................P
  6. pix13dust

    pix13dust New Member

    I'm in! Thanks for hosting Pamela :)
  7. goofyfigment

    goofyfigment New Member

    Im in for March lets hope i do better in march than i did in feb
  8. BernardandMissBianca

    BernardandMissBianca <font color=red>I just love a dancing banana!<br>< Moderator

    I'm in!! I will PM my weight in a few minutes.

    My goal is 4 pounds

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  9. PlutoBaby

    PlutoBaby Treat stress like a dog;pee on it and walk away.

    Hi again ladies!!:wave2: I'm definitely in again for March for 3 pounds. Maybe, just MAYBE, I'll hit that ever elusive goal weight this month??? :confused3

    Thanks to our hostess and coaches for February! :love:
  10. The Mystery Machine

    The Mystery Machine New Member

    Good morning and thanks for hosting!!! :wave2: I am going for 1 lb a week again. I have to go for it.
  11. lisah0711

    lisah0711 <font color=red>♥ <font color=royalblue>her Disney

    Subscribing. Ooo, I love me a brand, new shiny thread! ::yes::
  12. Flossbolna

    Flossbolna <font color=teal>Sea days are just so relaxing!<br

    Pamela, thanks for hosting March!

    I am here and will once again try for 5 pounds as my goal. Not that I managed that the last two months, but I know that it is the goal I would be really happy with, so I better try to reach it! :thumbsup2 The cruise is coming closer and I really want to hit a certain milestone before. And besides that I am going to continue to be "shredded", so that should help!

    Do you still need coaches for March? The last week would work very well for me. It is Easter week, so work will be quieter and I have no great plans for Easter. But I could make another week work as well!
  13. Eliza32

    Eliza32 New Member

    I'm in too for a third month....gonna try for 7lb again in March as I actually beat that in February. WooHoo, you lot are really keeping me on track.

    It was Weigh-In at my slimming club last night and I got awards for Slimmer of the week (A fruit basket) and slimmer of the month for February (I can have a pen, a key ring or a mug...I've opted for the mug as I could use a new one for work).
  14. Eliza32

    Eliza32 New Member

    Would I be correct in assuming that WI will be:

    1st Friday 1st March
    2nd Friday 8th March
    3rd Friday 15th March
    4th Friday 22nd March
    5th Friday 29th March
    Last Chance - Sunday 31st March

  15. 50sjayne

    50sjayne New Member

    That's so great!
  16. WDWorBUST

    WDWorBUST <font color=purple>BL II - Purple Team<br><font co

    I need some accountability....I would love to join you guys again. It's been a while but I used to be a regular on the WISH boards and BL challenges.
  17. Eliza32

    Eliza32 New Member

    I think that the combination of going to a class every week and joining you guys on here is working for me really well.

    The Slimming class is working towards my long term goal (not really decided what it is yet...but it sure is a lot of lbs!) and doing these monthly challenges with you all on TheDis is helping me to break it down into manageable chunks. Since 7th Jan I've lost 19.5lb in total.

    Thanks so much to you all for just being there.
  18. Eliza32

    Eliza32 New Member

    WDWorBUST.......Welcome aboard our big happy weight-loss bus!!! (Love your username!)
  19. myweegirls

    myweegirls <font color=deeppink>Caught the Disney Bug from my

    I'm in! I swear I'm going to do my darnedest to post more (at all!) in March. I don't know where February went... I'm in as a maintainer again & just PM'd my last February/start March number. Woo!

    DH and I are going out on a 4-night Dream escape the last week in March while our DDs are at Camp Grandma. How awful of us, right? ;) So I definitely need to stay on track this month in advance of that.

    And I'm in full training mode for the Nike Women's Half Marathon in DC at the end of April. This is the first race I'm fundraising for, too, so I'm feeling *extra* committed. :) Along those lines, if anyone's a particular supporter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and wants to pledge to my run, drop me a PM...

    I hope everyone's doing well - I've loved keeping up with you all this past month even while I've been in lurker mode!

    Just think, by the end of this challenge piece, it'll be spring!!! Yaahhhoooo!!! :)


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  20. nocomment711

    nocomment711 Ces Soirees-La

    I'm in again this month, this time without a week long trip in the middle of it.

    And I'm going for a more attainable goal this time.
  21. Desiree

    Desiree <font color=purple>BL II - Purple Team<br><font co

    I'm going to be optimistic and try for 6 pounds this month! I actually hit goal for February so I'm pretty pumped. ONEderland, watch out... I'm coming after you in April!

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