WISH Away the Pounds--January 2013 challenge--Everyone Welcome!

Discussion in 'W.I.S.H' started by Rose&Mike, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. camnhan

    camnhan DIS Veteran

    Sep 24, 2007
    How can I have gained weight when I have not hardly eaten since Monday night!!!! :(
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  3. BernardandMissBianca

    BernardandMissBianca <font color=red>I just love a dancing banana!<br>< Moderator

    Feb 18, 2005
    MEDS!!! And probably holding a lot of fluids etc from the surgery.
  4. penguin1102

    penguin1102 Mouseketeer

    Apr 25, 2012
    I have not had a chance to read the boards today because work as been super busy, but I had to share a great victory. I have been craving sweets like nobodies business and today I ate a cookie and TWO little mini cake things. :scared1: However I counted the points for them and including my dinner I still have 2 points to spare!! :cool1:
  5. tarzansmom

    tarzansmom I would rather be at Walt Disney World!

    Dec 31, 2012
    Just joining in. Haven't read the whole thread but hope to get to know you guys. I am Lara. Lost a little more than half what I have to lose. Still need to lose atleast 60lbs. I have a less than supportive hubby (he thinks I am starving myself by denying myself junk food- of course he can eat anything and never gain) most of my friends say they support me but ask me out to eat constantly. I have been stuck for a year now at the same weight but working on changing things up to hopefully get things moving.
  6. njcarita

    njcarita <font color=red>BL II - Red Team<br> <font color=t

    Jul 30, 2003
    ugh ugh ugh both my husband and i had physicals today.......... my BMI was 29.1 highest ever .....and my husband was 28.9......... okay I was told i was almost in obese level ...needed to meet with a nutritionist and loose weight........ my husband was told he needed to loose 5 lbs........ really?????? omg whats this difference between men and woman......UNFAIR...........now I am 5'8" shrunk a bit and I am a size 12/14....never thought of that as OBESE... yes overweight but not OBSESE....... okay rant over
  7. pix13dust

    pix13dust DIS Veteran

    Mar 17, 2011
    So busy this week! I've been reading along but haven't had time to respond, husband has the flu and both kids have the stomach bug! Ugh! I've been doing good with watching my calories but no free time to exercise :(
  8. Figment1990

    Figment1990 DIS Veteran

    Jul 29, 2008
    Oh Lara, it's so hard when you don't have the complete support of your friends and family. They really dont mean bad, but dh's who dont gain just dont get it (i have one) and as for friends asking you out to dinner, my only advice is to suggest going for coffee instead. I do that sometimes when i really cant afford to eat out while i diet.

    That's wonderful that you have lost so much already tho! Keep it up and post away here. We will be supportive!
  9. lovetoscrap

    lovetoscrap Sees tag fairy posts that aren't there. Moderator

    Feb 15, 2003

    Really quick drive by post :car: to let you know I am still here. Have had some really exhausting days at work and am PMSing really bad. I probably won't bother to weigh in this week. Hopefully I can try to read back this weekend and at least get to the Questions of the Day.

    I am off to bed 2 hours early because I am just too tired to hold my eyes open. TTYL and everyone have a great Healthy, Happy day tomorrow!
  10. pjlla

    pjlla DIS Veteran

    Oct 21, 2003
    Your metabolism is shutting down from lack of food and your body I'd retaining fluid from the surgery! Stay away from the scale for now!

    How's the pain control?

    Good for you!

    WELCOME! So glad you came ov to join us! Be sure to read page one so you understand how things are running this term!

    Sorry about the bad news. I agree about the unfairness between the sexes. DH says the word diet and loses 5pounds...then he throw his clothes on the treadmill and loses another 5! What's wrong with this!?

    Oh my! So sorry you've been playing nurse! Prayers that everyone recovers quickly and they don't pass it to you. Good job with the calories despite the stress of the week.

