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Who is Disney Destinations,LLC?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by rileyroosmom, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. rileyroosmom

    rileyroosmom Mouseketeer

    Called the 800 number for Disney this morning to book my trip. I first dialed the regular 407 number and was on hold for a while. Hung up and dialed the 800. The recordings were the same. The CM was lovely and very helpful. Just checked my emails and there was my confirmation from Disney Destinations, LLC. What is this? I've always gotten my confirmation in the mail. Suddenly I'm nervous. Did I book with Disney?

    Anyone ever gotten this?
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  3. SnowWtch

    SnowWtch Mouseketeer

    Yes, it's still Disney. I've called both places before. I've never really found any difference between the two. They usually still send me my ressie confirmations by mail. If you have an email addy listed they'll use the email sometimes instead of snail mail. If you're worried just call them back and confirm everything.
  4. Alpha Omega

    Alpha Omega Earning My Ears

    Through a revamp of the name of Walt Disney Travel Comapny and the Central Reservations Office. It is all combined within that one name along with the Sales Division of Disney.

    It is part of the larger umbrella of the Walt Disney World Company.

    Hope that helps!!
  5. rileyroosmom

    rileyroosmom Mouseketeer

    Thank you. I became even more nervous when I tried to look up my ressie on line and it wasn't there. The fine print says it may take some time to show up. I'll be checking again tomorrow. Knowing someone else has heard of it makes me feel better.
  6. rcraw45425

    rcraw45425 <font color=darkorchid>I'm a 43 year old mom with

    I got the same email from them this afternoon, since I already had my confirmation # and had already checked the website to see if it was in the system I added them to my safe sender list. Glad to see that they're finally getting on the ball with the email confirmations. :)
  7. rcraw45425

    rcraw45425 <font color=darkorchid>I'm a 43 year old mom with

    Are you new to their system? I've been listed with them for a few years now. My ressie showed up within 2 hours of booking by phone.

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