    Evening friends! Swim meet went well...DD took first in the 500 freestyle and second in the 200 freestyle

    I've got my work clothes ironed and laid out for tomorrow, alarm is set, lunches are partially packed so I'm heading to dream land! TTY tomorrow! ..........P
  11. princessbride6205

    princessbride6205 DIS Veteran

    May 8, 2006
    I know exactly what you both are talking about with the men! DH stops eating 3 dinners and loses a clothing size!

    And Pamela, I was thinking about you last night. DD had her second swim lesson. Watching her was amazing - she absolutely beamed every time her little face popped out of the water. I think we'll be signing up for a lot more!

    I have got to go finish up last bits of packing - our flight is at 7:30am! Off to see a mouse about a medal!
  12. Greenfield1984

    Greenfield1984 DIS Veteran

    Jan 27, 2007
    I think the difference this time is that I have no more excuses. Over the past 5 years I've had 3 kids and after each one I would think "well, I really need to lose a lot of weight BUT I'm just going to put a bunch back on when we have our next baby... so what's the point of doing it now?" Stupid way to think, but there it is. Now that we're done having kids and our oldest DD is getting older I just really want to be healthy for myself and for my kids. To be able to keep up with them and for them to not be embarrased by me. I also don't want my kids struggling like I did and want to instill good eating habits in them.

    I don't really have a lot of very low cal snacks. I drink a lot of water and I love frozen grapes.

    Ugh my FIL is the worst with this. Whenever we talk about weight loss he says well really it's all about portion control. Because to him, if he gets just one meal from McDonald's instead of 2 he drops 20 pounds!!! I'm already eating sensible portions!! Drives me crazy that he can just cut his junk food in half and hop on the elliptical 30 mins every few days and drop a ton of weight.
  13. pjlla

    pjlla DIS Veteran

    Oct 21, 2003
    Have a WONDERFUL trip and a GREAT run!!

    My DFIL tried to convince us for a while that he was dropping weight just by eating half a potato with each meal instead of a whole potato! Come to find out, he was an undiagnosed diabetic!


    Good Friday morning friends! Bright and sunny here with some icy conditions predicted for tonight. I'm teaching 3rd grade again, so I'll be popping off and on today.

    I had a great weigh-in this morning and I am thrilled to say that I have lost nearly all of that holiday weight! What a relief!

    Up next.... today's QOTD!............P
  14. pjlla

    pjlla DIS Veteran

    Oct 21, 2003
    QOTD for Friday, January 11, 2013:

    Here is my list of ten things to do when the cravings strike hard. What can you add to it??

    1. Brush and floss your teeth. Who wants to mess up such nice clean teeth?

    2. Go to bed. If it is near bedtime, just get away from the kitchen and go to sleep!

    3. Throw away the food. If it is that much of a temptation it probably shouldn't be in the house.

    4. Go back and read day#1 of your food journal, look at your "before" picture, find a great "after" outfit... do SOMETHING to bring back that feeling of "I CAN DO THIS!"

    5. Go for a walk or play an active game (Wii, charades, Simon Says) with your family.

    6. Indulge in another loved activity (other than eating ;)) such as scrapbooking, genealogy research, trip planning, bike riding... preferably something that isn't conducive to eating (which is why I didn't mention television or reading).

    7. Go online window shopping and pick 3 outfits you would like to wear when you get to goal. Print pictures for your fridge or save on a Pinterest board.

    8. Speaking of Pinterest... head over and check out the "Health and Fitness" board. If all of those ab photos don't stop the eating, nothing will! :)

    9. Clean out a drawer, cupboard, shelf, or closet. Plan an OP treat for when you have successfully completed the task.

    10. Come here to our group and chat! Vent about the craving (or the emotional situation that is causing the craving). Or stop by another thread on your favorite Disboards area and help someone else out.... offer a suggestion for a problem, an idea, etc. Helping someone else always makes us feel better about ourselves.
  15. Desiree

    Desiree <font color=purple>BL II - Purple Team<br><font co

    Apr 16, 2000
    Yea, I'm currently addicted to grapes. We buy 2 big containers from Sams and I go through them in a weeks time.

    I woke up this morning and gathered my stuff work work, went to the fridge and MY GRAPES WERE GONE!!!!!!!!!! And someone (DD) took my last banana too! Thankfully I have a couple back up snacks here at work but I'd much rather my grapes than 2 squares of graham crackers. *pout*


    Ugh it is soooo unfair !
  16. pjlla

    pjlla DIS Veteran

    Oct 21, 2003
    I find that the grapes at Costco aren't any cheaper than the grocery store and the quantity is so huge that I'm afraid we won't eat it all in time! I love Costco, but wish the portions weren't all so huge! That said.... I can eat their double size containers of raspberries in one sitting if I'm not careful!.....P
  17. Mary•Poppins

    Mary•Poppins DIS Veteran

    Mar 10, 2010
    I would have to say since I started last year on the BL boards, I have become SO MUCH better with exercise! Sometimes it is only once a week, but I am going out and doing something. And if feels so good.


    1. Water
    2. Clementine
    3. Sugar-free jello (black cherry only)

    :cool1: Good luck on your run!!!!!!

    I would add ... drink 2 glasses of water.

    Today is my baby's birthday. We had his grandparents up last night for cake. (He has a dance this evening.) His brother in college Skyped in. It was a nice evening .... even though I had 2 pieces of cake .... blah!
  18. pjlla

    pjlla DIS Veteran

    Oct 21, 2003
    Where is everyone today? Things are quiet!

    Anyhow.... kids are at music for another few minutes.... then after math we are watching MULAN! :thumbsup2 Finally, an elementary teacher who understands the importance of watching a Disney movie! :lmao:

    I may have a few minutes to pop on while they are at recess and that will probably be it for the day.

    After school I drove DD and a teammate directly to the Y for high school swim practice. Today I will be taking DS along as well. When they are done swimming the teammate and DS are heading to a local arcade place for robotics fun night. I will drop them off there and then hopefully head home with DD. Fingers crossed that DH will be able to head out later and pick them up at the arcade. I would ask them to find a ride with another person, but the weather report for tonight is icy and I don't want them riding with a teen driver.

    If DH can't manage the ride for some reason, I guess DD and I will stay in town and maybe grab a bite to eat and do some window shopping at the mall until the kids are done. The arcade is nearly an hour away from home, so going all the way home doesn't really make a great deal of sense.

    Last night's crockpot chicken was delicious and I was thrilled to be able to pack up leftovers for lunch today for DD and myself! And I had yesterday's leftover steel cut oats for breakfast today.... I threw in a handful of raisins for a sweet treat!

    Off to make a cup of tea before I grab the kids from music! Enjoy your day!.........P
  19. lisah0711

    lisah0711 <font color=red>♥ <font color=royalblue>her Disney

    Sep 9, 2005
    Good morning from Epcot. :teeth: Having a wonderful time with my WISH friends.

    Pamela thought of your DD when I was at Living Seas. :fish:
  20. pjlla

    pjlla DIS Veteran

    Oct 21, 2003
    Sweet! She does love that place! She got to do one of the "Behind the Scenes" things there her freshman year and couldn't stop raving about the huge aquarium. She would LOVE to be able to try out her new SCUBA skills there! :thumbsup2

    Say HI to Mickey for me! Hoping it pans out for me to be able to visit him later this spring with DD! .................P
  21. araes2102

    araes2102 Mouseketeer

    Aug 28, 2011
    Hi all!! Not sure if anyone will remember, but I was part of the BL challenge last year. Anyway, at that time I was planning for my family's first ever trip to DLR. Well we made it!! And had the most wonderful week of our lives!! In fact, DBF bad the biggest surprise in store and proposed in front of the castle on our magic morning! Very exciting :) And here I am needing to lose weight now before the wedding. Hope I can join in, I spent the last 2 days (in my free time anyway) catching up on the thread. I know Rose is at WDW competing the.marathon right now (so exciting!) so I will pm her for when she gets back. Just had a few minutes pop in and say hello, I will come back later to answer some QOTDs!

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